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Is Nomorerack Scam or True company? If you ask this question because you did not hear before about, then these reviews, complaints and scam reports from many people worldwide on no more rack will provide some clues for you. Please read all of these either positive or negative nomorerack reviews and set of reports from people all over the world who say that nomorerack scam or Legit:

Nomorerack scam or not?

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Here are some nomorerack complaints updates for May 2014:

Please read what people says from the images and complaints reports below, please send your experience and what you think about, is nomorerack scam or not? :

Irene Gonzales just sent her nomorerack complaint here:
"I just ordered two of the Asus MeMo pad. I returned one because it was defective. The other one I kept works fine for now until it becomes defective. I called and got a return label and a tracking number good so far. Just heard from no more racks, only to find out that their generated computer robot has told me that sales are final on defective electronics. I'm not saying that all products are bad, but their return policy is something to be desired. I couldn't even get an exchange. Got my credit card bill in the mail. $81.00 dollars for a tablet that I don't even own" 

Here is the complaint about from Diana L.G:

"Don't buy this from them or anything for that matter. i bought this camera for my self for Christmas wrapped it up and everything. didn't think to make sure it wasn't defective. why would i think a brand new camera was defective. anyway when i opened on x-mas big black splotch on the screen. called nomorerack oh so sorry your a little over the allowed return time. last penny they will ever see outta me"

Here is what Mary Said:
"Ordered a set of sheets that were supposed to be 100% cotton sateen. They turned out to be 100% polyester. They really reeked out of the pkg. so I washed them twice. I put them on my bed and when I lay down on them, I knew immediately that they were poly...they were hot and uncomfortable. They say that the sheets are used (read: we can't palm them off on someone else", and therefore not returnable. "Max" said that his heart was breaking for me but there was nothing that he could do, they were caught between the customer and vendor. What a bunch of slime balls."

Judy suggest you to get rid off from nomorerack (NMR) :

"I have refused items that come from this company after I had received a couple of items they were cheap. Quality. I have nor Received credit. On my debit card for these.items. I ordered 4 sets of sheets on April and I have not received on them I called my bank's fraud dept, and they're  investigated the Charges, it is difficult to do returns it is with a different address And a return number that is why I just refused. Their items I did return. A Google tablet. Which was plastic and Cheap.I sent them the tracking number and they were going to issue me a credit on my account. I told no more racks to refund my usd 79.00 back on my debit card I have. But there is no answer from nmr, So my advise to anyone, please think again before make an order from this nomorack company"

Here are another people complaints, positive and negative reviews on

Anon send his complaint here:

"NOMORERACK is a thief. Purchased a tablet worked for 3 days and then nothing. And the girl I finally spoke to made an exception and I was allowed to return it. The new one after 2 weeks is a BLACK screen and nothing can be done. I gave them $100.00 and the person I bought it for has nothing. DO NOT BUY from no more racks"

Another no more rack complaint;

"I purchased a Pair of Beats head set from them at Xmas , the product is falling a part so I contacted BEATS as they have a one year warranty . Beats will not honor the warranty of a product purchased by Nomorerack as they found the previous returns were knockoffs not their product. I have contacted No More Rack for a refund and they are saying it is past the refund warranty date . I am beyond pissed off so yes this company is unethical and sells false merchandise"

Anthony send his complaint to no more rack, here is what his said in the report:

"I bought Monster Power Beats by Dr. Dre for 95 bucks. Original price is 150. So I thought a 55 dollar discount would be reasonable considering a new model has come out. I received them in reasonable time.  I wore them a couple of times but the sound was nothing spectacular. Sounded like and average ear phones. I checked them out and they are 100% fake. No where does it say they are fake. I just sent them an email now. I won't give up till I get my money back. This is ridiculous. I would have just payed the 55 extra bucks. I do not recommend!"

Bob share his experience an send his review and complaint to

"I ordered a pair of moccasins from Nomorerack and when I received them one of them was ripped. I sent them back and was refunded for them + my cost of shipping to send them back. No issues there. BUT a few days later I was informed by my bank that their fraud department had noticed fraudulent activity and put a block on my card until I was contacted. Apparently someone had tried to make a $2,000 purchase over the Internet to an airline! I do a lot of online shopping and I have never had anything like this happen. I am not pointing fingers, but it is a little fishy I just do business with no more racks and then this happens?"

Pamela R said like this:

"I ordered items on cyber Monday and have not received my items. How long does it take its been a week today 12/09/2013. Need to receive b 4 Christmas I hope"

Anonymous on Tuesday, April 29, 2014:

"I bought an armor otterbox for my iphone 5, they sent me an empty envelope. i called and complained, after 2 weeks they gave me store credit. i bought the same thing with the credit, it has been three weeks and it still hasn't shipped."

