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The Aspen Dental reviews and complaints gathered here aim to help you to know more about Aspen Dental (, their services, and how they work dealing with the patients. The good / bad reviews and complaints are gathered from some trustable sources on the internet.

Aspen Dental is a trustable dental care in UK and US. This dental care center provides various services dealing with dental problems and conditions. According to Aspen Dental website, this dental care center offers at least seven dental services which include regular dental checkups, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, oral hygiene, dental cleanings and exams, and other professional dental services. Based on some Aspen Dental reviews sites this dental care center works with professional dentists and dental care takers. Considering that, there is no need to worry about the quality of the dental care and services provided by Aspen Dental.

Speaking of Aspen Dental, actually you do not need too much money to get the professional dental services from Aspen Dental. For regular dental checkup especially for cavity service you only need to pay starting from $500. You may get pleasing discounts as well for particular care and services. Instead of having decent prices and services, according to Aspen Dental reviews and complaints, this dental care center also features comfortable ambience and atmosphere. You will feel like at home when having dental care in Aspen Dental. Furthermore, there are some dental care services provided for children, which are very helpful but delightful. The workers are also professional and certified. Each day, there will be different dentists and dental care takers who will deliver the best services for the patients.

The main office of Aspen Dental is located in 1600 South East Road, Farmington, CT 06032. Aside from that address, there are some branches of Aspen Dental which are located in several areas, such as in New Britain, Hartford, and West Hartford. Actually, this dental care center is available from Monday to Friday starting from 8.00am up to 5.00pm, except on Tuesday in which Aspen Dental will open from 10.00am to 7.00pm. If you want to keep in touch with Aspen Dental in Farmington, CT, you can just contact them through (860) 269-5671. On the other hand, some Aspen Dental reviews and complaints on the internet also mention that Aspen Dental offers money back guarantee over their services. Therefore, if the patients are not satisfied with the work of the dentists and the care takers in Aspen Dental, they can get their money back as long as the condition matches with the policy and requirements.

Even though Aspen Dental reviews talk more about how good Aspen Dental is, there still any negative things you may need to know about Aspen Dental. Some patients seem having different kinds of complaints regarding to the services they got in Aspen Dental. The unsatisfied patients like what have been reported in Consumeraffairs deliver their Aspen Dental complaints based on their own experience. Most of the unsatisfied patients of Aspen Dental stated that they got bad services during dental checkups and dental special treatments. Some of the staff was not really professional to help them to find the best solution for their dental issues. Meanwhile, some other unsatisfied patients stated that Aspen Dental requires high money for each dental service and care they offer to the patients.

Some example of Aspen Dental Complaints

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Some Aspen dental complaints were submitted to some reputable sources:

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The Aspen Dental complaints of the unsatisfied patients should not be the boundaries to stop having dental care and treatment. Aspen Dental may be good for some people and may be bad for the others. It depends on what kind of problem you have, how good or bad you dental health history, and how the treatment works for you. There are still many possibilities to get the best services from Aspen Dental like what have been experienced by many customers of Aspen Dental in UK and USA. For further information about it, you can look at Aspen Dental reviews and complaints on the internet.

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