What You Should Know about Meaningful Beauty Complaints

In this era, the competition is very tight. It happens in almost every aspect of life. For example, we could see many beauty products which promise the users lighter, softer, and flawless skin. The companies which produce the beauty products are also competing each other by dealing a contract with beautiful and famous actresses. One of the examples here is the Meaningful Beauty product which has a beautiful and famous actress, Cindy Crawford. The existence of a famous actress like Crawford here brings the customers’ attention. There are many people buying this beauty products finally. The problem arises then, there are many sites which post the meaningful beauty complaints.

Meaningful beauty does it work?

Let me give a little note about this beauty product. The Meaningful Beauty by cindy Crawford  is a product of skincare system which contains the anti-aging formulation which comes from France. It was created by one of the Europe’s leading anti-aging specialists and also the premiere skin doctor, dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. He claims this beauty product as a product which contains a free radical formula that can help supporting the stimulation of natural collagen. It features an exclusive microencapsulated antioxidant complex, which was derived from a rare French melon. They believe that melon contains one of the most powerful antioxidants. Meaningful Beauty comes with different functions which are packaged in different packaging. With this little information, this beauty products should gain the positive feedbacks from the customers, but why are there so many meaningful beauty complaints on the internet?

Meaningful Beauty Complaints

There are so many meaningful beauty complaints that are posted on the internet. Let me give you some stories about it and we can take a conclusion about this beauty product. These complaint stories were written by Meaningful Beauty customers who many of them are anonymous. The first story comes from anonymous customer, she said she had bought this one-month trial beauty products in December 2013 and she was not happy with the results. What makes she gets angry is the 3-month supplies that she never orders was billed to her. So she decided to call the meaningful beauty customer service representative to cancel the order, but she was told that the 3 months refills are automatically ordered after the first order. She has lost money for about US$150.

The second Meaningful Beauty complaints come from Cindy. She wrote her complain all in capital letters which indicate an anger. She also lost her money for about US$150. The case is similar to the first case, but she also wrote that this product advertisement shares a big lie. In the commercial break, the price of the product is US$ 39.95 for 90 days. After calling the number to order, the company said the price is more expensive, US$49.95 for 3 months that will be billed every month. The fact is different. The company deducted her money at one time US$149.95, and the worse is Cindy never receives the products.

The third Meaningful Beauty complaints were written by anonymous customer again. The case is rather similar to the previous ones. She wrote that she has been complaining to the company for over a year to get that beauty products. She never receives the products that she ordered, but the company keeps billing her. She has lost US$174. The company claims that they have already sent the products to her, but they did not. They also keep referring her to many departments with no solution. They also promised an investigation of that case, but it never happened too.

Here are some examples of meaningful beaty complaints published on this page:

Meaningful Beauty Complaints

From some stories written above, we can see that there are so many meaningful beauty complaints about this product. The complaints are not only about the products only which give no good results as written and promised in the advertisement or product packagings, but also about bad business practices. Such as the products that were not sent to the customers, the amount of money billed to the customers although they have never ordered it, etc. From this Meaningful Beauty review article, you could decide if meaningful beauty is a scam or not.

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