VotersOfNY on Monday, August 19, 2013 12:10:00 PM

"Not enough time for returns. I bought sheet set from them. I kept it a few days and mailed it to a friend as a gift. Already the 7 return policy lapsed. They didn't open it for another week and saw the sheets had spots on them. By the time they returned them to me almost 3 weeks had passed. I emailed Nomorerack and they too bad, I'm stuck with it. They didn't even offer to replace item. I'll pay a few dollars more and stick to trusted companies like Amazon and Overstock from now on. If it sounds too good to be true, it is folks. Don't get scammed by"

Nancy on Sunday, September 29, 2013:

"The quality of some of the products are of cheap quality. Great deals but you get what you paid for. I had bought an oreck steam cleaner, it ended up being refurbished. I had bought a purse which was of cheap quality for sure. The handle had broke a week after I had started to use it. Customer service wasn't bad actually. They responded to my email fast and credited me back my money after I did send pictures of the purse. I do however still order things off there website. I do recommend to being cautious as to what you are buying. I have bought a pair of blazers that ended up being too small but didn't try on the blazer until way after I had received them. Realized it was cheaper to keep than to pay for shipping. I have also bought a swaroski bracelet that was super cute but it turned my wrist green. Underwear turned out good. I'd cautious women who might have a wider wrist to not buy though because I'm not that big and this set I had bought were tight. Just buyer beware. This website is a hit or miss on some products"

Victoria Tanner on Tuesday, October 01, 2013:

"NMR is a scam!! I bought my husband some head lamps they were 8$ instead 50$.....well I got them.....I found the exact same ones for 2$ online and at a store!! I've been waiting on the necklace for 3 weeks now!! "

Jonas Jimenez on Friday, October 11, 2013:

"I tried to order from their site and tried to use my credit card and debit card but got rejected due to the bill to address being PO Box. It was irritating but understandable. Transactions never went through. Shortly after my credit card was comprised and a few days after that my debit card was compromised and my email address that was used got hacked. A friend had ordered from no more racks and was pleased with her merchandise but 3 days later her credit card got hacked."

leshell mattox on Wednesday, October 30, 2013:

"I ordered 2 tablets, received the first one and it was broke, then I sent it back got and I got in store credit and ordered another, within 1 week both were broke and they wouldn't take them back."

Ashley Weber on Thursday, October 31, 2013:

"I order two tablets on the 15th of october. One the 21st a box arrived at my post office. I go and get it and I'm very excited to have these tablets for my children on there birthday. I get the box home and I open the box and the only thing in the box was the keyboards. I have called and argued with them for 2 weeks straight. For a mother the hardest thing to do is to show your kids the keyboards on there birthday without the tablets and telling them that I am waiting for them to reship them because that's what I was told would happen. Well they had me send a picture of the box and the items I received before they would resend my tablets. I argued with these people for two hours yesterday to find out that they are pretty much calling me a liar and that I have to send the keyboards back to get my refund because they will not do a reshipment. Needless to say I bragged this site up because of the deals and now I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM no more racks AGAIN nor recommend anyone to order. I have an open case with my attorney and I am taking it to my local news to warn everybody. This is a SCAM... BEWARE DO NOT ORDER from no more rack...."

Rhonda Hammons on Saturday, November 23, 2013:

"I ordered from NMR and so far I am very disappointed, I ordered a U-Draw tablet for an XBox 360 when it arrived it was not for the Xbox it was for a ps3, then I received the earrings that I purchased and a week later the post came apart from one of the earrings. They refused to exchange or refund any money back on the tablet stating that it was a final sale. Thankfully I was able to resale it to someone that could use it since I could not. and the earrings I am just out money on those as well. WASTE OF MY MONEY !"

Anonymous on Monday, December 02, 2013:

"It is an extremely unethical company. nomorerack do not always include packing slips. They seem to sell faulty defective items and then will not allow them to be returned. Items that are not the size they should be or do not meet the specifications they say they do. no more racks have TERRIBLE customer service and will never compete with companies like Amazon or even I have received one or two items that were OK from this company but others - shoes that were clearly worn, dirty and used and boots that were sized incorrectly and some clothing that was very very cheap quality and not what was presented. There is all sorts of fine print to cover themselves but the lack of quality, the amount of defective items and items that do no match the descriptions and the terrible customer service will cause me NEVER to order from no more rack again. I would run for the hills before taking any risks with this company and losing $$. Not worth the risk when you can shop Amazon or Overstock with exception return policies if the items do not meet your expectations. I imagine it is only a matter of time before this unethical company goes out of business.

Anonymous on Friday, December 13, 2013:

"OK the only complaint I have with nomorerack is that the last item I ordered was supposed to be a $480.00 suit for $59.00. When I received my suit it had a $189.99 price tag on it. The suit itself fit well of good quality.All the stuff I have received has been of the quality I was expecting. I feel the suit was over inflated and misleading. I usually cross check prices online before I purchase because no they are not always the best price. My bad for not checking out the suit..."

Karen Shilling on Wednesday, December 18, 2013:

"I ordered a tablet from this site and I got charged for two, I told them I only wanted one but they would not refund my money even though I was within their refund policy. So I decided to keep the other tablet for my wife. I only received one tablet and was charged for two, and the one I received was cheaper and not the one I ordered. I have sent a number of emails asking for them to correct this issue and all I get back is automated emails in return. One asking me how was my customer service was (which I really let them know). I have reported them to the authorities for scamming people. I would recommend highly that you never buy anything off no more racks, It should be called Nomorebusiness!"   

Phil johnson on Saturday, December 21, 2013:

"I so far have not had a pleasant experience.. i am giving Nmr a chance to rectify this item tablet ordered supposed to ship to me however tracking says delivered to another state so far prospects are not looking good they told me to FB message them i did within minutes of them telling me that no response so it looks like a scam so far but they are sponsor on FB so i will give them a chance"

Anonymous on Saturday, February 15, 2014

"I Ordered the DAWG boots, one boot fit snug, the other had my toes curl, needless to say, I was told it was a final sale, I couldn't exchange them for size (no packing slip sent with order). The "customer rep" I spoke with was distracted and put me on hold for almost 3 minutes while he checked my order. I went back on the site and checked the item, there was nothing about a final sale noted. Sent 2 "dissatisfied" emails and received the same response to both, NO EXCHANGE, NO REFUND ! So, I'm checking the food sites for recipes that use DAWG boots as a main ingredient."

