Is ACS Education Scam Or True? Please Read Our Honest Review

If you need to know whether ACS Education Scam or not,  then you need to read few share about acs education from people in this ACS Education Review article, Both positive and negative reviews.

I have about 67K in student loans taken out from Direct College Loans. I have another 20K from Wells Fargo. I'm in grad college still. I've found out that on my credit history, ACS has listed my debt TWICE making my total debt about 154K - which isn't correct. I filed Insolvency and ACS was listed and granted discharge of them, they do not want to take my papers, I have sent it numerous times. Emailed it to them. Nobody WILL correct this.

I never contracted with them ; Direct Study Loans manages my debt....So why am I getting charged by BOTH places for a Similar DEBT.  I attempted to log into, and they do not actually have my SSN number registered HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!!! On my account stub it has my previous married name from 2005! And it is saying my bank is the US BK NAT as TRUSTEE / BRAZOS. ( Brazos was also listed in my Insolvency . As of March, the scholar loan I had been paying thru Wells Fargo Education Monetary Services was all of a sudden managed by ACS-education. I do not receive monthly statements if I pay higher than the minimum sum outstanding, the acs-education shopper service reps are not able to answer my questions, and I mysteriously had two payments due this month but did not receive a second statement -- merely a notification through the web I Had a payment due ( I haven't switched to paperless billing ).

I noticed that the second payment was due when I logged in to the acs-education internet site to make certain the payment had gone thru. I was leaving on a ten day holiday early the subsequent morning, and their call center was closed so I was not able to get some more information about the provenance of the poser payment, which I never received a statement for but which was showing up on the internet. I made a decision simply to make the payment to avoid a late penaltiy because I did not want it hanging over my head while I was on holiday.

I could not find the payment address on my last statement, though , and their automated telephone system was down so I was not in a position to get the address that way. I then attempted to find the address on the internet. They do not have the payment address online, which appears stupendously peculiar, so I sent the check to their surface mail contact address in Utica, NY that is noted on the site. Just about 2 weeks later on the payment still has not registered. I am now past due on my payment thanks to this peculiar 2nd payment due on the same date as my prior payment. A rude and impatient purchaser service rep asserted my check has not been processed as it was mailed the incorrect address ( never mind the right address isn't in writing anywhere ). She snidely informed me that I should have sent the payment to an address in Pittsburgh. When I explained why I was not capable of finding that address, she continued to be rude and declared there wasn't any way to guesstimate how long it would most likely take to process the payment. She announced that once it was received in NY, it'd be forwarded and that no late penaltiy would be considered for two weeks after the payment date. What she could not / would not let me know was what would occur if it took longer than that for the Utica office to send the check to the Pittsburgh office.I never had a single difficulty with Wells Fargo. They sent me a statement each month, irrespective of whether or not I was ahead in my payments.

Here are other ACS Education Complaint reports from some people:

Here is one of Acs Education Complaints by  on

ACS Education Scam

Here is what Sultan Maxwell said about ACS Education program: "
I have been dealing with this company for a while now and several times I had explained to ACS, because of economic hardship from last year up until this year I could not pay back on my loan until I was working full-time.

Since the Summer and FAll season of 2010 I have been faxing them left and right about my deferment and application I had to fill out. Everytime I call ACS claims they never recieved a fax from me; I have given them dates, time, and phone numbers that they gave me to fax and got zero feedback. I felt something was and still is wrong.

Since then I owe more and ACS is still hounding me. Time to get legal action against this company because I do not owe all these extra fees ACS is claiming."

And here is what Ian said: "This ACS company told me that I had federal loans in DEFAULT and that they were going to take my Federal Tax return if I didn’t pay them. I never took out these loans and they don’t even have the right information on file about me. I have already taken on Loan company to court and won, now it looks like I am going to have to do it again,  Good luck with your dealings with them."

Joe said ACS education scam is real :"ACS are scam artists and their barely-literate and foreign phone ‘help’ staff are pathetic. I got a letter dated (on the letter itself) the 22nd of November saying I owed a payment by the end of the month (which I do not). The letter was postmarked on the 29th. Did someone print my letter then sit on it for a week before mailing? Or did they purposely back date it and mail it a day before the date by which I supposedly owed them money? These guys are a joke."

"I have just had similar experience as above. Had consolidated my loans with CFS, an awesome company out of Misissippi. They were taken over by Chase, then I am notified that ACS is managing my accounts. Thinking back on it, I remember having another dealing with them several years back when I simply went onto a website for information and ended up being their client. I am not even sure whether they are supposed to be handling my loans at all. I have faxed them twice last week with a deferment and am still told they have not received it. I am going to double copy and document everything in detail in dealing with this company as the above experience of others warrants and would recommend this to all clients of this company." from Diana.

And Alboski said the same thing, He believe that acs education scam: "I was informed acs took my account back over and a payment was due . So I mailed payment to address provided. Two weeks later I receive a letter saying payment was not received. So I spent a week calling and not getting thru. Finally I get a answer after waiting on hold for thirty mins. The clerk then explains to me that the address I sent payment to no longer exist WTF! So I asked her when was I gonna be notified bout this. No clear answer so I asked will I be held late and in default by this mess up. YES! In so many words it my fault so I asked over and over how is it my fault. On top of all of this mess she tells me she knows nothing of address I sent payment to and its on the letter they sent me. I hate THAT PLACE!!!!!!!"

Another person who called Sky Blue publish a complaint to ACS education program too, here is what he says: "ACS education is the worst thing to deal with. I’ve been repaying my college loan through ACS and from the beginning of my first start with ACS, every moment has been agony. Including not being able to update my address for the entire year. Their system just sucks. Now I have to repay a few hundred $ at once thru ACS, and I’m scared of their mishandling…."

