USANA: Is this Health and Finance Company a Scam?

Is USANA scam or not? That’s the most asked question in which many people tend to ask in many online discussion forums. Actually, some people may reckon that USANA is a legit business meanwhile the others may have different opinion about that. So, what is USANA?

Before we talk more about if usana scam or legit company in this scam reports blog, let we talk about this company's  history first. For your information, USANA is a health and finance company which was founded in 1992 in Utah, USA. Since then, USANA produces and sells various vitamins, health supplements, skin care, and many nutritional products. Based on the website of USANA, the whole products offered by USANA are science-based. This company claims that the whole products are made under science license and they involve natural substances and extracts which are very beneficial for human body. Those products have also received National Science Foundation (NSF) certification. It means that the products produced and sold by USANA and their associates are safe. So, is USANA scam or not? Well, you may need some authentic proof, right?

If we take a look at the official website of USANA and some reviews from either the associates or any other people, basically USANA is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company. Multilevel marketing (MLM) companies generally work by involving pyramid scheme. Pyramid scheme is a quite tricky and dangerous. It may enrich those who are on the top positions (top representatives) but it may harm those who are on the bottom positions. Instead of being known as MLM Company, USANA is also registered in Direct Selling Association (DSA) since it involves direct selling system to offer the products to the consumers. Direct selling system means that the company sells the products person to person through their registered distributors or sales representatives who are called as associates. Concluding from how USANA works is USANA scam or not?
is usana scam or not?

Actually, some people think that USANA is not a scam but it is legit or legal business. As a matter of fact, this health-based company has been around for 20 years. Even, in 2010 this company has expanded to other countries outside USA, such as Australia, Japan, UK, South Korea, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Philippines and many more. Is USANA scam or not? To be honest, the wide expansion of USANA and their business slightly proves that this company and their products are well accepted in those countries. Considering that, nowadays, there are millions sales representatives or associates working with USANA from around the world.

Aside from what USANA is and how good their partnership and sales system are, USANA is not that legal. Is USANA scam or not? According to some people, especially those who had been working with USANA as associates, USANA is a scam. This multilevel marketing (MLM) company offers pyramid-based business opportunity which is not as good as it looks like. You may need to put hard effort on this business if you want to achieve the bonuses and high earnings. However, not all of you may succeed dealing with this business system. Most of the associates may fail due since this business always requires the associates to be able to sell or perhaps purchase some products which may cost $130-150 every month. If they fail selling or purchasing that minimum amount of products, they will lose their points, which means they cannot receive any bonuses the company has promised before.

Instead of having slightly impossible business plan, the registered sales representatives must recruit new distributors as their down-lines. Every time they successfully recruit new distributors, the associates will receive bonuses. But it does not mean that their work will be much easier than before. Another indicator which can prove that USANA is scam is the inaccurate earnings. Actually, the company does not disclose the real numbers you achieve and how it works. Besides, they also do not disclose their top representatives. Some speculations reveal that this business is run by the company itself and it does not involve any top representatives because they do not exist. Is USANA scam or not? You decide!

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  1. If it is a scam, why is it trading in NASDAQ at a high value??