No Complaints on Medishare but Only Misunderstanding

Medi-Share is like a medical insurance. It is an alternative way that appeals for those who want to be more hands-off with their bills. This “alternative” is non-profit, it is where Christians share medical bills. It's a cost sharing plan for people who pledge to live Christian lives. Here, membership pay for each other's medical payments through donations.

Two years ago, Medishare was shut down by a judge in Kentucky saying that their plan was being offered as "insurance" and misleading members. An agency took the case to court for concerns that some people could think that they are paying for an insurance plan that could cover their hospital bills.

Is Medishare for you?

Evaluate all of the pros and cons of their program and don’t forget to think it through a hundred times. Also consider what your concerns might be in the future. Like, will you get married soon? Maybe add more children? If you are a Christians, then there is no problem to obligating to the coverage limitations related to lifestyle. Medi-Share can give you considerable monetary savings and if you are not planning on having children, then you should join.

What to expect from Medi-Share?

•    Each member is entitled to $1 million per year or $5 million total.
•    Substantial cost savings for members over health insurance. You can save $2000 a year on premiums.
•    Each year the members vote for the rules - what will and won’t be covered.
•    With Medi-Share you are informed of who you are sharing with each month. You pay for monthly for a premium and they give you an idea where your money is going.
•    Not everyone is accepted. Well you can’t complain.
•    Only medical conditions that begin after joining are eligible. Previous health conditions are not covered.
•    In order to maintain your membership, you must adhere to living a strict Biblical lifestyle which includes NO drugs, sex outside of marriage, drinking, smoking.
•    All members vote on a yearly basis what costs to share. They do not share in all costs.
•    You are not Eligible for Their Health Incentive unless you qualify.

Still, joining comes down to some inconvenience, in exchange for a cheaper health like insurance. Medishare is still recommending for some people, but not all. It is definitely a lot cheaper than those health insurances out there, but for those who gets regularly check-up’s with the doctor, more work has to be done. You’ll still have to think this through for you not to make complaints in the future.

Normally, now when going for a check-up you’ll have to get the bill from the doctor and then send it to medishare.  Medishare then probably helps you get a discount then you will have to pay for the rest to the doctor.

So it adds a couple more steps to the process that are normally taken care of with “normal” health insurance. So if you really need to save money and have the energy to do a little more work, it is a great program for you. However if you visit the doctor regularly and are looking for something that is just as easy as regular health insurance, Medishare is probably not best suited for you.

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