Anonymous on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Nomorerack needs to change their name to Nomorecustomers if they don't get their act together. Returned a package and 10 days later, now they need proof I returned the package. Claimed they didn't receive it. How Come?!!" 

Amanda H on Friday, February 28, 2014:

"Buyer beware!!! I have ordered things from norack before and never had a problem. I ordered 4 dresses for summer and got 2 that were correct and 2 that were wrong. I contacted no more rack customer service only to be told to send them back AT MY EXPENSE and I would receive a credit for the price of the item. Nomoreracs never once offered to correct their error. After reading other peoples problems with trying to return items (never receiving refund, items returned to sender, etc) I decided to sell them to a friend instead. Having had good luck with nomoreracs before and thinking it was a fluck, I decided to try and order the correct dresses I wanted again. BIG MISTAKE!!! This time I got the wrong dresses and the wrong size. I'd rather donate them to goodwill than deal with customer service again. "

Susan Baker on Friday, March 07:

"Guess you got lucky. Doubt I'll ever see my refund. NO MORE - NO MORE RACK FOR ME!"

Here are another positive reports on no more rack or nomorerack complaints:

Margo hinson Said:

"I have purchased a couple of things on this no more rack site and must say that I am pleased with the purchases, not sure what the beef is with the other people on this no more rack site but you pay for what you get and hence ordering on a shoestring budget is far better to get a good deal then pay cheaper or any other company the higher price for what I purchased for far less, for example I ordered two chairs for the price of one on nomorerack and at the same chairs were 89.00 a piece so I feel that no more racks saves you a bundle when it comes to medium end items. no complaints here thank you nomorerack."

Hilda think that nomorerack is legit, here is what she said:

"I’ve ordered from No more rack several times. The shipping has been terrific, and
the staff is great. I had to return an outfit that was too small, it did take about a week to settle, but settle it was. I’m so satisfied I ordered a pair of diamond studs and shirt( which has arrived,) and the earrings are on the way. I’ve been keeping track with the tracking number.
I have told my friends about the site also."

Nomy was not sure that no more rack scam or not...

"I have ordered from NoMoreRack several times and I have enjoyed my tablets, Bluetooth and leggings. They were all quality merchandise and they came very quickly. The only thing that does concern me is the negative comments about credit card hacking as I don't want to be a victim of this so I may not shop the site in the future. I have not had any trouble in the past with this but I don't want to be reckless if so many people find this and issue. Maybe I will pursue a PayPal account just so I can shop online because I do enjoy no more racks they have excellent prices and their merchandise is good quality for what you are paying for. "

Nony said that she has no problem shopping on NomoreRack:
"I have been ordering from this NMR site for almost a year now and I have NEVER had one problem with them. I ordered 2 tablets for myself and my son. The one I got for myself has a keyboard with it and I really love it. I even use it for my alarm clock. I ordered all my Christmas presents from there past year and only spent a little over $100. The Dawg boots I got for my sister were great and she loves them. I got socks for my niece just the other day and she loves them as well. Delivery has always been perfect. I also got dawg sandals and I can't seem to take them off. I wear them daily. I love this NMR site and will continue to order from them..."
Chris from Atlanta said:

"I purchased several items from No more Rack and when I received them I felt the quality was not up to par and worth the comparable original price. it might be worth what I paid."

Vicky think that Nomorerack is not scam, here what he said:

"I have ordered from no more racks. I have so far not had any problems. I ordered the USA dawgs boots and they are nice. I also ordered the fleece them! I have ordered other things too and no problems.  As far as the tablets go..well you get what u pay for. Get the Samsung tab 3 !60 bucks. For those people who talk about bids, that is another site. I am sure some things on this site you need to be careful as far as quality goes, but I have not had any issues as of now. They have even given me $10 to spend on $30. I hope this was helpful."

r3eNa On Friday, August 16, 2013 said:

"I've ordered from there before. It's not a scam. most stuffs they sell are from china so shipping takes longer."

Crazy Calypso on Sunday, August 18, 2013 Said:

"I've made 4 separate purchases from their website. The items were just as their website described, so I'm not sure why folks are calling this a scam. I purchased sheets that stated they were "Egyptian comfort" and I thought it said "Egyptian cotton", so you could argue that they are trying to subtly mislead, but the ad was factual. I also purchased some jewelry, some tank tops, and a pair of headphones. I wasn't expecting top quality at the prices I paid. I got what I paid for and certainly didn't feel cheated."

Anonymous on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 said:

"I purchase a Johan Eric watch that Amazon is selling for 229.00 for just 49.00 and was very happy with the quality and delivery. I also ordered head phones and a few other small items and was satisfied with every purchase. Not sure why everyone seems to be having so many issues. I have not found this company to be a scam at all. "

Anonymous on Sunday, March 23, 2014:

"I bought a set of king size sheets and am very pleased with my purchase. The quality of them is perfect ! I plan on ordering from them again."

