MyPillow Complaints, Scams and Good or Bad Reviews

MyPillow Complaints, Scams and Good or Bad Reviews - Today we at want to share you about MyPillow ( people have conducted busy activities, they need to gain rest right? In this case, what they need to do is to make sure that they can take benefit from the idea to enhance their quality of sleeping. One of the best methods is to make sure that people sleep on the quality bed and can buy good quality pillow. On the marketplace people often choose certain manufacturer or brand such as My Pillow. Such type of brand has become so much popular among people living in United States. They indeed should make sure to understand thoroughly about the pillow before buying. The pillow offers great comfort based on people’s review. So please continue to read this mypillow reviews and get legit info about mypillow complaints and mypillow scam and people says about mypillow, both positive reviews or mypillow bad reviews (if any).

my pillow complaints and scam reports

Yet, you need to make sure as well that there have been many people who suffer from problem after using the MyPillow products. It is because they don’t conduct further review whether the product is reliable or not. In this case, what people need to pay attention the most is in how to take benefit from any media in order to provide them with quality information about in how to find out about any related indications of the quality of the product and satisfaction of the consumers in using the pillow. Therefore, you need to find out more info about it, you need to know what people said for this product, are there any mypillow bad reviews there? If yes, then you need to alert yourself after read that, just make sure to buy the right ones.

I cannot say that mypillow complaints made by customers. Therefore, you need to find out the most about in how to realize whether My Pillow product is scam or not on the marketplace. In order to find out the fact about the product, you need to significantly consider in using internet. For example, the way you may use the internet can significantly help you to recognize about in how to cope with the decision whether to buy the product or not, read any good or bad reviews on this. By recognizing the fact, you can first understand about in how to avoid the product if it is a scam.

My Pillow Complaints and Reviews from Customers

Here I will share to you some complaints about mypillow products that come from popular sites like BBB, PissedConsumer, etc. Please check them below:

Here is the latest mypillow complaint report we've received in our email:
"I returned the MyPillow because I changed my mind. It took three days to go from NY to the MN post office. Yet it took 12 additional days to get to MyPillow from the same state and post office. Then MyPillow told me I would get a credit 28 days after that. So from the return shipment to credit time would be about 44 days. In addition their policy is a 60 day money back guarantee. Since nothing has ever been mentioned in their extensive advertising about shipping, I was surprised to learn they were charging me for the return shipment to them, $9.95. Didn't bother to dispute that part but I did the product with my bank. The bank was very cooperative and issued a credit before the 44 days, and subtracted the product amount from MyPillow. I guess their 60 day money back guarantee is how long they intend to make you wait in refunding your money!!! They may have a great product but their ethics leave a lot to be desired."

"I bought a my pillow for $35.00 at the Salvation Army brand new. I am glad I didn't have to pay more for it. There's no support for your head. It is a soft pillow so your head sinks to the bottom. I need a firm pillow. I gave it to my cat for her to lay on. She really likes it"

Positive MyPillow reviews with Video:

One customer send an Unauthorized credit card charges come from to, here is the mypillow complaints detail:
After being audited by the State of Illinois, MyPillow are charging my credit card for the uncollected sales tax from 7/08/13 without my permission. I purchased a pillow from My Pillow on 7/08/13 and received the product with no issues. I just received an email from them today (12/23/13) that they are charging my credit card for the uncollected Illinois Sales Tax. It seems they were audited by the Illinois Department of Revenue and it was brought to their attention that they did not collect state sales tax on this transaction. This is unheard of. I think it is the company's responsibility to know what states they have to pay sales taxes in. Now they are going to charge my credit card without my authorization. I told ******** in their Loss Prevention department that I wasn't going to pay this and contest the charge. She told me they would then turn all my personal information i.e. name, address, phone number etc. to the Illinois Department of Revenue and let them know I was unwilling to pay the taxes. This is outrageous!!! It is clearly a mistake on the company's part and now they are threatening their customers. I would never do business with this company again.
Check complete details and another my pillow reviews complaints also how myPillow response the mypillow complaints here.

Another not happy customer filled mypillow bad reviews list and he/she said that mypillow is not the best Pillow in the world, he/she write the review here:

I have problems with allergies and osteoporosis in my neck.This pillow sounded perfect for my problems. I was wrong. This is a very uncomfortable pillow - over-priced and very over-hyped. It did not help me with any of my problems. When I contacted the company I was told to wash and dry (in a hot dryer) the pillow more frequently. I really gave this pillow a chance - did not give up til I was using the pillow for many months, and even after trying the MY Pillow suggestion it did not help. This pillow is not worth the money.You can get a better pillow for a better price.
Please share your experience, complaints, jast scammed, or good or bad reviews here if you are one of the My Pillow Customers. Your experience would help us to decide if My Pillow is a scam or Legit company, You could submit your mypillow complaints or reviews using the comment form below this article or using contact us form above.

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  1. I ordered 2 standard pillows, it took a while for them to be received. The company sent 2 travel pillows. I had to pay for return shipping. I was not impressed with the product I received. Cheap casing with chunks of foam. If you want a quality pillow go to a quality store and try out several pillows. Customer service was RUDE. The company has not given me a credit within 30 days so I challenged the charge and it was taken off my credit card. SAVE yourself the pain and DO NOT do business with this company.

  2. That is outrageous that they charged someone's credit card with sales tax months after the initial transaction! You can't charge tax on something after they've bought it just because you made a tax error. A decent company would wear the cost yourself.

  3. I only have one complaint. But I think it's legitimate and serious. there are more ads for My Pillow than I have ever seen. On many different stations, mostly National. and all have a number to mention for the second pillow.(free pillow)every single ad has a different number, on the every commercial even on the same station. It seems fishy that this is happening, and fishy may very well be the operative word. This could very well be a mechanism to gather the information of consumers and to identify what station and what time the ads are seen. Just a thought. But I would never buy anything so heavily promoted

  4. I am so sick of the stupid MyPillow ads on FOX News.
    I am in the Philippines, and FOX is the only TV that I watch.
    I can not imagine how much this clown is paying to advertise a stupid pillow.

  5. Chunks of foam in a cotton bag. It took two years for this mental midget to develop this? Any company with the frequency of his ads has got to prove the crap inside is cheap, he spends 90% of the cost on advertising.

  6. I bought a my pillow for $35.00 at the Salvation Army brand new. I'm glad I didn't have to pay more for it. There's no support for your head. It's a soft pillow so your head sinks to the bottom. I need a firm pillow. I gave it to my cat for her to lay on. She really likes it.

  7. He needs to wash the black shoe polish out of his hair and have a little more consideration of TV viewers with the long, long commercials running 3 or 4 times an hour on the cable networks.