Is Vanilla Reload Scam or Legit? Come and Read Our Review

Is Vanilla Reload scam or legit product?. InCOMM is the company that produces the Vanilla Reload cards and services and actually is a legitimate company. However, the product this vanilla reload network ( company makes is being used to scam others. There are people out there that have figured out a way to steal the funds that honest people put on the cards. Cards these honest people pay for. Let the complaints fly! I assure you that they have. This is always an unfortunate thing to happen. Our world has people out there who will do bad things to others without a conscience.

Vanilla Reload network

A lot of money has been stolen by these scammers already. The list of vanilla reload complaints and testimonials is staggering and quite frankly difficult to read without getting a bit angry. There are a lot of very upset and utterly betrayed customers out there that used the Vanilla Reload cards. These scammers are using the vanilla reload network company and its name to run these scams. They are also using Instagram to run their vanilla reload network scam as well to steal money from people. Instagram users begin to ask, what's the with these instagram vanilla? They want to know if this vanilla reload on instagram is a scam or not. Plus, one of the most recognized symbol and company in the world, VISA. Surely these companies are receiving some harmful reviews because of this. Should this not prompt some sort of action? This has been going on for quite some time now. The amount of money stolen from people exceeds to be considered and minor offense. It should be seen a federal case.

 These are some examples of Vanilla reload scam on instagram:

vanilla reload scam on instagram

another vanilla scam on instagram (IG) example:

"BEWARE of @lovlyf664 on IG....just scammed me for $300...!!! But she'll get hers in the end! Her number is 706-948-4529. She said her information to Western Union her "fee" was Eliza Grace San Carlos, CA 94070. She IMMEDIATELY unfriended me and blocked me on IG...Tough times call for tough measures...I've NEVER been one to fall for is that's "too good to be true", but she caught me at a weak moment...NEVER AGAIN!! And we as a people wonder why it's so hard to trust ANYTHING you see, read, or hear!!! My own fault...I'll have to take that L...Fool me once, shame on me...Please DON'T fall for these scammers!"

"I got scammed out of 230 with vanilla reload network card the girl told me she was gonna add another zero and make it 2300 and all I had to do is send her cut which was 1000 this happen to me yesterday and she told me that the money would be ready at 12, every time I texted her she would answer me right back she said she was still at work and she also told me she was a manager at Walgreen's she from Chicago Illinois. I'm so pissed off today, I gave her my last and I'm a single parent and also I'm not working any more so I don't get money every Friday its hard now for me and she gonna scammed me out 230. " 

"769-553-1085 Is SCAMMER. I was hesitant and even went against it so he text a few days later asking what happened. I literally text back and told him that I didn't want to be scammed..... I went against my better judgement today and lost $300. I feel ridiculous. Like a 12 year old that doesn't know right from wrong. He put the sh1t on his kids that he wasn't a scammer." 

"I was in the same situation. It started with $140.00 to them asking for $360.00 to make it a cool $500.00 to be able to qualify for the $5000.00 loan. And then it continued to we need $250.00 for the insurance with State Farm and then another $122.00 to send it through Western Union because there were issues sending it to my checking account. They claimed the were Bancorp Bank which I looked up and did research on and it seem legit...but I was wrong. I invested all in all $876.00 and they told me they were going t o send my money back in a check never received it...I called today to see where my check was at and they told me F--k Me! In those exact words. So no I will never ever in life give anybody my money again!"

"Me and my friend got scammed of $300 on vanilla reload network today we were very pissed when we found out that we got scammed we thought this guy was legit he came at us on instagram blowing us up telling us how he can flip our money he's nothing but a scammer and liar taking people's money, people work very hard for their money!! everyone beware is this guy his Instagram name is @moneyisthawayoflife and his number is(773) 326-8923 he's nothing but a bullshit liar!! I hope God punish him for taking peoples money!!"

"Got another one for the list. IG is cellphone_marcell This guy seemed only a little more legit seeing how he has numerous screenshots of people text him thanking him which made me fall for it. He told me he just needed the date and time on the receipt for the reload card and that was it. Put 100 on the card and sent it the info, then he called me 30 minutes later and said my "account" has been put "on hold" because his "white homie" was only doing the "special" today. I did not set up an account, simply purchased a reload card, not an actual prepaid card. Then he had the nerve to say if i put in another 100 that my account will work and he can get me 2500 instead of 1000. THEN even called me the next day and tried to get me again. His number is 239-400-3725 Beware of simply the name/IG account, he has MULTIPLE cell phones."

"Instagram @moneyisnotanoption aka Chad from Dayton, PH (937) 314-3266 stole $200 from me yesterday. I asked where the money he was going to give to me was coming from. He said "If I told you, You would think it's stealing." all those pictures of money that they post, are pictures of money they stole from people, making us believe that is what they are giving to us. He even tried to talk me into putting more money on the card so the money could last me a few weeks...even did the 42%...62% thing with me via text claiming that that was the percentage my money was loading onto the card..! I hope he rots in hell!"

"Saw a person by the account name of 100dollabill his nick name or name is CeeJay his number is 215-402-7851 please do not go for this, its a scam! He followed me on instagram and I noticed all these pics of people on his page flashing money. These people that is flashing cash is just doing normal people doing money flash selfish and this scum bag is just taking these selfish and claiming that he got them this money. All lies. I contacted his phone by texting this guy. He called me the next day telling me that he can turn my 100$ to 1000$ using vanilla reload network card. I said OK and he gave me the three things to do. 1'Buy the vanilla prepaid card 2' put the 100$ on the card 3' give him the pin number and go to western union and wire him 200$ but that trip to western union will never happen because he will quickly use that pin once he gets that from you and pull the money off fast and when you try to use the pin number. It would say sorry its already redeemed. I didn't go through with the scam because I saw the three things he told me to do and I googled this whole scam thing and this site popped up with hell a pissed people on this site that is now sharing their I got scammed stories. Thank you guys for telling your story to everyone. I hope you guys get out of the hard struggle that these b1tches put you in. These scammers will get caught up and trust me, bubba will have so much fun with these scammers once they is in federal prison! This guy is on instagram so block his ass and worn everyone!" 

