1. Scam Ashley- ig. Prettimoney vanilla reload, 864-372-4389

  2. "Sun Machinery Corp."
    P.O. BOX 482
    OCEANSIDE, NY 11572
    TEL (516) 536-7375
    FAX (516) 536-7317

    Beware of this fraudulent organzation, they primarily prey upon unsuspecting foreign buyers employing "bait & switch" tactics.
    Most of the equipment listed on their site has been "lifted" (i.e.; stolen) from other websites, classified ads and various internet locations. They claim to have "thousands" of oil rig/equipment listings, most of which are physically located in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and yet they are located in New York ??? They have been reported for accepting funds for rigs which were in fact never delivered and respondents Sun Machinery Corporation, Anthony J. Iorio, and Their Representatives and Agents are ordered by state SEC agencies to cease and desist from selling unregistered securities and transacting business as a broker-dealer or agent without registration in at least three U.S. states.
    Sun is not acquainted with actual owners of most equipment listed on the website.Buyer BEWARE !!!