Tommie Copper Reviews - Is Tommie Copper Scam or Legit?

Is Tommie Copper Scam or True? Please read our reviews here. Tommie copper is a company which is manufacturing the products specialized in clothing which has the features on relieving pain and aches. They provide various types of clothes such like shorts and shirts. In addition, they also manufacture socks and gloves with the same function. The company of Tommie Copper also said that their clothing product has the unique design which can support the joints, tissue, and also muscles. It can help increasing the mobility and also decrease the swelling. The issue related to the tommie copper scam also becomes something interesting to be discussed but it is better to know them well first before judging.

Tommie Copper Reviews update from customer for 2014

Curtis from Utah believe that tommie copper scam is false, he said his ankle is pain free now after used tommie copper ankle brace, here is what he said:
"I had a very bad sprained ankle a few years ago and have suffered with pain everyday since. I ordered a tommy copper ankle brace and wear it all the time now and most days my ankle is pain free, I do still have some days when it hurts but never as much as it used too."
Another good review from Robbie Joseph, here is what he says about tommie copper product:
"My friend just recently had both his hamstrings removed....he started wearing Tommie Copper compression apparel all over his body ....needless to say, he qualified for the Boston Marathon and it's all because of Tommie Copper."

Tommie Copper Reviews scam or legit

There are some features of the clothing which is produced by this company. The main feature of their clothing is helping the users to deal with their problem on pain and aches. That is commonly experienced by so many people, such like athletes and also the adult ones who have a lot of physical activities. They commonly have the great risk on experiencing such the problems. That also becomes the reasons why Tommie Copper wear manufactures and offers this kind of clothes which are offered as health clothing that has unique design to deal with any aches and pain related to joint and also muscles.

However, the issue which doubts that Tommie copper scam or not becomes a great topic to discus. There are some pros and cons related to their product. For the pros are that they provide a product which is great to help people dealing with aches and pain of the body but anyone can wear it no matter that we are an athlete or even the ordinary people. The product also can reduce the stiffness and also swelling by increasing users’ mobility too. However, there are also the cons; such like some of the users get the result in such a long period of time in using the product so they begin to submit their negative tommie copper reviews to the internet. So, once again, to determine and judge that Tommie copper scam, it depends on the individual. So, now it is on your own hand to determine whether tommie copper is a scam or legit company.  Please share your scam report (if any), experience, opinions, complaints and your own review to by dropping your feedback below. Thanks
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Tommie Copper Reviews - Is Tommie Copper Scam or Legit? | goony nauf | 5


  1. Snake oil clothing. Junk science. Placebo.

  2. TC's customer service is a joke, stating BS and lie after lie !! I have been communicating via email for over sixty days trying to get my exchange sent to me; all I get is the run around......without a doubt the worst customer service delt with in forever. There seems to be no way to contact TC corp.... only the liars at customer service and I use the term with lightly. TC is BS

  3. Customer Service, What Customer Service. Can't comment on the clothing because I have never received them. The charge was on my credit card when I received it and I haven't even received what I ordered. When I checked on the website it showed my order was still in process. I called & acquired about this and was told the order had been sent to shipping and they did not know why it had not been shipped out but that they would take care of it. Two days later I called again when I noticed order was still in process and basically was given the same BS as my original call. The rep said he would take care of it and call me back within 24 hours. Waited more than 24 hours and again called asking what the problem was. Was told they did not know why this order hadn't been shipped and that they would see to it that this order was shipped right away. In addition I was told they would credit my charge card 10% for the trouble I have gone through. Well its been 48 hours since that call and nothing still has been done. My recommendation is to stay away from Tommie Copper and his BS. As an aside, I ordered some like products (UA) from e-bay on the same day as my last call (Tuesday) and I rec'd the products today (Friday) in my mailbox. NOTE! Like TC, I chose the free shipping method and did not pay extra to have 2 day shipment etc.

  4. Waste of money. I bought 2 knee sleeves and not only does the elastic dig into my skin and cause discomfort, but the sleeve does absolutely nothing to ease the pain of arthritis. For the money, you'd be better off buying something from a drugstore.

  5. Copper has no effect on any injuries or arthritis. It does inhibite growth of fungus, for example, on garden plants. Serious nonsense, don't know how advertising standards allow this.

  6. I purchased a tommy copper shirt,it was too big (medium) I returned it for an exchange, they sent another medium. I called to return it, they said they will not do any more returns. I said why, it was your mistake, they said too bad they will not do return, now I am raped because it does no good to wear a shirt that is too big.

  7. It sound like to get the same results as Tommie Cooper is to wrap your joint while performing activities and sound like they are playing of people pain

  8. Thanks for the review. I won't waste my time or money..

  9. I ordered two knee sleeves. Received them promptly and in the correct size. Fit great and pain I've had while running is gone.