"I got scammed with $700! That was everything i had in my vanilla load card account. Supposedly the girl who started the process had gotten fired and i was talking to the manager her number 3138284846 she told me at first the fee was $75 to get my money back and she said every hour the fee goes up, i didn't even took an hour and she told me the fee went up too $100!!! That was only the "process" she then forward me to another guy his number is 3132085503 he told me there is a shipping fee of $125... a shipping fee? Just so they could put my money back in my account?? I did it any ways because of was $700 that i have lost i want money back! So before i even put the money in the card all they did was call me every other hour but once i had put the money they didn't bother me no more they didn't even ask for any more information because supposedly they were working on it. This all started just recently on Friday on October 3, it is now Tuesday October 7 and still yet i keep texting this guy asking where is my money at. All he just telling me is that he is working on it and his "manager" doesn't answer me, return my calls, or my texts! Its nothing but a scam! I needed the money i really did and now i need it more since i have not even a penny in my pocket!!! I want this kind of business shut down!!! I don't understand why they haven't been shut down!"

"ANTHONY.ANDERSON2 his number is 4243240871 ....I am following him now, I really hate to here you all had got scammed. Even though it would be pretty tempting but if you give it t some thought and use your common sense. Because if you go and load sone cash on a card and give someone you do not know ever seen the pin and all the information and then the individual claim they can add zero to your amount then you go get the money and send them a cut .....I MEAN DUH!!! THEY HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION TO JUST GET THE MONEY YOU LOADED AND WHEN I GOOGLE THIS JUST BEING CURIOUS BECUZ I HAVE BEEN SEEING THIS GOING ON FOR A WHILE I AM SHOCKED TO SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!?" 

"There was a lady on IG going by IVYDAQUEEN...b1tch thought she had me.....fortunately I have contacts in Chicago, IL where she supposedly lived. I told her that I was sending her the money through Western Union because the stores around me were out of those reload cards. She asked which Western Union I had sent it to. I told her and for her to call me when she arrived. I texted two of my friends who were waiting at the one location to be on the lookout for the bitch who was trying to scam me (I sent them a picture and told them to text her when she arrives in the Western Union to make her look at her phone). When she arrived, I received her phone call and told her the MSN number........while my friends called the police......Needless to say......that b1tch is currently in jail for fraud......HA HA HA thought you could scam me and get away with it.....not more cheating people out of their money.....JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED"

"Please be aware of the scams richness that botch a scammer. She will make it seem like she's a real business women. I believe people on her page are people she know. That b1tch will get hers. 956-750-4853 this the number. I believe she use to have a name by moneytee" 

"This girl on instagram said she was selling shoes and she had a good deal going on 2 pairs for 250 dollars she seemed so.legit she said that it was a one time deal so I was like OK I went and got a vanilla reload card like she asked I asked if there was any other way she said that's the only.payment method she accepts so I gave her to the card because she I thought I could trust her she gave me a number to call if I had any questions so I called it and this old guy answered not knowing what the fuck I was talking about so she scammed me shortly I noticed she blocked me on instagram her name is @hella_shoes on instagram watch out for her don't make the same mistake I did :'( I'm out of 250 dollars because I'm an idiot"

I've gathered instagram account and telephone number suspected of committing the vanilla reload scam in instagram based on feedback from visitors on this vanilla card scam instagram article:

The Main point here is to BEWARE you that, PLEASE do not believe if you get any message on Instagram, facebook, Twitter, and any other social sites or come from any emails from People who promise you to flip your money from $$ to $$$$ using Vanila Reload Network.

