Food Facts - All Day Energy Greens Complaints, Scam info and Reviews

All Day Energy Greens Complaints, Scam info and Reviews by -You might have heard of a food supplement here and there that promises to improve your overall health. Or you might be one of those consumers who is frustrated about ineffective vitamins. Not surprisingly, there are a huge number of questions to how food supplements improve our health. There are a lot of choices on the market that definitely has benefits but all of them are different. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, some are not able to provide good information and prove that their products might prove useful and have no side effects.

Now, there are increasing reports from known laboratories and research institutions which says that there is a large concentration of LEAD contained within many health & diet supplement products, such as All Day Energy Greens. This has raised concerns especially now that a lot of people are using these products. Here we will try to share you about All Day Energy Greens Complaints, Scam info and Reviews...

Are there risks?

When it comes to supplements, the US are more daring than the rest of the world. What separates America from other countries is that the government has supported GMO foods. At least up to now, despite of complaints about the FDA, Americans have a far greater array of choices available to them when it comes to alternative health. In any case, Americans have made a health care system based on personal choice and responsibility. Yes, some can assure you can get the right dietary intake — but taking too much can also involve risks. There are a lot of informations to this on the web.

All Day Energy Greens is by far one of the most popular super food drinks in the market. There are very few complaints on this product, in fact ninety percent of comments and All Day Energy Greens reviews says that they love this product. The other ten percent are just not sure if they’ll add this to their diet, or some are allergic to the contents in this product. Some would have side effects on their health, probably because of misuse or no proper knowledge of this product. The bottom line is, this product is definitely safe – it also helps to ask a doctor for advice, probably someone who uses the product.

Is All Day Energy Greens a Good Stuff?

Like other food supplement, this product is very high in vegetables – all of which you can see on the Ingredients & Nutritional Facts. You can also view the ingredients for this product either under the Supplement Facts or under the Additional Resources on their website. Despite the company’s claims, there are several ingredients like soy lecithin, apple pectin and flaxseed meal that some people are allergic to. Other than that all these 'Green Foods' have a taste variable, which they describe as “tasting like what it smells like”. Still, it’s an excellent recipe of greens, fatty acids and herbal extracts. Not everyone will like everything in it though, but for a product this good in mixture of greens and herbs – not bad for a fair price.

One should not expect a great amount of energy from this All Day Energy Greens drink, especially if you are normally healthy. All Day Energy Greens is an herbal or vegetable drink. The best comment I’ve seen so far is, if you can drink this right before bed you will feel pretty good when you wake up the next day.

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