VmMarlow on Thursday, August 07, 2014:

"No More Rack I like everything I buy from them. I have had to return a few things, but always with no trouble. I have always gotten a great deal from them. Sorry it looks like so many say they are a scam. You can't Please everybody all the time but can Please most and I'm one of the most I guess. I have ordered from then I guess 7 maybe 8 times. And very Pleased I will be placing more orders as I come across something I want. If I'm looking for something I check them out first, That's how much I like them"

Carrie Cunningham on Tuesday, September 24, 2013:

"I've bought a ton of stuff from nomorerack...only once did I not receive a sweater that I paid for because they said they no longer had the color I ordered...they gave me credits for the site and I'm still ordering from them! Sometimes I get my stuff within a week, sometimes it takes a while, but I always get what I ordered and the website keeps a log of my order history with links to shipping information"

Tamara Orlando on Friday, September 27, 2013:

"I've ordered 4 items off no more racks so far. I received two items within a week and one took 2 weeks. I just ordered some leggings this week so I'm waiting on those. Everything has been as described. I've been pleased so far. I just received a smart phone purse/wallet, it's not the best quality but it was inexpensive so it's to be expected."

mizz Lawson on Saturday, September 28, 2013:

"I ordered video goggles and they work fine. I received in a reasonable time frame."

Jessica on Sunday, September 29, 2013:

"First let me say I'm a real person and I've ordered from them 4 times and the products came quickly and I have no complaints. They were also good quality products and fair prices (comforter set and clothing). I don't plan on ordering electronic or household appliances or such from this site but that's just my choice. I've never heard of any of my friends that have used this site ever having problems or being "scammed" like these comments and reviews claim. And I would just suggest reading the fine print/return policy/etc like you should always do when you buy online."

Candis Santos on Sunday, September 29, 2013:

"I ordered some sheets for my king size bed and they were 1600 Egyptian cotton and they arrived within a week and they were awesome..very soft and excellent price. Cant wait to order more."

Anonymous on  Saturday, December 14, 2013:

"I ordered those sheets and they're microfiber and not cotton, Egyptian or otherwise. Still, they're pretty nice, comfortable sheets for the price."

Adrianna Garcia on Tuesday, October 08, 2013:

"I bought 2 Things from there and i got what i expected the only complaint i have is that it takes for ever to get my package but other then that i love the website."

Melanie on Sunday, October 20, 2013:

"I have ordered from them A LOT! (maybe 10+ times, this year)I have NEVER had any issues. I do find it a little annoying that one order of 3-4 items can come individually packaged so I get 3-4 packages to open. But I always get them, and they are always fine. I feel like I get at least my money worth every time. I am a happy customer!"   

Joy McNulty on Thursday, October 24, 2013:

"I love this site! I have ordered many different products, from leather purses to vitamins and jewelry and some toys as well. I have been very please with all the products that I ordered. I receive the items in a timely order and are always given a tracking number. I just recently started shopping with them over the past 3-6 months but have never been disappointed. I find most of their products to exceed my expectation!"

Linda Daniel on Monday, November 18, 2013:

"I ordered a set of knives for my daughter and received it in good time and they were good quality. I had no problems. It kind of sounds like someone in the packaging could be ripping off the company and the customers. I've never used the bidding because I don't like the terms. Read the fine print!"

TheGrammarDiva on Saturday, November 02, 2013:

"There are many things on the site I wouldn't buy--like off-brand tablets--but then, I wouldn't buy those at Kohls or Big Lots either. I've made about a dozen purchases and I agree that I probably wouldn't have paid the retail price for them, but they've all seemed to me to be worth what I paid."

Robert Traister on Saturday, November 02, 2013:

"I don't know what the problem is, I have placed at least a dozen orders with this company and I've had only one issue. The one issue I did have, was resolved very quickly and I was able to call and speak to someone in customer service and my emails were answered promptly. I don't believe nomorerack is a scam." 

Irock@50 on Tuesday, November 05, 2013:

"I have made several purchases from and have been please. Even when I didn't received what I order my account was credit right away and I just reorder what it was. I just order a tablet for my grand daughter and have been using it since I got it. So I'm not sure what the problems are. Also I have never seen a bid item and my email was answered promptly. Items were shipped quickly as we'll. Right now I am waiting on two items and hope there is a Black Friday sale. I recommend no more racks to everyone ."

lbarnes on Sunday, November 17, 2013:

"I have ordered a sheet set and 3 tablets in the last 9 months, one tablet just 2 weeks ago that I got within a week. Never had a problem or issue. Only issue with this last tablet is that I did not get an email telling me it was shipped and my daughter, who the tablet was for happened to get the mail that day. Other than that no issues at all from no more rack..."

Kayla Shumaker on Tuesday, November 19, 2013:

"I ordered sheets from Nomorerack and I was very satisfied with the company. I got my shipment in within a week and the sheets I ordered have been WONDERFUL!! The only complaint I have with the company is the 20 emails per day that I receive. I am planning on ordering from the no more racks company again."   

Matt Dempsey on Saturday, November 23, 2013:

"I just ordered quite a few items and as a first time buyer (having not yet received my items). I did however Google several of the items on the nmr site and I can say that they beat even Amazon (still my favorite place to shop on the internet) on many of the items I searched. Another thing to note is that upon completing the purchase you have the option to have Google back it as it is one of Google's Trusted and that coverage includes up to 1000$. With that being said I think it is important to note this as Google will not put their stamp on something they do not find somewhat credible. I hope this helps. In short: I LIKE THE SITE."   

kyjetplane11 on Monday, November 25, 2013:

"I bought a tablet from nomore rack a few months ago and I am yet to have any issues. My tablet came carefully packed and works just fine. It is slow at times but so is everything. I have also bought earrings from them without any complications."

Anonymous on Tuesday, November 26, 2013:

"I've ordered several times and had no problems. I got exactly what I thought I was ordering. However, after the last order, my credit card and email got hacked. So I don't know if I will be ordering from no more racks again....."

Maria A Quinones on Monday, December 09, 2013:

"I have ordered many items from no more rack dot com and had nothing but excellent quality merchandise delivered to my address within the delivery date. And I will continue to order from them!!"