  • IG:@kandygotstacks (ph:714-266-6299) 
  • IG:mikeezrich (ph;214-814-6415, 405-706-6260) 
  • IG:millionaire_rob (ph:2483432613) 
  • IG:purge_singlesurvivor (ph:678 914 9045)
  • IG:benfrenk (ph:404.493.4150)
  • IG:team_014Bands (ph:989-443-3623)
  • IG:Jake_586420 (ph:586 420 0505)
  • IG:Stewiestew_305 (ph:786-309-2998)
  • IG:cash0ut101 (ph:813-863-7155)
  • IG:jessbabyy23 (ph:972-325-581)
  • IG:@bubbleup_ (Ph:8102882347)
  • IG:@showgrl__ (Ph:772-618-1756)
  • IG:@_whosthatgirl100 (Ph:516-284-8863)
  • IG:Bandz50 (Ph:949-429-0277)
  • IG:toni_banned_up (Ph:(920)415-0810)
  • IG:Hackordie187
  • IG: elizagraiceflips
  • IG:moneymanagement_mitch (Ph:248-972-8352)
  • IG:@eminfluenced (Ph:(979) 204-6456 & (713) 766-8879)
  • IG:@Maryhundred (Ph:810-366-9208 or 898-623-6384)
  • IG:@rachelpowell42 (Ph:662-269-0306)
  • IG:@ohmizzlala (Ph:347-736-1270) 
  • IG:@moneyisthawayoflife (Ph:773) 326-8923)
  • IG:ALECCHASEKADDOUGH (Ph:248-688-2405)
  • IG:Josh__Bandz (Ph:313-898-5141)
  • IG:mya_makingmoney 
  • IG:ALECCHASEKADDOUGH (Ph:248-688-2405)
  • IG:Tay (Ph:773-688-8113)
  • IG:moneyisthawayoflife (Ph:(773) 326-8923)
  • IG:ava_gorgeous (Ph:209-243-7149)
  • IG:Cash_realz757
  • IG:krista_brown (Ph:630-394-0162)
  • IG:drerichass (Ph:214-814-6415)
  • IG:muchodinero_50 (Ph:904-834-0017)
  • IG:moneyisnotanoption (ph:(937) 314-3266)
  • IG:biilykeepbankroll (Ph:(762) 213 - 3459)
  • IG:MONEYHONEY7K (Ph:470-377-2494)
  • IG:tiff_dripping_ (Ph:(757) 238 -6849)
  • IG:Cash_rulez757 (Ph:(347)786-6325)
  • IG:BillyKeepBankroll (Ph:762-231-3459 and 678-308-4150)
  • IG:jessaboutcheckz (Ph:5134361812)
  • IG:getrichwidme__
  • IG:fm_marketing (Ph:347-378-1416)
  • IG:successful_212 (Ph:813-430-1729)
  • IG:mollymoneymoney
  • IG:Queenofhearts247 or Queenofplugs26 (Ph:281-909-0369)
  • IG:fastcash_today (Ph:(734) 548-0649)
  • IG:JACKIE_WATERS221 (Ph:(313)971=6717)
  • IG:maxx_stevens1
  •  IG:cellphone_marcell (Ph:239-400-3725)
  • IG:Parish millian 
  • @Mommy_Marianaa_T (Ph:425-434-9330)
  • IG: passporttattedup (Ph:213-545-5520)
  • IG: makenzi (Ph:305-741-6977) 
  • ALPOMARTINAZ__ (with two underscores, Ph:12672893394)
  • IG:sweettreatt (Ph:773 456 8324)
  • IG:thamoneyyqueen (Ph:313-352-3025 & 248-662-6732) 
  • IG: Cassie_V12 (Ph:1(708)669-4230)
  • IG:geno king (Ph:3132420209)
  • IG: Kody_love 
  • IG: moneytrain1 (Ph:330-333-5694)
  • IG: asia_rich (Ph: 929-841-2329)
  • IG: SpoiledTati_ (Ph:703-278-3109)
  • IG: keith_jackson (Ph:8106.40.6609)
  • IG: DAURAN5027856077 (Ph:502-785-6077)
  • IG: BigBankBen1Mill  (Ph:323-989-1484)
  • IG: DEJA_6K (Ph:7072324414)
  • IG: livinlikephil  (Ph:470-673-1840) 
  • Ig: vickp__ (Ph:423-291-6560) 
  • IG: shaylamoore89 (Ph:248-837-0131) 
  • IG: legalfunds_susu. (Ph:516-926-7184) 
  • IG: mattbrooks492 (Ph:2184163394)
  • IG: dwortham_financialinvestor (Ph:256 886 9578) 
  • IG: longmoneytony (Ph: 248-662-6732 and 248-678-4278)
  • IG: debra  (Ph: 323 542 3411) 
  • IG: YelllowCutie_ (Ph: (252)302-0298) 
  • IG: DRN.LAVELL (Ph: 615-843-2284)
  • IG: latashsa_jackson30 (Ph: 770-335-0139)
  • IG: Team_racks (Ph:989-443-3623)
  • IG: jeffsavage24_ (Ph:8705513204)
  • IG: Blessingothersdaily_ 
  • IG: BANDMAN_NELSON IG (Ph:312-999-8079) 
  • IG: Cashqueen_tiffany (Ph:954 629 2908) 
  • IG: chadjohnson595 (Ph: 313 914 9878) 
  • IG: Money_babyx3 (Ph:5163625223) 
  • IG: smithjr347 (Ph: 347-802-9746)
  • IG: brangotbandz100  (Ph: 321-730-8204)
  • IG: DEREKW108 (Ph: 2143561552)
  • IG: Fast_Money0 (Ph: 406-221-1672) 
  • IG: kaylagggggg (Ph: 571 455 4022) 
  • IG: a.madapierce (Ph: 813-900-5653)
  • IG: _cashoutvanilla_ (Ph: 6260806-5464)
  • IG: 100dollabill (Ph: 215-402-7851)
  • IG: melissaizmyname 
  • IG: cam_casflippin 
  • IG: Eric _blessed (Ph:248-238-3117) 
  • IG: bosslilbitch is (Ph:516 723 8829)
  • IG: jeffsavage24 (Ph: 870-551-3204)
  • IG: Lauren_Luxee 
  • IG: CASH_DOLL32 (Ph: 213-873-9762)
  • IG: al_gwuap (Ph: 570-661-2345)
  • IG: MRZ_SASHABANKING (Ph: 631-614-1402) 
  • IG: starrcash (Ph: 248-856-7827) 
  • IG: drn.lavell (lavell Jones) (Ph: (615) 267-3079,  (415) 649-5753 or (857) 240-6794)
  • IG:  tOmmyrealflip (Ph: 313-778-3042)
  • IG: boss_jae11 (Ph: 3136005911) 
  • IG: how_u_playin_it (PH: 313-974-0128)
  • IG: lucky__0ne_thousand or Irenemathis123 
  • IG: TmT_michelle 
  • IG: lisawrightflips (Ph: 6158618214)
  • IG: CASHTALK247 and 1BILLYBANKROLL (Ph: 305-762-0026, 678-308-4150, 762-231-3459)
  • IG: ishrico (Ph:17089833167)
  •  IG: 1billykeepbankrolll  (Ph:305-762-0026)
  • IG: CASHRELOADTEAM1 (Ph: (248) 460-6886 )
  • IG: lovlyf664 
  • IG: gaby vainilla (Ph: 347-434-4718)
  • IG: nikkaylaxo (Ph: (804)234-3087)  
  • IG: robin_desire27 (Ph: 646 564 1220)
  • IG: mr_moneyiseverything 
  • IG: blowbands_tez (Ph: 231-375-3431) 
  • IG: lavishrico 
  • IG: pinkythebaddest
  • IG: GrindHardShineHarder310 (Ph: (310) 863-7465) 
  • IG: foreignexchange_23 (Ph:313-918-2125)
  • IG: tiff_gotbandz (Ph: 515 650 4439)
  • IG: billionairepath (Ph: 985-718-5408)
  • IG: bandmanbrandon (Ph: (734)219-6261) 
  • IG: FREEBANDZ_ZAIRE (Ph: 313-334-8576)
  • IG: LOLABANDZ_ (Ph: 325-203-5714)
  • IG: VIPLIFE  (Ph: 740-303-5144)
  • IG: legalloopholes (Ph: 859-457-6938)
  • IG: getmoney_karen (Ph: 3044458121) 
  • IG: Legit_Money_Flip  (Ph: 937-280-5162) 
  • IG: moneymand  (Ph: 312-213-1568)
  • IG: helpinghand_mike (Ph: 6146686677)
  • IG: ricanitaly
  • IG: MRBREAD12 (PH: 917-396-5087)
  • IG: quickcash456 
  • IG: lucky.raymond27 (Ph: 213-587-8455) 
  • IG: mr.lucky2711 (Ph: 2135878455)
  • IG: cashoutbaby (Ph: 5163625223)
  • IG: LavellJones32 (Ph: 4052833521)
  • IG: moneytee (Ph: 956-750-4853)
  • IG: bossliving442 (Ph: 478-297-2203)
  • IG: moneymotice101 (Ph: 586-343-3982)
  • IG: Tony Carter (Ph: 661 402 4429 and 510 948 6716)
  • IG: lovemtia  (Ph: 7082613439)
  • IG: suzan walker (Ph: 8136663310)
  • IG: kenzi.blanco1 
  • IG: k3ith.15 (Ph: 813-785-8993) 
  • IG: megannn._ (Ph: 3137215848)
 (IG= Instagram Account ID)

