Is MagicPTR ( is a Scam or True PTC/PTR Program?

Is MagicPTR ( is a Scam or Legit PTC/PTR Program? Well I think we need to do deep research on the internet from past years until today to get the right naswer for this question, so we know the history of the PTC/PTR program, and could answer the question an make right decision. is one of making money online program which offer you some big and so good to be true of money to do some simple things like read emails or visits some sites.

is MagicPTR ( scam?

Well, after spent much time in front of my laptop, I found many reports and complaints to magicptr. Many members reported that they do not receive any money from, and I recently visit, they listed as a making money online scam program, read the full report here.

Many other members send complaints that provide False Advertising and They believe that the program is Cheat them.

Here are some of the complaints:
I upgraded on 03/09 and on 11/09 paid the USD200 fee as requested but until today,no payment. I realise I’ve been scammed with the very sweet talk ads by the site. I hope others will read this and don’t commit to upgrading plus the processing fee.
Siren Song has submitted the complaint here on April 2013:

Another person who said that he has been scammed by magicptr, this is an old report, about 2 years ago:

You could read the complaints history of from here, there are about 29 complaints and about $237,934.99 Unresolved Reported Damage.

And here are another sources to check for another complaints related to magic ptr dot com:
And please share with us here if you have another complaints or might be positive feedback to magicptr so we could make sure if MagicPTR ( is Scam or not.

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