Anonymous on Tuesday, December 10, 2013:

"I am not sure why some people said that nomorerack is a bidding site. No more rack is not a bidding site, and you do not need to create a profile with your credit card. It is just a normal shopping site, no bidding! When you make a purchase you simply enter you credit card info and shipping address. Easy as pie! I have only ordered a few items, but my co workers LOVE! They all order from this site at least weekly, so I assure you this site is not a scam. Their merchandise always changes, so they might not always have items you are looking for."

Anonymous on Saturday, December 21, 2013:

"I ordered over $350 in Items from no more racks and then I came across this page speaking of it may be a Scam. I was shaken and became afraid that I was Scammed by reading all these nomorerack complaints, But I am here to tell you!, I received all my Items, And they also gave me a Free $15 Credit toward my next order. I will advice you to wait the 7 to 10 days, That do not include the weekends and you will receive your orders. Thank you no more racks for your great Service and saving me a bundle on nice quality gifts!!. Happy holidays and blessings to all!"

Linda Jo on Friday, January 10, 2014:

I just received my first order yesterday, Jan 9th. I ordered it on Dec. 31st. It was shipped by two-day shipping and they insured it. Shipping for me was free. The quality is pretty much what I paid for and my comments are the same as other complaints I've read about the microfiber couch cover - it the back slides down very easily and the backing is very thin. I've yet to wash it and find out if it holds up. Still, it was a bargain and the whole transaction worked beautifully.

Anonymous on Thursday, February 20, 2014:

"I have made several purchases from and never had a problem. All purchases has come with receipts and no issues on the different products I have order which included jewlery. I will continue to shop with them."

Linda Jo on Tuesday, February 25, 2014:

I am still happy with everything I've ordered from NoMoreRack. It's NOT a scam - you just have to know what you're ordering and do your research. For me, I wouldn't order electronics just because too much can go wrong with these items and they're marked down so much you have to beware. I've ordered sheets, a furniture cover, and Strivectin (twice). Everything came on time, customer service was perfect, and all of the products are great. I also received a $15 *gift credit* just for shopping. 

Gail K on Tuesday, March 04, 2014:

I have ordered at least a dozen items from without problem. All orders had a tracking number and when one was later than promised, I contacted norack Customer Service and was given an update immediately. Maybe I was lucky but I received everything I ordered.
Some products were a little inferior..but you get what you pay for , but I must say that I've seen some of these same items in stores for more than twice the price. 

Pam Mescall on Wednesday, March 05, 2014:

"I have ordered 4 times from No more rack and was very pleased with my purchases. My first order was a very nice sheet set that came sooner than expected. The second was a faux fur blanket that is causing envy problems at home (have to buy more), the third was headphones....I ordered three but was only charged for one all three. Have a pending order of earbuds but can't wait to get them. I ordered before I read any of these reviews. My only complaint is that it takes a day or two to get confirmation sometimes. I have had no problems with tracking or billing (other than the issue in my favor). "

Joyce Lynne on Friday, March 07, 2014:

"I ordered boots from this norack company and my only complaint is they took about ten days to come. I was so pleased with them that I ordered two more pair in different colors...they came a bit quicker. "

Anonymous on Saturday, March 08, 2014:

"I ordered a pair of snow boots of the the site and received them in no time. They were exactly what I viewed on the site and just what I wanted. However, I never order anything off of the internet and provide my credit card information directly to the seller..that is just plain asking to be ripped off. Use your Paypal account...if you do not have one I strongly suggest getting one....if a transaction does go astray then they will research it for you and refund your money or better yet cancel the transaction all together...Think before you purchase!!! "

Linda Jo on Saturday, March 08, 2014:

" I recently received 1000TC Egyptian Wrinkle Resistant Egyptian Cotton and they are thick, sturdy, and luxurious. "

OKWoman on Sunday, March 16, 2014:

"I ordered from No More Rack for the very first time Friday March 14, 2014--three items and found this site two days later. I was sweating it out thinking Oh no but had to post this as my experience was excellent. Ordered Two (different styles) of woman's DAWGS and a King size 6 pc sheet set (Luxury Home is the brand), got all products in one week, they are what they say they are and I am very happy and will order from again and saved around a $100 bucks. Maybe I won't try their electronics, as there are many complaints about that, but my experience was A+...hope this helps."

jstone1171 on Thursday, March 20, 2014:

"I just purchased a DVR security system from them for 50.00 less than the same set up on ebay. I paid for it on Saturday, and Fed Ex delivered it on Tuesday. Excellent product quality, and lightning fast .00 shipping.I couldn't ask for anymore. They worked out great for me and I will not hesitate to buy from them again. I will also recommend them to my friends, and family. When you sell 60k-100k items per day world wide, there will be some issues. They don't produce the items they sell. If there is a problem with damage or factory defects, I'm sure that they will take care of it. Patience, and kindness will usually get your solution expedited. I work in retail, and when someone calls me with a problem and they are flipping out, screaming, and, or cussing me, they and their problem go on the bottom of my pile immediately. i have had a great experience with them, and hopefully yours will get better. Thanks"

Anonymous on Thursday, March 20, 2014:

"I have purchased many items from nomorerack in the last 3 years! I LOVE THEM!! I have had no issues and everything I have ordered from purses to an android pad we have been extremely satisfied with  nomorerack!! I WILL BUY AGAIN!!!"

