Sleep Number Bed Complaints, Problems and Review

Sleep Number Bed Complaints, Problems and Review - Hi there, many thanks for coming to this scam reports blog to read many scams, fraud, complaints and reviews articles. Today here we will share with you about Sleep Number Bed.

It is very logical if you intend to furnish your house including your bedroom within the best branded furniture. It is not because you indeed value the prestigious life of having such branded furniture but also you value the quality. This kind of phenomena requires people including you to have good budgeting that you can avoid buying unworthy things. Here you are going to have review of being aware of choosing best bed. Your bedroom is the best place for you to get relaxed after a daylong activity that you sleep on the most comfortable bed. Sleep number bed has been said by the company as the high quality bed that the price is really expensive. However, in fact, there are many problems with the bed that show the quality is not really that high. It makes the customers feel disappointed. This kind of problem pushes the customers up to make the sleep number bed complaints.

Sleep Number Bed complaints, scam, problems, review

Sleep Number Bed Complaints from Customer

I just found a video from sleep bed number customer, and here is the negative complaint of the customer to this product, just watch the video to find out:

Here is what she said: "I reveals poor quality of Sleep Number bed. I don't like this bed and Sleep Number would not take it back after only twelve nights because I bought a "special edition" price - that is RIDICULOUS!"
 And here are another complaints and reviews from customers:

Mark K said: "My Icomfort is not that great either.  My family all have sleep number beds, I went for the icomfort.  I have back issues, though not as bad as when I had a inner spring.  Case in point, each person is different.  Try out the beds for several times.  They have a restocking fee,, so balance that in."
James G said: "HOW TRUE!!!  We purchased one of these pieces of junk in 2012.  It has been a 2 year battle trying to get a functional bed.  We wasted $5500.  If you are thinking about a sleep number, please DO NOT do it."

David H said: "I heard good and bad about this Sleep Number Bed.  So what if the pump is noise, if you really think about it, you do not change it daily.  We are looking at them and my sister has had one for 3 years, she says you can hear the pump, but after a couple of nights she found the setting she likes and hasn't change it since.  Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but sometimes when we are upset we blow it up worse then it is.  But do you own reviews and check for yourselves."
Here is what write about this Sleep Number Bed:
At least twenty percent of Sleep Number Bed owners, especially owners of more expensive models, complain about the price they paid. Indeed, prices for the more expensive Sleep Number Bed models are about 2 times that of the average mattress.

Continuing the sleep number bed complaints and problems, you must be questioning about whether there is scam occurs made by the company. The complaints basically take place on the price and the quality that the customers think that the prices are too expensive, in fact the quality is not really that good. Remember, there is no guarantee to say such complaints to become a proof of the scam done by the company. It is better to directly contact and ask to the customer services and or marketing officers about the products. Maybe there is something wrong with the making process of the products that unfortunately this product is already purchased by the customer. Thus, if you also find the same problem never directly decide the sleep number bed complaints belong to scam. Having consultation and or recheck to the customer service team about the problem you find after you use the bed. Moreover, you also need to check the warranty letter attached you receive when you purchase the bed that it will help you to recheck or give complaints to the customer service team of the company.

I hope this short article review on Sleep number bed complaints and problems useful for you who need this information before you decide to buy from this company. if you have any complaints, positive or negative, then please share with us here. And if you have any spare time, please read another review here: Is Publishers Clearing House Scam or Legit? or this mypillow bad reviews.

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  1. My complaint is how they flux the fees...We started with the entry bed and moved up to the iE mattress; however, they charged us tax on both mattresses. When I brought this up - they are quick to deny - but cannot prove...IRS should know that they are scamming tax money

  2. Very well, murphy bed tend to be never ever straightforward tasks but your bed ideas need to be not so difficult for being understood through the average woodworker, without the amount of aspect. The converter should have in depth guidelines, alternate building approaches as well as diagrams for each level of the venture.

  3. Better to try to contact the customer service first before complaining, coz communication between the seller and consumers are very important :)

  4. I found your reviews informative. We deal with mattresses and your reviews will help us. Thank you.

  5. I got the NEW queen ,single bladder no sides, but it has a hump in the middle and feel like am sleeping on the side of a hill. In the store they determined that my sleep number was 55 I tried that for about two weeks, then I started adding 10# every night. My best sleep comes at 100# if a wake with back ache drop to 90# for a week or less. My comment: overpriced, overrated.