Is Midland Credit Management a Scam or Legit Company?

Midland Credit Management is a Scam? or Not?. Midland Credit Management become popular because there are many people out there said that midland credit card company which owned by Encore Capital Group pissed them. Some other people submit complaints to these company and the declare in many credit card forum that they just scammed! So is it true or not if Midland Credit Management a scam?

I just visited one site which write about this Midland Credit Management company and many people leave their negative comments about this company. Please take a look at the example of negative comment there:

I never heard of them and for years they've sent me a bill of 910.48 that i had never even did!!

That just one example, Here is another new complaint for Midland credit Management (http://http// from RipoffReport:

Midland Credit Management scam

If that thing above truly happen to that guy, wow, then I believe that Midland Credit Management are really Scam company. Please leave any experience good or bad about this company, so we could know which one is true. Submit your Midland Credit Management  complaints and reviews in the comment box below. So we all could read it, and we could decide if Midland Credit Management scam or not. Thanks

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Is Midland Credit Management a Scam or Legit Company? | Bu Rosa M | 5


  1. Well here in Ghana Midland is a company within a group of top scammers and they are operating globally.