Angela Claws send nomorerack review on Tuesday, March 25, 2014:

"I have had no problems with this site or the services. You really need to have experience and know what you're getting into when purchasing online. They are not a store, they are an overstock/discontinued item site. On the site it self it says that items may take some time to ship because they are coming from different places. I have ordered a few things and they have arrived like they should once the item was shipped."

shawn langlois submit his no more rack review too on Sunday, March 30, 2014:

"The site is not a scam and most people upset are clearly not following the return policy. I have ordered over 20 different items from the site and I would say 16 of them I was extremely pleased with. The ones I wasn't happy with was only because I didnt read about the material of the product. I email them and get a responce almost immediately, providing me with an apology and a paid tracking label I can simply print and take to uses where they provide me with a box or package to send back the product (usps is always more then willing to take good care of me because the type label nomorerack provides me) its basically priority to them. When the recieve my item they've always given me the option to ither credit my debit card or credit the account. There policy states a refund to my debit card only if its returned within 7 days but they have made exceptions if I request. People understand, they are not making these products, they are a company that sells products that are outsourced by other companies. Yes the shipping takes longer, but it also clearly states that on there website. The deals are amazing and clearly you get what your paying for. A pair of $10 MK knockoff glasses which are normally $200 may in fact break alot easier then the real ones, but if you dont have $200 its a great deal. Personally I love the site and havent had any issues with customer service. I would highly reccomend the site, as there are many great deals. Please read about the product details and inform yourself about the product before you order. They dont hide the material from you so a little research will go a long way. Dont wait 35 days to send an email saying you dont like. Their more then willing to make it right if you follow the return policy."


Shawn M. Langlois 

Ms. Que on Monday, March 31, 2014:

"Nomorerack isn't a scam but the merchandise is not worth it. I ordered a set of 3 watches (a white one, red one and black one.) They were pretty but the white one stopped working 2 months after I received it and the red one shortly after that. The black one is still running but it's only been about 6 months since I got them. "

 Anonymous on Tuesday, April 01, 2014:

Why are all of you entering in your credit card info? I have always selected the option to go through my PayPal account and have never had any fraudulent charges come up. I have purchased several things from the site and some have come quicker than others. A majority of their things come from China just like they do on Amazon, so you are waiting a while for international shipping. And those of you buying a $40 tablet and saying it doesn't work... You get what you pay for! One time I was unsatisfied with some bras I received because the sizing was definitely not right, but it was a final sale item and I couldn't get a refund. That was my fault, not theirs, because it said no refunds in their listing and I didn't pay attention. I was able to sell them for just as much as I paid.

Anonymous on Wednesday, April 02, 2014:

I have ordered from them numerous times with no problems at all. I use my paypal account for payment, I have received shipments on the approximate date promised, quality has been as expected. I have recommended to my friends and I will continue to do so. 

Anonymous on Thursday, April 03, 2014:

I have ordered twice from NOMORERACK. I actually liked the items I got. They were not shipped together.....they straggled in one at a time which was annoying. The thing I am concerned about is my debit card was hacked into and used about a month after my second purchase. NMR was the only online purchase done on my debit card. So, I strongly suspect NMR of debit card fraud. I will not be using them again! 

Anonymous on Saturday, April 05, 2014:

Me, my grandmother, and my mother have never had a single problem with NMR. We've gotten everything on time and everything was in perfect condition. Not one problem.

Anonymous on Wednesday, April 09, 2014:

I've had 3 or 4 orders from No More Rack and its been everything from Tablets to Bluetooths to leggings and I have received everything on time and it was good quality merchandise. I am happy with the site but I do worry about all the comments I have heard about credit card hacking I did not have this issue but don't want to for the future either so I may not order again just to be safe. But I will miss their sales I did love their site very much never had any problems before.

Anonymous on Monday, April 21, 2014:

I have purchased items in men's, women's, electronics dept of NMR and have been pleased with every purchase, delivery was exact and item were as ordered.
I plan to order again this week. IZ

Another ones send their complaints or negative reviews on NMR:

Linda Said:

"I ordered 3 sets of sheets (full, queen and king) when they arrived they were only 15″ deep, not deep enough for modern mattresses these days. They told me to send them back via UPS and I would get a store credit (NO REFUND). The sheets that I needed to return, the full and the queen goes to one address and the king goes to another address. I wanted to send them in the same box, but did not because of this reason. I sent the full and the queen sheets back, and it cost me $32.00 to send back to you via UPS per your request. The sheets are not worth that much shipping charge. UPS informed me that it would have only cost your company $5.99 for a return shipping ticket. It is going to cost an additional $13.00 to send the king size sheets back to the other address, when they told me had they all had the same address it would have cost about half that. I spent at least $90.00 to buy the sheets that will not fit any modern mattress, an additional $32.00 to send 2 sets back just to get a store credit. These sheets have cost me so far $120.94. This is ridiculous poor customer service since the add did not say how deep they were. I certainly would have not bought them had I known this."

from Brenda:

"I ordered a tablet for my son.. I received it yesterday… It is a cheap piece of crap.. I have emailed them demanding a refund, now we’ll see if that happens… Never again will I ever order anything from this site!!!!!! SCAM"

from Sandra:

This company is a joke. NoMoreRack is a very, very screwed up site at best and may very well be a SCAM! Out of the six items I ordered, I finally received two of them. A third item that came in an envelope with my name on it had someone else’s item and packing slip inside. That poor lady lives several states away from me.No more racks demanded that I take pictures of all of the envelope, packing slip and wrong item(which I did) yet only received a refund in the form of site credit and was told the item in reference was SOLD OUT! The other three items were canceled without explanation by NOMORERACK. Getting a refund is a nightmare, they out and out lie and I have stayed on top of this situation. There are no phone numbers to call and every email sent is replied to by a different person. None of which has told the truth. I have had it and suggest NOBODY DEAL WITH THIS PLACE UNLESS YOU LIKE LIES AND A BIG HASSLE"

Sue said:

"I ordered stuff in November 2012, it is now Feb. 2013 and I still hadn’t received my stuff, they have promised me a refund after about 4 emails and talking to the phone with them 3 different times. Guess what still no refund. The stuff that actually did come in was cheap junk. Wouldn’t ever buy from them again and sure wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, I think that no more rack scam and not legit company."