  • ph:#318 918 0785
  • ph:(313) 753-9651
  • ph:917-480-5165
  • Ph:202-239-6367
  • ph:3137284115
  • ph:762-231-3459
  • ph:313 207 2295
  • ph:216-239-6712
  • ph:512 952 7487
  • ph:3139186571
  • ph:9049005106
  • ph:678-965-0289
  • ph:608-807-5011
  • ph:7732255490
  • ph;3053400364
  • ph;551 200 5885, 347-377-7392, 713-481-8134, 747-201-9723, 914-689-2713,
  • @954-315-5900
  • ph:415 968 7877
  • ph;6033712200
  • ph:4435975280
  • Ph:+13122049766
  • Ph;3189236761
  • Ph:313 462 0333
  • Ph:3137223420
  • Ph:3479859343
  • Ph:630 394 0162
  • Ph:508-513-5898 
  • Ph:773-688-8113
  • Ph:810-882-8457 and 269-993-3553 
  • ph: 224 210 1645
  • ph:210-401-3302
  • Ph:1-882-8457 
  • Ph: 2108337817
  • ph: 773 688 8113
  • Ph: 503- 456 -5805
  • Ph: 508-513-5898 
  • Ph: 3109800538 
  • Ph: 248-929-1150 
  • Ph: 4015840708 
  • Ph: 816-875-9214 
  • Ph: 585-902-1545 and 419-707-8310
  • Ph: 706-948-4529 
  • Ph: 769-553-1085 
  • Ph: 470 296-4855 

(Ph= Phone Number)

(PLEASE Kindly Share this article On Your instagram Account if you care to other people so they would not get scammed too from those scammers)

Some people reported that vanila reload scams not only on Instagram but they did on another social sites too like:
  • CAMORA T on mocospace, Phone number: 224 210 1645
  • Rich Robbins on Facebook
  • Bianca Jones on Facebook
  • Jessica Bandz on facebook too, her phone number is 651-666-4813  
  • Sharon Davis on facebook 
  • Crystal Cruz on Facebook 
  • Zoey Anderson on fb 
  • Melissa Green on Facebook tried to get me. Her number 872.803.6802.  I would like for her to know i have traced her address from the time of the call. I will be pushing this forward.
  • Jazmine Harris on fb (Ph: 507-307-4529)
  • @_FineAssNikki on Twitter, Phone:630-282-6198
  • @JoshCountBands On Twitter, Phone Number: 702-901-5641
  • @Gorgeouslypaid on Twitter, Phone Number: 646-769-1756
  • Another suspected to scam, Twitter account: @WhoBetterThenI
  • On facebook too with Phone number:318 918 0785
  • Another vanilla reload scammer on facebook Simone Johnson 
  • Social site called Tagged with phone number is (912)816-4525 
  • Terrance G on Tagged social site, Ph.478-298-4981 
  • Ashley Davis on Facebook 
  • On popular dating site too, Plenty Of fish, Beware! 
  • On Kik with ID: quickcash0

And here is an Official Confirmation from about this vanilla scam with the phone number to contact them directly if you found suspected vanilla reload fraud and scam from Instagram, or any others social sites. There are NO instagram money flip using vanilla reload network card, It's pure scam:


vanilla reload scams

InCOMM in particular has shown to have done the minimum in putting a stop to this vanilla scam issue. They have come under fire by their lack of action. The reviews of their way of handling the situation aren’t to feel secure about using Vanilla Reload anytime soon. Based on an almost endless archive of horror stories, these Vanilla Reload reviews are dead on. There is enough evidence to agree that this problem needs to be stopped. The vanilla reload network companies that sell these should not allow them to be in their stores until they are made to protect their honest customers, not allow them to be abused.

Latest Vanilla Reload Scam Reports 

Vanilla Reload complaints

Vanilla Reload scam

This lends one to believe that maybe in some way Vanilla Reload scam is legit. The lack of assurance provided to their customers is in a way being part of the scam. Their customers still have to purchase the cards so they still get their cut. So in a way they are stealing from them too. All there is to say is beware! Even though this company is a legitimate company doesn’t mean that they handle their business in a purely honest way. At least until one, they do something. Actually do something that stops the promotion of scams over other media sites. To me there’s a line between being legitimate or not and unfortunately InCOMM is really starting to look more like a huge scam. The list of victims is becoming too large to be seen otherwise. It’s one thing to have a couple of vanilla reload complaints; it’s another to see more then several about the same issues. Vanilla Reload network might be useful in the intended way. Just be careful from people who scamming people saying they're LEGIT with Vanilla Money card!

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  1. @kandygotstacks on instagram just tried to get me to buy a Vanilla reload claiming he can add a zero to whatever I add to it... His phone# 714-266-6299

    1. @thamoneyyqueen on instagram. Her "supervisor" is Orlando Sanders. 313-352-3025 & 248-662-6732

    2. 503- 456 -5805 its a scam!!!

    3. RICHGANG_Davee
      Over 12k followers
      We think he uses those fake phone number apps
      He changes his instagram.. But keeps _Davee at the end.

    4. @chadjohnson595 is a huge scammer. He's stolen thousands of dollars off of people.
      Phone Number: 313 914 9878


      Tried to scam me, then insulted me for not doing it.


    6. @smithjr347 #347-802-9746 also know as Ant Smith Jr. Is a fraud on Instagram. (African american male, has a NY accent on his vids, never shows his face) Do NOT GIVE HIM MONEY. I'm giving his name to the police as well as telling vanilla reload what he is doing. Stupid scammer flexing on ig with thousands he stole. God will punish him in federal prison.

