Zija: Is it really another Pyramid Scam?

Zija might have been a company you have been hearing about. If you are reading this then you are obviously worried about joining and maybe trying to determine if Zija is a scam or a legit business opportunity. Well probably because this is a network marketing company. This business have started as a retail company since 2004 and now a lot of scam talks have been going on.

You might have seen how Pyramiding schemes work. They might not offer productivity, promising payments and services but you make money for free by signing-up new members – this is how it really works. The people that are really able to make money on a pyramid scheme are the people at the top of the pyramid.
If you’d type ZIJA in Google, you would probably be amazed to find pages of Zija sales sites in almost every language you might know. Which indicates that Zija is worth checking. So, let us look at a couple of important things. Well, if there really is a scam then why do people, especially not Zija distributors, claim that they are happy with their products? Well the reason is, what reality will and always will be, that most networking marketers might have failed. Venders either don’t have the resolve and right supervision from their MLM reps.A lack of marketing and understanding might be the reasons for these claims.

zija scam or not? Read this zija review first

Is it a Multi-Level Marketing, Networking or Just an Unfair and False Practice?

Knowing this might give you a clearer understanding of things. To start with, many companies especially new do not have much capital. Theoretically, multi-level marketing model can make income through products and services of the company without signing up any new members. And, multi-level marketing companies are legal but is almost accurately like a pyramid scheme.

This type of model gives this small companies to reduce the cost of advertising. Lots of companies do not have much capital in the beginning. Then one solution is to give encouraging rewards or incentives to members to spread the word. Ideally, on any level, anyone can make money without ever signing up for membership. The members will then have fair chance to make money from the company but obviously you will have to be prepared to work for the income, the more you work then the more you get compensated.

What to look for?

Plenty of people make a lot of money. This might be the easiest way to make a lot of money and well, we could completely agree. Each of companies has its own angle, and most of them are about as structured as anything planned. If you’re looking to sign up to Zija then take your time and consider these tips:

1. Do a Benefit-cost analysis or BCA
2. If you researched then you might have a clear idea of this type of company. If you are not sure then steer clear.
3. The internet is a good place to find and study about the company and its products.
4. Ask a friend or neighbour, they might be distributors.
5. Think before you sign-up.

Zija is not taking advantage of you. In the end, the decision is up to you. If you follow this simple tips then you should be safe. Remember that pyramid schemes are well hidden. Take your time and think what could be your end results and benefits.

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