Abbi said have no Problem with ACS-education: "

I’ve never had ANY problems with ACS education. They always managed my school loans from the time I took them out. I started repaying them at the requested time set up automatic payments, ahve been paying for over 3 years and have NEVER had any issues. My credit history is correct with them. I am able to log in a print tax documents each year to write off the interest with NO ISSUES. Istumbled across these posts by accident and it’s crazy to see all these people having so many issues. I have also called into the help desk to inquire about if I make extra payments will it go directly towards principle the woman spoke very clear english and was very helpful…Sorry everyone else had such a bad experience."

But Will disagree with Abbi:"Abbi, I simply don’t believe you. I’ve never spoken to a single person there that spoke english well, and I’ve called dozens of times. I’ve never received correct information until it’s too late. I was told I would NOT have to make a payment until April of 2012. I called today : I’m 58 days delinquent. These are bad people, practicing bad business. They are very adept at accruing late fees and service charges for mistakes that they force on you. So, Abbi, you’re either an ACS drone, or you love punishment. If you’re the first, shame on you. If you’re the second, we should meet… cause that sounds like it could be fun."

Kelly choose to be a neutral person about acs-eduaction scam or not: "@ Will-you really have no reason to take your frustrations out on Abbi, and accuse her of being a liar. I also have my student loans serviced through ACS, since 2005. I have called in and the person I spoke with spoke perfect English, and was also helpful. I have my payment drafted out of my account on the payment due date, and ACS reports this info to the credit bureaus THE NEXT DAY! If you’ve ever dealt with your credit report, you know that next day reporting is rare and FABULOUS! FYI, I don’t work for ACS-Education, and I don’t believe Abbi does either."

So, just read all of the good and bad review on ACS Education program above. And you decide is ACS education scam or not ....

Please drop your comment below if you have personal experience with this acs-education company an you wanna share with us here. And you could contact them here if you want to send your any question directly to them. And if you still have few times here, please visit our other reviews like: nomorerack or tommie copper review.

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  1. I have always got great service and no problems with Wells Fargo. I have had nothing but problems told they haven't posted my payment for up to a week and said I should send them earlier. I have a late fee show up on my April 2014 bill from March 2013. I needed to apply for a forbearance they told me I needed to may a full payment or I could not receive the last 12 months coming to me. I asked for a copy the guidelines that state this and they said it is an agreement between ACS and Wells. It not part of the promissory note I signed. I was told they could send me a letter but not the actual contract of that. The customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. Something has to be done about companies like this. No wonder why so many loans go in to default, it is because of the ignorance of companies like this. I would like to file a formal complaint but not sure.

  2. I am writing to complain about ACS (my student loan provider). I have written a prior complaint of the same nature about my other provider, Great Lakes.

    I am currently in school half-time cumulatively: one school is the University of Kansas (5 credit hours), and the other school is Johnson County Community College (1 credit hour). I recently received a bill from ACS stating my first payment is due on 06/14/2014. Therefore, I called them to report I am in school half-time , because they need to place my account in deferment status.
    I spoke to a supervisor named Tory on 03/31/2014 at about 2:00pm after requesting to speak to a supervisor. She states that I need to have each school complete paperwork stating I am in school half-time. I advised her that I encountered a problem with this paperwork when attempting to complete my deferments with Great Lakes. The problem is the paperwork makes each school acknowledge that I am part-time, and I am under part-time status with both colleges. Rather, I am cumulatively taking 6 credit hours which makes me part-time overall at both colleges. Tory states that unless the colleges sign this paperwork, they will not place my account in deferment status. I advised her that the entrance and exit counseling merely status part-time status, it does not state that it cannot be cumulative, and they are essentially violating the terms and conditions of their contract. Moreover, I advised Tory I had to report Great Lakes to the Attorney General’s office of Kansas, the BBB, and to Ombudsman’s office, and the company finally cleared it up without requiring the schools to complete the paperwork due to the mass confusion they created with paperwork wording. Rather, Great Lakes picked up the phone and called each school to verify my part-time status. Moreover, they stated that I should have been advised by the original representative at Great Lakes that each college could complete a letter stating my total hours, basically making it an addendum to the paperwork that would reflect under part-time status at both colleges, and it would have allowed Great Lakes to place my account into deferment. Now, I am having to go through the same thing with ACS, and despite explaining the process to them, which they should already know, they still refuse to place my account into deferment status unless I provide the signed paperwork (not admitting the addendum) with the schools each checking I am enrolled with them half-time. And just like Great Lakes originally thought, ACS believes I have to be enrolled in at least one college half-time rather than accepting cumulative coursework. Therefore, I need to report ACS to the same organizations that I reported Great Lakes to about a month ago.

    I have reported ACS to the following organizations: BBB of Upstate New York; the Attorney General of Kansas; the Attorney General of New York; the Ombudsman over student loans; and I have even gone as far to write the White House. Anyone who has complaints with ACS should follow the same steps.

  3. I am on a Level repayment plan with ACS -- or so I thought. And of course I'd think that, as right there on my account statements it clearly says "Repayment Plan: Level." Yet, they are trying to both wrangle more money out of me per month (a $150 increase) as well as telling me I cannot release my cosigner. Their reason? They say I am on a graduated plan and then blame it on Access Group (my original loan servicer) for the mixup on THEIR (ACS's) site.

    Also, I agree with the above comments; no one I have ever spoken with is a native English speaker, which makes it confusing when talking to them about such highly technical subjects as interest rates and whatnot. Also, whenever they respond to a query via email, it directs me back to their site and asks for something called a passphrase -- which I am unable to set b/c no matter what I do the site won't accept it.