Be Careful Investing Money With Ambit Energy Scam

Be Careful Investing Money With Ambit Energy Scam -, Is Ambit Energy scam really true? Before you try to collect every evidence that you have gathered trying to find out all about the company, you have to know about how the company operates. Ambit Energy is an MLM company based in the United States that offers both natural gas and electricity services in the energy markets of the country which have already been deregulated. They claim that they are a leading energy company and have been in the race of keeping that title to themselves. They operate by taking advantage of the deregulated retail markets of the electricity and natural gas in different states in the country in order to lure in consumers to switch between energy suppliers that are based on the offers that states “life-changing rewards” and even provide more enticing offers such as cruises, cars, getaways, free travel, and even the words “free energy” are even offered in order to convince a lot of consumers to enroll to them. Other promises include the charge of competitive prices in the electric energy rates that reflects the prevailing conditions of the market. All of these are according to how one complainant has described the company.

However, sales pitch like how Ambit Energy scam is doing has a lot of holes which is both misleading and false. The rates that are actually charged to consumers are not competitive at all. It has only a little relation to the prevailing conditions of the market, but since the people working for them are very good at sales, they just changed their words and exaggerated it a bit to make it work with convincing consumers. Because of this, the consequences that comes along have scammed millions of money from consumers from the charges of their electric energy. The complaints have reached noticeable levels, and consumers claim that they have breached the covenant of fair dealing, good faith and the unjust enrichment. They are also facing court cases such as the Consumer Fraud Act.

One complainant shared his story about how he changed his energy provider from his current one to Ambit Energy scam, because he was convinced by their sales pitch of offering substantial savings that are based on very competitive and low prices. It turns out that when he got his first electric bill from Ambit Energy, he was charged with sixty percent more than his previous energy company did. The complainant did say that the company did not disclose the fact that the fluctuations in the market and the prices of energy have actually increased the rates for their consumers. They also consistently market their electricity sales in the print and even in the Internet by providing their consumers with a choice of either “travel rewards” or “free energy”. This is especially true when convince their consumers in signing up for the company.
Ambit Energy Scam or legit

The reason why Ambit Energy scam is facing those charges is that the promises they made to their consumers were all just sugar-coated words, and that the reality is that their consumers never did got any savings at all. The benefits the company promised were not as valued as they showed it initially.

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