Is Ameriplan Scam or legit? read Our Complete Ameriplan Dental Review


Is Ameriplan Scam or legit?

Well if you ask that question, then you're not alone here, there are many people asking for the same question like yours, is americplan scam or not? if you want to know what do we think about this Ameriplan USA Dental, then you need until the end of this Ameriplan dental Review article.

Some people may still deal with the same question whether Ameriplan scam or legit. For your information, it is not fair to judge this medical discount plans company about being legit or scam. However, it is fair enough to tell you the truth about this USA healthcare company and how it works and how the members make money with it.

Ameriplan Scam or Legit

Ameriplan is a MLM business which is founded by big brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom in 1992. This worldwide company from Texas offers various discounts on dental, healthcare, prescription plans, entertainment, and any daily needs. After standing more than 20 years, Ameriplan USA now have had millions of active members around the world. Actually, before you decide whether Ameriplan scam or legit, it is very important for those who have not been the members of Ameriplan to know how this company works. According to the official website of Ameriplan, this company offers some membership levels the new members can choose.

The first level is called Ameriplan MD Plus. This level gives the members discounts on prescriptions and gives the members 24 hours non-stop access to physician care every single day in a month. This plan cost approximately $12.95 per month. The next level is called Ameriplan Dental Plus. This level provides discounts on dental care, vision care, chiropractic, and health prescriptions. To get this membership level, a new member must pay $19.95 monthly. The next membership level is called Ameriplan Healthcare. By registering to this membership level, the new members will get all benefits of MD Plus and Dental Plus along with some additional features and various healthcare accesses. Further, this plan will help you to cut the hospital cost if you have ever been hospitalized which costs you more than $2,500. To get this membership the new members are required to pay $40.95 per month. The next two levels are called Ameriplan Platinum Plus and Ameriplan Total Platinum which offer various discounts on automotive, entertainment, reservation, shopping, and even cruises. Aside from the question whether Ameriplan scam or legit, those two top levels of membership will cost starting from $50.00 up to $150.00.

To give you further information, Ameriplan is considered as a multilevel marketing (MLM) company which works with pyramid schemes. This type of marketing system employs the members as their sales representatives. The members or sales representatives will get commission as long as they are able to persuade other people to join the membership and apply one of the Ameriplan packages as mentioned before. The commission for each member is various. It depends on what kind of package the clients or new members are applying. Honestly, there are two ways of marketing strategy used by Ameriplan these days. They are recruiting new members and selling the products. The members can recruit other people to join and promote Ameriplan to make money. Besides, they can also sell the healthcare and dental packages to earn money. From this explanation, is it clear whether Ameriplan scam or legit?

Aiming to make you more certain about this business, we will share some opinions from the ex-sales representatives and other people about Ameriplan. From the information we gather from the internet and some online discussion forums, some people tend to call Ameriplan a scam meanwhile some others think this business is legit. Let’s see! Actually, Ameriplan requires complicated procedures and requirements for those who want to join the membership and make money from it. Just similar with the other multilevel marketing companies, Ameriplan works with pyramid schemes which locate the old members as the top representatives meanwhile the new members as the bottom representatives. Instead of having complicated procedure, Ameriplan seems having complicated business plan which is hardly possible to achieve especially by those who are not accustomed with multilevel marketing business. There are a lot of requirements the members should deal with in order to earn money from it. Somehow, it is possible to make the members losing their money a lot. Concluding from that, this business that using unsutianable business pryramid scheme model may be very advantageous but it is too risky and too tricky. Some members may succeed but there are a lot of other members who do not. So, what is your analysis? Is Ameriplan scam or legit? It might be not scam company, but many people said it scam because of the MLM which using Pyramid scheme, they follow the business but it failed for them, so they begin to said that ameriplan is a scam.

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