Megastoon (MegaStoon.Com) Scam, Complaints and Reviews

Megastoon Complaints Scam and Reviews. Hi all, thank you for visiting this scam reports blog. Hopefully you get the benefits for your visit on this blog. This time we will discuss another program that is similar to our previous review magicptr is a scam or true? a few days ago. Now we will discuss the earn money online program called megastoon, which is the official address

Why I review about megastoon this time? Yes, it is because I have just visited (a big and trusted scam reports website) and I saw that this megastoon now ranks high with about 122 complaints within a period of a month. Scambook reported that they received a complaint about megastoon first time on the 20th of September, 2013, and to this day has a total of 122 complaints they receive. Is it Indicated that Megastoon Scam? Decide by yourself after you read this review

Samples of Complaints&nbsp

Below are some samples of Megastoon complaints:
Mary write her complaint on 17 October 2013, She lost $830, She said:
I had shared and worked really heard fr me to earn USD 830, The web page had previously disappeared and now it's back how genuine is this online job ? Is it a scam anf if it's what action has been taken.
 Georgia write her complaint on 14 October 2013, and she reported that she lost $1645, and here is what she says:
They let me work hard to get people to open there link saying they would pay 2 us per visitor and they didn't.and say that pay day is on the 30th of every month n they just disappeared and I can't find them.
The latest megastoon complaint submitted by Manju few days ago, he said that this megastoon is a scam and fraud company. He already work really hard to make money with megastoon, but didn't pay him until today. He said that he has done many reference to other people to visit the website. He said that you need to go away from this site and don't do any job for

You could read all of Megastoon complaints from here.

And You can read more reviews on megastoon with a complete and very clear here: MegaStoon: Is it Fake or Real?

Then you could decide if Megastoon is a scam or legit company.

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  1. Megastoon is biggest fraud. I have earn and request 1857$ and the payable date shown 29.03.2014 until 4th april. Afterwords message shown on site all payments done up to 29.03.2014 successfully. The admin is big cheater and frnds dont waste your time and money on this site.