    7. And how about the one with "legit_money14" on Instagram , is he a scam as well ?

    8. Ih he/she offering you to flip money using vanilla reload, then stay away from this. Its scam

  2. Just tried too get me on facebook saying that they can add a zero too what ever yu add it sounds too good specially when yu need the money please people dont fall for this lies its a big time scam I hope they find them because its not fair his phone #318 918 0785 and he has another number too

  3. Don't do it sweetie. I got scammed out of 300.The card was already redeemed before i could add my own money to my card.

  4. 917-480-5165

    Two of the more recent ones I found.

  5. 214-814-6415
    mikeezrich ig

  6. I knew something wasn't right with that crap. Its all pretty women advertising this like its legit its like that is who these bigger people or bosses are using. Um, um, um boy once it all goes down everybody going down with it.

  7. Feel for the same darn thing! Going through some tough issues. I lost my mother, my kids in college, and my dog died two weeks ago. So I thought if I could get some extra cash, it would be great to help, because I'm a single parent. I went and go the Vanilla Reload, like the guy said, sent the information, he said, he'll send me word of confirmation. Didn't hear anything. And as a Medical Student, I should've known something wasn't right! So I'm out of $100. Please take it from's a scam! I normally do my homework, but this time-I didn't. These guys & girls that are doing this the wrath of God will visit them soon! BELIEVE ME! When I tell you! People work hard for their money...thank God I didn't go ahead and add $500, like I was going to do! Please pray for me and I'll pray for you! Remember-we will overcome this and get double for our trouble..that's the word!

    1. I will pray for you if you pray for me. I got scammed out of $353 yesterday. I too am going through rough times. They asked me for $153 for a good faith payment. Then I gave them $196 for insurance. When I called them he (an Indian) told me that my zip code was "blacked out" therefore they would have to send it Western Union. ...they needed another $220 which I did not send. I feel like an idiot! I'm really scared because now I am in worse shape than I was. I pray to God that we all make it out of this situation. No matter how tempting it sounds....don't do it!!

    2. Another scammer to be aware of 916-469-8871

    3. I understand where your coming from. And I'm sorry to hear this scam happened to yu. I recently did the same of $100 addded to the Vanilla Reload card....received a last minute reply . " Sorry, it took too long for the system to go through because he was trying to do 4 other ppl at the same time as myself." Promised me 24 hours to decide if i wanted to add another $100 ..flip that and make it $2000 + his commission for the inconvenience and the wait. I never called back and it was a complete waist of my time & money. :[ NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Yeah I was scammed 200bucks too today! Man this people are ass theyjustfeed you aa lot of lies and the boom you left with nothing! Scammer name on ig was : elizagraiceflips!

  8. Another scammer number 762-231-3459

  9. 313 207 2295 scanning everyone on ig

  10. Beware: 2483432613

  11. SCAM phone number 216-239-6712

  12. yes i got scammed twice by two different girls. i was so mad at myself for falling for it. first time shame on them, second time shame on me. it does sound really good and tempting but its all a scam. and i also notice alot of them have the same pictures posted on their instagram, thats how i know they are all scams

  13. so is this true? i got a guy trying to convince me that he can add a zero to whatever i put on the card...

    1. dont do it!! got scammed out of 200 dollars today

    2. Thats total bs..,!!!another scammer 4015840708. This one was on a dating website. (Plenty of fish) almost got scammed. Thank god i googled it

  14. so is this true? someone is trying to convince me that they can make 200 to 2000

  15. IG : purge_singlesurvivor
    678 914 9045

  16. There is also a 512 952 7487 he tried to get me to do it this morning

    1. well hope they all get put in jail and die in there too

  17. I lost out on $750 as I college student, he's going to get his! The instagram name is benfrenk and his number is 404.493.4150

  18. Watch out for 9049005106

  19. Nicole Anderson 678-965-0289

  20. 608-807-5011 is another number that is scamming

  21. 3053400364 kash doll on meetme

  22. 989-443-3623 on instagram his name is Steven his ig is team_014Bands

  23. I've got one call right after another from more than one lender but it sounds like the same india S.O.B. everybody's talking about just talking in different voices! Main one was (and i quote) HARRY PETERSON.....HA! Bastard didn't get me though.... and ur all right... these people are gonna steal the wrong persons money some day and the feds might not be there in time to save them. harrys number was 551 200 5885. The other five are 347-377-7392, 713-481-8134, 747-201-9723, 914-689-2713, @ 954-315-5900

  24. i am talking to one of them now on instagram...his number is 415 968 7877...

  25. Out of $360 thanks to Jake Armstrong IG Jake_586420 his number is 586 420 0505

  26. new number 6033712200 fukinn people

  27. A guy got my daughter for $350. his number is 4435975280 says his name is Mario. These are no men of integrity or honesty they are cowards.

  28. 786-309-2998

  29. i got scammed too. i usually know better but it seemed pretty legit and i figured if he put his phone number out in the public, something that could be tracked that it would be okay. he told me he was going to turn my 100 into 1500 and then i could reload another for 500 and make 8000. everybody is money hungry haha
    his instagram screen name is cash0ut101
    phone number 813-863-7155

  30. +13122049766 woman named Shaquela Jackson cheated me out of 400 that was posed to be flipped to 4000.

  31. Beware Hackordie187 on Instagram his KIK is cashmonyy

  32. 972-325-5815 instagram: jessbabyy23

  33. @bubbleup_ on instagram is doing it too. His numbers 8102882347

  34. What about these people who are being scammed? You are intentionally taking money you didn't earn and you your self is trying to commit fraud, so maybe criminal charges should be placed on them. We all have sad stories, if you lose I don't want to hear about it.


    2. I was thinking the same thing. Being greedy and stupid is a bad combination.

  35. I got scammed too. The woman said it was a glitch in the system and that she could add a zero to whatever I put onto the card. We put $500 expecting to get $5000. She asked us for the 10 digit number on the back of the card and told us to wait a half hour. She even updated us texting "its at 20%, its at 79% and so forth. A half an hour later we call the card and it said funds had been redeemed. DO NOT TRUST THIS. Its bullshit.

