Is Amway Scam or Legit?

Is Amway Scam or Legit? Well if you ask that question, then might be I need to say that Amway is not scam, because this is a big MLM company which already run their company and system for years. There are many members already successful become a millionaire or billionaire. Well in MLM company many will fail, and I guess those people who share to others that amway is scam.

To make sure you that this MLM program from Amway is not scam and not just fail pyramid scheme, you could see this experience from one member who share in his blog here.

or you could read this answer from yahoo answer member:

amway scam

People who have long joined this Amway mlm business, there are successful and some are not. Who already get a lot of money from Multi level marketing business, would definitely say that is not a scam, while unsuccessful ones could say that this business a scam, but they could also say that this is a hard business, but not a scam

Please read on many sources to check if amway scam or not before you make a decision. If you find that this article review on amway multi level marketing could make you know that amway is scam or legit mlm, please help me to spread it out by share it to your facebook, twitter or google plus one social account.

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