Sundance Vacations Scam - The Hard Truth About This Travel Service

Sundance Vacations Scam, complaints and Review by - Are you tired from work and are looking for a relaxing vacation with your family or friends? Or are you just looking to get away from everyone and just looking for some time for yourself? If you are currently looking for a travel service that can help you out for your trip, you should avoid Sundance Vacations as much as possible. Never heard of this company yet and do not know how it works? Well, keep on reading and find out what exactly it is, how they work and see how Sundance vacation scam their customers.

What is Sundance Vacations?

Sundance Vacations is a travel service agency that promises to help you out with all of your vacation needs. It is a travel company that is a part of the Travel Advantage Network. It was launched back in 1991 by John and Tina Dowd. Currently, their base of operations is at Scranton, Pennsylvania Area and they have six more operation locations at Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New Jersey. They focus on being able to provide various discounts and wholesale travel deals in various resorts all across the United States. Their strategy includes selling timeshare contracts that are interchangeable.

How Sundance Vacations work?

Sundance Vacations claim to have stocks in different resorts all throughout different countries where they can set you up easily if you were to become an exclusive club member. However, in order to make an investment and share in the stock, you will have to pay an annual fee. Once you do so, you will be able to get rates that are discounted every time you vacation in the property you have a stock in. They also offer a wide range of activities and destinations that includes mountains, beaches, golf resorts and etc. Once you sign up with them, you will also be offered packages for travel and they will be sorted according to destination and type. This depends on where the Sundance Vacations is located or where there partners have access to the reports.

Also essentially, when you invest in Sundance Vacations it is like a timeshare but not really since the investment is for resorts, not condos. This part is not a scam, and it is actually a very good business concept. In fact, the gift trip that Sundance Vacations offer from their excess inventory is a legitimate offer. What they do is they take our bottom property dates and shares and they offer those to prospective clients.  So, if this part is legitimate what exactly is the Sundance vacations scam?

The Sundance Vacations Scam

Sundance Vacations Scam and complaints
 read complete story of sundance vacations complaints above here.

While Sundance Vacations will pitch you with amazing promises of luxurious trips, accommodations and etc., according to people who have actually experienced them first-hand, this is not the case. In fact, according to some users of Sundance vacations, here is what actually happens.

 When you sign up for something, you will have to go to their office and you will have to sit through a boring, agonizing seminar that lasts for about one hour or more! And if that is not bad enough, you will also have to put up with salespeople who will be rude and will try to force you into compromising and accepting their packages. What is worse is that when you actually avail of their service, instead of going on a luxurious trip, you will be stuck in a crappy, dirty and old cruise line! 

If you get a call from someone at Sundance Vacations saying that you have won a free vacation, and that you just have to go to their office to claim it, do not bother going! Once you go there, they will first ask you to purchase countless of packages or other things before you can actually get the trip that you supposedly won.

These are just some of the Sundance vacation scams that people have shared. Before you use their services, make sure to carefully research them beforehand in order to avoid complications like these!

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