    1. This guy on meetme tried doing it to me also his number is 3139236761

  36. Has anyone heard or talked to the person using 313 462 0333 ? On instagram chris money reed ?

  37. SUSPECT#1: IG @showgrl__ (2 underscores) kik showgrl_ (one underscore) ,phone 772-618-1756 IG SUSPECT#2: IG @_whosthatgirl100 phone 516-284-8863

  38. One person is trying to get me to do this on instagram.. I've asked her to send me proof that it is legit and she send me a computer shot of her changing the number and also a screenshot of a DM from march with a confirmation number/telling the person how much they put down and how much they got back but the thing is it wasnt her ig name...when I searched the ppl name in the dm they couldn't be found

  39. Bandz50 on IG num 949-429-0277
    Wasnt tryna complete any transaction with her cuz it just sound to fishy

  40. Just got caught too. I just loaded 20 bucks on to the card and sent the 10 digit code to the scammer. Then I did further research and here I am. Smh

  41. This is your own fault for trying to get something for nothing.

  42. tried it knowing i was down to my last few bucks thought the extra money would be lovely come to find out i got scammed out of 100 bucks by "toni_banned_up" from instagram her number is (920)415-0810 Do Not i repeat Do Not trust these people they'll take your hard earned money and run !!

  43. People are struggling right now and the extra money could help. They almost got me too and I should know better because I'm a RN. I'm so glad I didn't give them my money. Like my husband said, 'if it's too good to be true than it probably is". Please be careful and don't give these scam artist your hard earn money. Michelle from VA

  44. 3479859343 claiming they are united cash loans. scamming people out of hard earned money.

  45. I called her out on a mistake she had made. Said she did not use Green Dot and then posted a picture with it. I already knew it was a scam but this confirmed it. And also, she posted a picture of her BOA account balances, app wasn't even up to date. Terrible. Smh.

    IG name: inlovewithme_

    I'll add the phone number when I get it.

  46. Just got scammed today by moneymanagement_mitch on instagram. He gets you by saying "15-35 minute process, No gimmicks No personal info needed No credit card or banking account required. 248-972-8352

  47. 508-513-5898 or

    1. 508-513-5898
      scammed me out of several hundred dollars. Unfortunate by the time I read this site and try to stop the card he tricked me using three way calling to take the money out of my account.

  48. 347-736-1270


    kik ohmizzlala

  49. 662-269-0306


    kik rachelpowell24

  50. lol really people really?!?!?

  51. Here is another one to avoid IG User Name @Maryhundred Phone # 810-366-9208, old phone number was 898-623-6384

  52. We appreciate the time and effort your took to write this blog post.

    To the MyVanilla & Vanilla Reload Community: If you are contacted by anyone who claims to work for MyVanilla or one of our retailers and offers to add funds to your MyVanilla account in exchange for a fee, please be aware that this is an attempted scam. These individuals do not work for MyVanilla or our retailers, and it is also not possible for any employee to do what these individuals have offered. Please contact MyVanilla via direct Facebook message or call 1-866-362-9035 if you receive a similar offer, so MyVanilla can investigate for potential fraud. At no time should you give unknown individuals information about your MyVanilla account. Our paramount goal is to keep your funds safe and secure.

    To learn more about Vanilla Reload, visit us at

    Thank you all.

  53. i was just scamed on instagram!!!! they swore it was legit and now im broke for the next 2 weeks absolutely noooooo money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. The main problem is that most of these scammers live out of the country. They use disposable phones and fake everything, including IP addresses. I tried to press charges years ago on someone who tried to scam me out of 3500. Thank God my intuition stopped me. The police told me that even with all the information i had given them chances are they would never find the person. I had the IP address from her E mails, her phone number, and a pretty fake check. They never found out who it was.

  55. I cannot believe how gullible people could be.... I've seen dozens of these people on IG and it 100% looks like a scam and I wouldn't invest a penny into it..... beware people, nobody will make you any money, especially by asking for money in advance.

  56. 630 394 0162 she trying to get me now....when someone runs up on these clowns they may just die lol....


  58. Just got scammed $50 pretty pissed didn't do my hw got to excited and went ahead and got the green dot money pak said she'd add a zero to it making it $500 and then taking a $100 cut for herself but she just took the $50 never replying her IG is @eminfluenced and the phone numbers she gave me are (979) 204-6456
    (713) 766-8879

  59. 810-882-8457 and 269-993-3553 Asha she tried to scam me

  60. Josh__Bandz


    NUMBER 248-688-2405

  62. 773-688-8113 Scamer named Tay

  63. Here's another one. 209-243-7149

  64. Well its just not on ig I got scammed CAMORA T she is on mocospace 224 210 1645 is her number I did $50.00 thinking she cn turn it into $500.00 got the card called her and she made it so believable with pictures and everything but after 30mins I called the 1,800 number to hear that my $50.00 had been redeemed all ready.. ppl please. Be careful and don't fall for it

  65. Well here is the deal. Why should they protect people who are essentially trying to steal from them? Most of the time, people who buy into this are told it is a glitch that lets the 0 be added, or some other crack pot story. But, bottom line anyone who tries this is attempting to STEAL from InCOMM. Money is not made of magic numbers floating around on a computer screen. You need to have to money in order to give it away. If someone buys a $100 card and expects $1000 where then do they expect the extra $900 to come from??? Assuming it actually works (which it doesn't) It would come from InCOMM's profits.

