Financial Corporation of America scam 1-800-880-8282

Financial Corporation of America scam 1-800-880-8282 - Scams to be Aware Of, ScamsReports.Blogspot.com, Times are hard and as the economy around the world continues to fluctuate, more and more people scramble to earn more while they have the chance. Unfortunately, while most of the world tries to earn a decent living, there are those that resort to lives of crime and scams.

Most unfortunately still, scammers have upgraded to using technology for scamming. There are scams over the phone and online now. Take a look at some examples:

1.      Vishing

Voice phishing or sometimes called the “no hang up” scam, this happens when the scammer calls pretending to be the bank or the police. The scammer informs of a supposed problem with the bank account and tells the victim to transfer funds, divulge social security information, or withdraw money.

2.      Debt settlement scam
A number calls, then hangs up and when you return the call there is a recording that prompts for you to enter your social security numbers and other important details to supposedly take care of your debt. But it is just another way to get your information and steal your identity. An example of this is the Financial Corporation of America scam 1-800-880-8282.

3.      Shipping notification email
When you shop a lot online, you are more prone to getting an email that seems to be from the postal service or courier such as UPS or FedEx. Scammers have come up with fake emails that give you a computer virus when you click the files or links. The virus can retrieve information from your computer without your knowledge.

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