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  1. Hello.

    This company selling service dog registrations and vests uses several different websites to sell the same product so they are a little slippery to track down, but this is the website through which I ordered: https://www.servicedogkits.com/ and this is the phone number on that website: 1 800 991 3186.

    I placed an order for a complete kit, including service dog vest, certificate and ID badge. As I moved through the order process, I expected I would be prompted to attach a photo of my dog for the badge and license, and to a screen showing a mockup of my order to check spelling, etc.

    When I was not shown those things, I IMMEDIATELY emailed the company and told them NOT to proceed with my order until my questions were answered and I had seen a proof. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY my order could have been completed before they received my email asking them to stop. It was literally 5 minutes later.

    A very rude ad unhelpful salesperson responded that they do not do proofs. I said that I was cancelling my order then - I am not willing to pay a premium price for a custom order if I cannot be sure they have the correct spelling, sizing, etc.

    Then the sales rep from the company phoned me, yelled at me, and said I am one of the “stupidest goddamn bitches” he has ever seen. I told him he had no right to talk to me that way, that I had cancelled my order, and I expected my refund.

    He has refused to cancel the order and refused to refund my money.

    This company is preying on the vulnerability of sick and disabled people. We have service dogs because we have physical, mental and emotional deficits.

    This is abuse and fraud. Please stop this company before they hurt anyone else.

    1. His name is Charles "Chuck" Rodrick; Scottsdale AZ he is in a federal civil case for RICO, racketeering ect...
      Google his name... The company is SID Companies, LLC Arizona Registered. Contact the Attorney General.

  2. Terrible experience with this service dog registration business. The end products are cheap and shoddy at best. The ID card is not centered and the information on the back is cut off. Moreover when requesting email copies for immediate purposes you get a cheap "i could have generated that" "certificate" which you are supposed to fill in by hand, for $37. When asked for a refund there is no response. COMPLETE RUBBISH for over $100. AVOID this website/company at all costs. I will be taking my issue up with Paypal to see if i can fight for a refund. I had admitted i was the idiot for falling for a flashy website and i would eat the $90 but with some integrity i asked for the refund on the "immediate certificate" cost of $37. no reponse, nothing.

  3. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM - Didnot immediately get the registration number as the web site indicated. Sent an email as the web site suggested if there was any concerns. Couldn't look up the registration number to see if it was registered as I didn't get one. No phone number listed, no contact person listed, no address, nothing available to actually get help or information. Looked up the company Sid Company that Paypal had listed and found this blog. Thank goodness I used Paypal and had the transaction refunded back. Paypal has flagged this vendor as undesirable.