Ronny said:
"I recently purchased what was stated as STERLING SILVER rings, only to receive them and find out that stamped inside the ring is STAINLESS STEEL MADE IN CHINA, not 925, which is sterling silver. FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! no phone # to complain to, can only complain via email, and I have received, NO SATISFACTION!! they will not refund shipping, and they will not pay return shipping and will not give me my money back, only credits for another purchase so I cam be scammed again…what a completely MISLEADING AND FALSE COMPANY, no more rack IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alica said:

"They are a scam! Any positive comment is left by them. They will block you as soon as you make a bad comment on their site. I had to go through the BBB to get my money back!"

Nannnyof3 on Friday, january 24, 2014:

To all customers: They are in deed a scam! i've come in contact with someone who knows someone within the company. they are in business to only collect credit card numbers. they use those numbers to sell to other countries for profits. some of you may notice charges on your card for things you did not purchase. others do not notice the charges at all and very few are actual purchases. My advice is if you've used your card on this site, cancel it immediately. . 

Anonymous on Sunday, January 26, 2014: is the worst ever. I ordered tablets from them and I never got the right color and one of them broke after an hour of usage. They won't take them back so i am stuck with 3 pink tablets which I ordered for my boys which were suppose to be 2 blue ones and red one and one of them came just in an envolpe not even wrapped right and it had been used. Don't shop at no more rack at will regret 

Anonymous on Tuesday, February 04, 2014

I think that Nomorerack is a scam site. I ordered 2 items and didn't like them. Although they shipped them to me in one package they made me return them in 2 packages making me pay for postage for 2 packages. How can I return both items in 2 packages with the original package they were shipped in? Cut it in half? When I called customer support there were Roosters crowing in the background. Customer support number 2 had babies crying in the background. What an operation!!! no more racks must improve their customer support.

Anonymous on Saturday, February 15, 2014:

The credit card complaint is true. I ordered a throw blanket for $29-. It was cheaply made and returned it. No More rack warehouse received the blanket a week ago and still no credit. Just after I ordered the blanket, the next day Wells Fargo called me to inquire about fraudulent charges they found on my card from Europe. Wells Fargo credited my card and cancelled it. So BEWARE WHEN GIVING THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!!!

Anonymous on Friday, February 21, 2014:

WARNING - DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS Norack COMPANY. Returned the merchandise 2 weeks ago and still no refund. They have lied about my refund everyday for a week and tell you it will be another 5-7 business days before my account is credited. Called the bank and filed a claim against them. 

Anonymous on Saturday, February 22, 2014:

"Don't use them. I purchased some jewelry for my mom for Christmas. I first contacted no more rack because it was not shipped on their site. Than when the jewelry arrived the ear rings I got my mom were broken. I emailed with no response after i called them and their and got the message to email. After 3 days I got no response. I had to bring the jewelry to a store to be fixed. I filed a complaint with my states AG office and the response they gave them was they are not going to do anything. I also filed a complaint with the BBB of NY and no more racks and not answering the questions or request. This company is a scam. Don't use them."

Anonymous on Monday, February 24, 2014:

"I bought 4 tablets as belated Christmas gifts and lost big time. After 2 weeks of infrequent use, 2 of the tablets can no longer charge. We have our personal info on them and cannot get them off because theres just NO CHARGE on the device. I called nomorerack immediately and some dumb agent told me I wasn't entitled to a refund because the window was already closed (2 weeks after the order is placed). I don't want to send back the tablets with my banking and id information on them because I fear nomorerack will unauthorizedly use my info at my expense. I have read where customers complain about them double billing them etc. The other 2 tablets are physically defective.
It has been almost 2 months now and I haven't gotten a refund or replacement of the items. BE WARNED.... DO NOT BE SCAMMED... STAY AWAY FROM NOMORERACK! "

Anonymous on Saturday, March 08, 2014:

"Never, never, order sheets from nomoreracks they were the worst sheet I ever paid money for. They were so thin you could wash both sheet in the bathroom face bowl. Every thing I have ordered is of poor quality. "

Ktsharkbait on Sunday, March 09, 2014:

"Never, never order anything from These people are thieves. I placed a small order and they stole my credit card number and attempted to charge over $1000.00 to my card without my authorization."

Anonymous on Thursday, March 13, 2014:

"I agree with everyone. are a scam. They sell produts that don't work and then won't refund or exchange. They get their money and that's all they care about. I recieved an item from them that was defective and I honestly beleive it was previously shipped back from someone else."

Anonymous on Thursday, March 13, 2014:

"Well guess what, they are scammers. I purchased a Singer sewing machine from them and it didn't work. I personally think it had been returned before because it wasn't packaged like a new item. There wasn't a packing slip with it when it arrived and they wouldn't take it back either. Told me that I had to return it back to Singer. Cost me $12.00 to ship to Singer. Haven't received a replacement yet. AND, I was notified by PayPal today that attempts to log into my PayPal account from China were being attempted. Thanks PayPal. Great job." 

