Is a Scam or Legit Credit Report Company? Read Customer Complaints and Reviews Here

Is Creditkarma a Scam or Legit? Internet is enabling us doing so many things easily and quickly. Almost all things can be found for easy by online. We can deal with anything through only which means we will save much of our time and energy only by staying at our own place. There are so many websites which provide facilities to meet our need, such as which offers the facility of the credit reporting for free from their site. However, the issue about credit karma scam or not might disturb us especially for people who need the quick yet easy credit reporting by online. However, it is better to know the fact first before judging about that creditkarma scam issue.

is legit or scam

As we often read, the credit reporting online, which we often see it is a free service is listed as scam. It is the common discussion which does not point to the particular site. Still, regarding to the issue of is a scam; we need to read some of the people’s opinion and experience to know and judge if the legit or a scam credit report company. One of them is the person who though that it is only a business which will draw us to use the service on repairing our credit score. It is proven by the different score that we will get from their site to the annual credit score. That is also discussed on various forums about the different credit score that is obtained and most of them conclude that they give the wrong score in order to make their business raises.

Some Reports from people about CreditKarma dot com

LadyLuck abut few months ago said that CreditKarma is Legit, here is her report:
"It is legit! happy to say! they have great customer service too if you have questions. They never ask for payment information, ever so there's no way they could scam you anyways. Also they never trick you into purchasing other products either. I have been using it since March, studying all I could about credit, and its a great product to monitor your score. When you log in the first time it seems like they give you alot more detailed information about the accounts you have that are deliquent.. I wrote all mine down. when i logged in other times it didn't seem like they gave quite as detailed info on it but don't let that discourage you it truly is a great service thats pretty darn transparent for being a free service. I was able to raise my score from 601 in march to 635. i have applied for a mortgage loan..but did so a little too soon before my credit was raised enough. the mortgage company sent me a copy of the score they pulled (which at the time was 612)
credit karma offers a few different scores because there are multiple ways they are assessed. my score the mortgage company pulled was current with the vantage score they show. apparently this vantage score is formulated more heavily with recent history. the transunion score they show was alot lower and has stayed lower because that one weighs all your older info a little more heavily. (in my case my current history is much better than quite a few yars ago so thats why my scores are so different) " itself offering you to send your experience with credit reporting is a scam or not, you could discuss it for free here.

if you still doubt that CreditKarma legit or scam, you could check it on here. get A there, check it out to this image below:

credit karma on

Still, each person especially the user has the different experience. Perhaps, some of them also get the right credit score which is the same to their annual credit card score. Of course, the facts about the credit reporting service from CreditKarma might be a useful thought for people. Still, each of us can have our own opinion and also conclusion after reading the reviews.

You could get only few complaints to this company, there are about 6 complaints unresolved and about $2k of damage, check those complaints here. The fact is, We do not get enough Credit Karma Complaints reports for scam or true decision. Now, what do you think about the issue on is a scam? It depends on you. 

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