  66. Cash_realz757 on instagram is a scam. Dont fall for it no one gives free money.

  67. I got scammed on facebook her name is Rich Robbins beware!!!

  68. Simone Johnson on facebook is doing it also

  69. IG: krista_brown #630-394-0162

  70. drerichass 214-814-6415

  71., 210-401-3302 Daniel Gray

  72. I just got a direct message from a person on instqgram. @muchodinero_50 claiming to be a woman named alonza. Her number she gave me was 904-834-0017

  73. This scam artist name on Instagram is biilykeepbankroll..and his #is (762) 213 - 3459 watch out for him...



  75. There's a girl now trying to scam me and my fiance her name is Lauren Johnson I met her on IG.. her page "magically disappeared " after. We exchanged numbers... smh I am not stupid but I really wish these types of things would STOP

  76. Beware of @_FineAssNikki on Twitter


  77. Damn I'm glad I read this

  78. tiff_dripping_
    (757) 238 -6849

  79. And some name Asha Boyd on IG her name is ashby money making team after they got my money they keep calling me back laughing let see how funny it is when the Feds get them

  80. I was scam too yesterday for 150 and the person Asha Boyd called me all day trying to help me saying her commission was 250 I called her back and her partner answered laughing and calling me names saying that what I get he right can't trust anyone any more I found her on IG her number is 1-882-8457 that a mess what there doing the economy is so bad I got laid of work and need some help and thought it was legit God takes care of fools and baby I know I was a fool to trust someone

  81. Instagram user:Cash_rulez757 will promise to flip your money. Ppl please dont fall for it. Is all a scam this is one of the numbers he uses( 347)786-6325.

  82. @BillyKeepBankroll phone number 762-231-3459 and 678-308-4150 just got me and my friend for $450.. highly pissed off

  83. 5134361812 ig name jessaboutcheckz

  84. this is one too

  85. @fm_marketing the name is mike...I just got scammed.347-378-1416

  86. @successful_212 scammed me.. his number 813-430-1729

  87. If you get scammed by this, you deserve it. Especially since you would have been committing theft had it been successful, which if you thought was real, you are dumb and deserve to lose your money.

  88. Watch out for Molly Estrada IG is mollymoneymoney she even tried to ask for my DL #

  89. Queenofhearts247 is always posting on IG aka Irene m Taylor 281-909-0369

    1. She just popped out of no where on my IG and tagged me on the vanilla reload card, and Queenofplugs26 is also using the same number! I was thinking about doing it until I read all of these reviews.

  90. Vanilla card company need to start takin information fro the reload card that ppl givin to these scammers & match it with the account wer these ppl put these money, cause when u giv these scammers ur pin num they hav to put it to a vanilla prepaid card to get ur money, I dont think this company doin enuff to arrests these ppl.

  91. (734) 548-0649 another one fastcash_today on ig


  93. this girl just tried me on this social scam site called Tagged (912)816-4525

  94. add backpage name is Brittany her number is 2108337817

  95. 213-545-5520 this girl on instagram has been trying to scam people with the same shit, name is @passporttattedup

  96. yup 773 688 8113 number got $250 outa me from instagram

  97. becareful because a girl mane makenzi from I.G got me for 150 she said it would be 1500 but it never happened #305-741-6977

  98. @Mommy_Marianaa_T 425-434-9330 on instagram

  99. Bianca Jones on Facebook ALMOST GOT ME TODAY.... Thank God for this site....

  100. Terrance G from ATL on Tagged just tried to get me to do it (there were 3 others from there too)... 478-298-4981 but I'm sure this number isn't real!!


  102. Someone from instagram as well is on the move doing this to people @_sweettreatt 773 456 8324

  103. beware his name is geno king 3132420209

  104. It happened to me a friend actually told me to do it since I've been struggling so I trusted them and it didn't work says my code has been redeemed already and suddenly the person contacting us about this has gone silent. Her name is Ashley Davis on Facebook.

  105. Kody_love on instagram is a scam also she seems so legit on there

  106. If you lost your money to these people I dont feel bad for you, lol this is a moronic and obvious scam. If you send these people money they are smarter than you, and deserve your money more than you do. Only a child would fall for such simple and easy to see thru lies and scams, shame on you for supporting this foolery. The dumb people who send them money are the ones to blame for continually supporting this act. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Save your money......

  107. Hello all here to tell you look out on igh for this kik moneytrain1 and this number 330-333-5694

  108. What I wanna know is how I can get my money back

  109. @asia_rich 929-841-2329

  110. PoF: SpoiledTati_ number 703-278-3109

  111. Im living hotel room down to my last 400 was gonna spend 300 until i googled it and found this. I played along though told her i added funds to my card now what and she tried to hack my phone. Wtf glad i didn't do it

  112. wish i would of read this before I wasted $800
    scammers name is keith_jackson
    number 8106.40.6609. if you know him or see him tell him to come see me I got the rest of the cash he wanted me to send!!!!!

  113. Alot of people are having hard times. But you gotta think about it. If this was real, alot of people would be doing great financially. Folks claiming they can add a zero to this or that, even if they could, it's illegal. I've seen so many posts on instagram about these scams. If you need money, ask some of your family members for help. I didn't get scammed, seen all this on instagram and I Google it. Lmao @ folks talking about they work in the Walmart money center and will give you more money. Yea right!!!!

  114. 502-785-6077
    dauran brown
    IG handle: DAURAN5027856077

    I LOST $500 and the mother F*cker had the nerves to tell me to get another card and add $100 on that and the "process" will be done and said I was being difficult when I told him give me my money back or I will report him to authorities!

  115. Orlando Sanders
    IG: 4000bands

    I respected this dude, I gave him $100. At first he said that it wouldnt go threw, so he said to get another $100 to complete the process. I was about to sell my Flat creen to get a $100 dollars... I already reported him, but I dont think i'll get my money back.

  116. beware of a guy named phil on instagram his IG:livinlikephil (changed his name)
    his phone # 470-673-1840

  117. well this person named DEJA_6K on IG is another one who does that then she changed her number again

  118. her number is 7072324414

  119. 323-989-1484

  120. Got me today I didn't even get to put it on my AX pre paid card it was redeem before I could do it how I don't know this company is not good if people can get your info without any issues.... wow just crazy I was told to file a complaint and they would investigate and I would get some money back we will see......I'm out of 180.00 and never got to pay my bills

  121. 3139156589 was his number, he seemed convincing. But I knew it was a trick so imma turn him in. Dont trust this crap and sorry for all those who lost money

  122. ig: vickp__ 423-291-6560

  123. Is she scam?
    She asked me.. i was like bullshit.

  124. Twitter: @JoshCountBands
    Number: 702-901-5641

    Twitter: @Gorgeouslypaid
    Number: 646-769-1756

  125. Another one on IG is @shaylamoore89
    Her phone number is 248-837-0131

  126. Ig is @legalfunds_susu. His phone number is 516-926-7184
    I hope these ppl get caught

  127. Can someone tell me if this account is a scam? He never tried to talk to me, just added me on IG.
    #: 347-896-9417

  128. IG is @dwortham_financialinvestor his phone number is 256 886 9578

  129. Wow who knew there were so many dunces who fall for obvious scams like this. A fool and his/her money are soon parted. What an embarrassment and use your brain/google to uncover this scam like 15 seconds. Beyond that don't give strangers on social media card #'s

  130. Maya Shanell is her Facebook name.

  131. Watch out for DeeDee Gotem on Facebook. They have other people in on it or create other fake accounts to verify that it works to boost your confidence. Do not do it!!!