Anonymous on Thursday, April 03, 2014:

I bought from there, 2 Christmases ago, ordered 2 tablets, a pair of fringed boots, a man's necklace and bracelet, and some other things, the tablets never worked correctly, one came with a small crack in the corner of the screen, they said they could not warrenty it with a cracked screen, even though I said it came that way, the other one, all they would do is send an update to install, but the issue was connecting to wi-fi with it, so therefore could not install the update, told them this, they said we can't do anything until we know you installed the update. So basically both tablets were worthless. The boots, that was supposed to be suede, was a cheap cloth, the only thing hallway decent was the man's necklace and braclet set. Will NEVER buy from them again. Oh and the first order was supposed to be free shipping, they charged me $2.00 on every item and would not refund it.

Anonymous on Thursday, April 24, 2014:

I am Linda and have already ordered enough stuff again to use up my $80 credit for the sweaters I had asked to return. 

Here is the CS of the nomorerack said:

Samuel here from the Customer Relations team. Always here to help!
We understand we may not be perfect but we always strive to make things right for our consumers. We apologize for any difficulty you have faced.
If you could please share your E-mail address/Order ID, we will reach out to you and correct the problem.
We take pride in our customer service levels. Our team is available around the clock and we are always here to help. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy.
Sincerely, Samuel."

Nomorerack Business Review on

If you do not believe all of the scam reports and complaints to above, you could check the business review of on BBB, and give no more rack with F, you could check it by yourself here.

nomorerack complaints on BBB

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  1. I don't think that the website is a scam, I have personally bought items from this website before and so far I have been very happy with my purchase and each of them has been such a great deal...

    1. Me too. I bought several pieces of jewelry from them and have always been happy with my purchases.

  2. I have had no problem with NMR. I've made four purchases and received everything in a timely fashion. Product was exactly as described. I see many of the complaints are based around electronic purchases. I personally would never order any electronics online, ever, but that's just me.

  3. i bought a tablet from them in May now it does not work and they tell me tough. won't even give me the manufacturer name so i can try to get help. Was a gift to a 9 year old so none of documentation remains. I would not buy anything ever again from them

  4. I bought a hammock and I just used it a few weekends ago and it fell apart! Since it was 33 days after the sale they won't let me return it. They do not stand by The products they sell!!!!!! I could understand if I simply didn't like it and they stood by the 30day return policy but it fell apart! Just another company selling cheap products calling them "deals" !!!!!

  5. I bought a Samsung digital camera from Nomorerack and it is not working well at all, right from when I got it. I also bought some jewelry that were pieces of crap. I don't if they're selling stuff that they have used, the packaging looked off but I really needed a camera and overlooked that. Never again, will not buy from them.

  6. I have bought several items from No More Rack last year and never had a problem. I've ordered 1800 thread count and it has almost been a year and I'm still loving it. Just like with 1800 thread counts, the more you wash it, the softer it gets. I have paid a lot for the same thread count elsewhere and it has the same quality as I got. I have ordered 3 Cashmere Scarves and they truly are soft and the ladies I gave to loved them. I got several lighted flying lanterns for last New Year and it was the highlight of the night. They worked great and I was asked to get more for this New Year and I definitely will be ordering them again. Got a helicopter RC and my nephew loved it and he played with it as soon as opened it, as the matter of fact, even the adults played with it. I ordered a set of make-up brush and expecting it to arrive on Monday and yes, I do expect to be happy with it as well. I just ordered 2 Samsung Bluetooth for my phone and my husbands, which will take 10-14 business days to arrive.

    I believe, every company does have dissatisfied customers. You can't please everyone. One thing I learned from shopping online which I do a lot, always use a payment method that has zero liability if you don't get the item, broken, wrong or not on time. This way, you don't lose any money. I have had problems with other sites, including known sites and my bank just credited my account. One site actually emailed me since my bank reversed the charges and I just ignored their email. First, it didn't arrive until more than 30 days and by law, if it's shipping from another country, if you don't get the item within that period, you can get your money back, which my bank did. When it arrived, they were bunch of fake Oakley sunglasses. It actually says, "Oakey" on the sunglasses. That is not what it said on their site.

    I hope this helps you guys in regards to No More Rack or ordering online in any site. Happy shopping everyone.

  7. I have purchased MANY items from I have received all products, in fine working order. I made a mistake and ordered multiples of the same item. I called the help line and they cancelled the "extra" orders for me. No charges were made to my credit card. All electronics have worked great for a long time now. I am sorry if anyone has had a bad time with this site. I will continue ordering from there. I've been using the site for about 1 1/2 years now.

  8. Nomorerack faces court next Thursday

  9. I want to alert about this website, this is a fraud. They take your money very fast and the products arrive shabby. If you you ask your money back, they don't return all and they take too long.
    I'm sure they buy wholesale all products in china and resell retail. All products are chinese and they sell as if they were originals.
    I was cheated. They sell me two samsung galaxy 5, but they were Chinese copies.

  10. This site works with fake product manufacturers, I thought I was buying a brand from USA which is selling the product for less or as a promotion pricing. the quality of the product itself tells that the product has been assembled by reproducing manufacturer, and when opened the ticket, they made me talk to the distrubutor who was one of the rudest and was behaving as if they are doing me a favor. I would say NOMORE of anything from this site.

  11. WORST on-line experience I've ever had and I show exclusively online. Between their POOR customer service to actually telling me my address didn't exist (virtual address) even though they had sent the product to me, was billed, and paid for using that same address. They are about the money, PERIOD, couldn't care less about their vendors (and the quality of the goods vendors sell) or their customers. RUN.....