Is Max Garcinia Burn Scam or True?

Is Max Garcinia Burn Scam or True? Today we will give you some reports and reviews contain complaints to answer the question about scam or not for this Max Garcinia Burn product. here is the company contact and details:

Here is another complaint from Cherrie, she placed an order on 30 August 2013, then received the product on 16th August 2013, and she shocked when she must pay $148 for the product. here is the complete report which you could read it here: "I received the product without knowing I would be changed $148.95 on Aug 16th I placed the order I returned it by Aug 20th they recieved it on Aug 30th not only do they have my money they also have the product ! "
Please send your report, complaint or if you feel just scammed by Max Garcinia Burn by dropping your comment below this article, or you could send it using contact form here.And please if you come here as a representative of

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Is Max Garcinia Burn Scam or True? | goony nauf | 5


  1. returned my product and it was received on Sept 26, 2013. Processed on Oct. 4 2013. I have called multiple times about this. I have been so told so many different things every time I have called. I was told 7 days to refund, then up to 14, then 30 days and up to 37 days including processing.

    As of today Nov. 26 2013 it has been 35 days since my return was processed(not including Halloween and Veterans Day). Today (Nov 26, 2013) I was told there was an issue with my refund. I sent back all 4 bottles with everything on the package that I was originally told to put on there. Now because my name was not on there you can't refund me? I have my tracking # from when I shipped it back to the company!!!!

    I have called 10 different times beginning with 9/9/2013(which was to cancel the order I had just placed and not receive the shipment at all)

    9/20/2013- to find out how to return and get my refund

    and the other 8 times I called to find out about my return and refund, which I was told something different every time I have called. 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 30 days, 37 days(including processing of return).

    If need be I will get my lawyer to contact you all the next time. I am tired of being spun around the ringer by everyone I have talked to. No one tells me the same thing.