    1. DeeDee Gotem actually works

    2. Really? How much did u do?

  132. Please beware of longmoneytony on IG. He scammed me today and although I was able to bounce back financially from it it was still hard to take in. It sounded legit but it was all a complete scam

    His number is 248-662-6732 and

    Everyone please be careful

  133. I got scammed yesterday for $400 makes me sick just thinking of this ugh...3109800538..I'm going to report this ..they will not get away with this!!!!!!

  134. I've been seeing a lot of this "Flip money" on Twitter and so i asked a question with one girl (Twitter account: @WhoBetterThenI ) she said she could flip my money by adding a zero. I began to think it was too good to be true so I started looking around on google and came accross this page. I didn't fall for the scam but wanted to inform others that it isnt just on Facebook and Instagram but also Twitter. If you go to her account you can see many more of the scammers by who she tags in pictures that she "flipped money with" Be on the look out for her and her friends.

  135. watch out for debra on instagram or whoever says debra is legit is dead wrong. 323 542 3411. scammed me just now for 150

  136. beware of a person named debra she just scammed me of 150. 3235423411. Dont do it.

  137. YelllowCutie_ on instagram jus got me for 100$ Friday and he phone number is (252)302-0298

  138. BANDMAN_NELSON IG 312-999-8079 this guy is VERY convincing. He has photos of his children as well with celebrities. I almost fell for it but I did my homework first!

  139. Blessingothersdaily_ on instagram promised to add a zero to your card.

  140. watch out for Jessica Bandz on facebook- number is 651-666-4813

  141. jeffsavage24_ mobile 8705513204

  142. Ig Team_racks..
    Unfortunately I got scammed as well, feels pretty silly but in hard times, you are willing to see if it really works, I'm right with you guys, I'm in such a bad position trusting that POS..
    Wish I'd seen this sooner.
    989-443-3623 Mike

  143. This is very wrong people really need money when times are hard and you people that are scaming why the FBI hasn't shut them down that's american greed str8 up I to was scammed by US payday1 thinking they where a loan company I hit rock bottom tell I heard about a guy that's a loan shark a real legit person now I'm not telling y'all to do what I did but I was at rock bottom now I get paid weekly or monthly payment for a year guaranteed I ve been working with him for years if you need help give me a ring or text Fred the Shark 478 9555311 J/S everybody not out to get you some people do have a heart

  144. latashsa_jackson30 on IG, lovemyson300 on Kik, 770-335-0139 phone #

  145. Beware of a person named @DRN.LAVELL He just got me for the 50. 615-843-2284. Dont do it.

  146. Cashqueen_tiffany. 954 629 2908

  147. Money_babyx3 5163625223

  148. Im on instagram and my page is @scam_is_over we are trying to get the word out to people on social media. I was scammed by an scammer 2years ago and my scammer is still out there scamming people on soical media. Please join or movement to STOP this scammers. MoneyflipSCAM Dont send money to people you dont know. Dont give them an of your information from a card or what ever they will rob you. This is just like them robbing you on the streets. Where do you go for help. To the police, the police dont even know what to do or how to help. Be smart people and dont send or give anyone your money you dont know. Follow my instagram page i blast all scammers. @scam_is_over

  149. +12143561552 IG -DEREKW108

  150. Anyone worked with @brangotbandz100 instagram. I think he's a scam too. 321-730-8204

  151. Sharon Davis on facebook. Posting her scam offer on multiple comment threads. Just fyi.

  152. Dannygotstacks scammed me to

  153. kaylagggggg on instagram 571 455 4022

  154. Don't trust, Darren Wilson 33 he scam me out of 400.00 dallorrs he is on instagram and KIK would provide number but he change it

  155. IG: Fast_Money0


    Kik: quickcash0

  156. I was going to purchase concert tickets from someone on Craigslist until he said he would accept payment thru Vanilla Reload instead of PayPal. I was doing research and came across this page and decided against purchasing the tickets.

    Does anyone know if this is a scam as well or is it just an alternative to using PayPal??

  157. IG melissaizmyname on instagram watch out for her

  158. Anyone deal with James Williams at 818-813-6593

  159. Don't belive it even if there are no bad comments, they just deleted them. Also don't belive them even if the "assure" you.
    _cashoutvanilla_ (6260806-5464=BAD

  160. Yeah I just got scammed, just now actually... I'm mad at myself because I know better.. Too bad I didn't look on this sight beforehand.. The name of the girls IG page is @a.madapierce, her telephone number is 813-900-5653.. She is VERY convincing and post things bashing other people who are doing it to make it seem like she's the real deal.. I had a weak moment and bought her crap' please don't buy into the hype!!!

  161. Here's another con artist she goes by the name Jazmine Harris on fb and mysteriously today her page was deactivated her # is 507-307-4529

  162. Watch out for cam_casflippin on IG. He may change profiles but the acct manager will always be Eliza on Vanilla Reload. He got $100 out me & nothing more. What I want to know is, why don't Vanilla Reload do something about it. Their company looks bad & I ain't going to mess with them either.

  163. Ig: Eric _blessed phone number: 248-238-3117 he is a scammer... watch out

  164. What about ig dan.haye

  165. Ig user bosslilbitch is a scammer she uses the number 516 723 8829 dont believe her she scams people for a living she almost scammed me but I cought her before she did

  166. Wakeupgetting money 313 424 7921

  167. daruan 502 785 6077this guy is on some bull he told me to keep sending money and hes going to filp it I got up to two hundred then I stop and realized hes a fake so no one contact him!!!