Armando Montelongo Scam: Is it True or Not?

Armando Montelongo Scam: Is it True or Not? Lets find the answer from this review on Armando Montelongo can be said as the current “king” of the infomercial real estate gurus and seminars. He was really popular because of the scam he does. He uses the high-pressure sales gimmicks such as the infomercial and also seminars to hawk his program. Armando Montelongo scam becomes a trending topic among people. It can be seen from the number of his real estate investing methods that he teach to the people in his seminars. There is only one method of real estate investing that he delivers in his seminars. It is different from another speaker or guru of real estate investment who becomes a comparison here.

Armando Montelongo scam is an appropriate term to show Armando’s business where he explaines or teaches one real estate business method which has very limited applications. This method is called rehabbing and flipping foreclosures. In applying this method you have to got the availability of cash and good credit. Just imagine, people who want to start their business, just call a small business, usually have no such things. On the other hand, they might have no money or a very limited money to start their own business.

In his seminars, Armando Montelongo always shares a lie that he gained success by applying this real estate investment method. He claims that this method is very applicable to be applied in one market. We should know and understand how hard a businessman should find out a new strategy or method to be applied in a new environment. That the market condition is not always be a same. His thought about the term “applicable” looks damaged for people. Such exaggerating claims makes people believe that Armando Montelongo scam is actually a fact and exists.

Another Armando Montelongo scams are found when people are questioning about the statistic on successful students he has. Once there was a reporter who asks him for his students’ success proof. Further the reporter wants him to invite Armando’s successful students in his seminar. Armando just got two students in Armando Montelongo seminar, and neither one has made a million dollars. It is very surprising.

Besides those facts of Armando Montelongo scam that have been explained above, we could find another aspect of his business that looks bad. It is about the cost that you should pay. If you want to follow his lesson about real estate investment, you will need to pay him exceed $40,000. And you will gain nothing. His beginningg scam starts with a “free” Live Event seminar from Armando Montelongo. The word free within marks means it is officially free, but actually it is his method to attract people’s attention. Then you need to pay $1,500 for the 3-day extravaganza seminar. This seminar will put you on the road to wealth. After attending the first Armando Montelongo seminar, you will need to pay for attending the second seminar that costs you $40,000 for a bus tour. I will just say that it is better to save your money or just use it to invest something you know well rather than joining Armando Montelongo’s seminar.

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Armando Montelongo complaint rating: F rating for armando montelongo seminar!

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By having those facts and stories, I think we do not need to compare Armando Montelongo with other guru of real estate investment. People who are already too late knowing this facts and stories are really disappointed of the existence of Armando Montelongo scam. It is sad to know that he is such a scammer and a lier. However, they have already put or invested their money, and they could not their money back. One of the most important message that can be taken here is we need to be really careful in conducting something. Sometimes it is hard indeed to differentiate which is good or bad when we are wishing something that we do not have. And all the things that we hear or seen are felt good.

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