Wounded Warrior Project Scam or Legit, the Issue Related to the Question

Is Wounded Warrior Project Scam or Legit? - To Answer this question, this scams reports blog will try to share our opinion to you. If the testimony is true, we can imagine and answer where the money from the donor will end up is. However, it just comes from the reviews of people and we could not conclude anything before we have the evidence. Since there are so many nonprofit organizations as like wounded warrior project which campaign their goal by online, it is better to be much more selective. Once again, you can conclude and answer the question of wounded warrior project is a scam or not by yourself, it depends on your consideration and point of view.

The online media is the place for anyone to meet their need. We will find various types of things easily and without any effort from online media. Even, we can easily make a donation by online since there are so many website of the nonprofit organization which also can distribute your donation. Thus, we will only transfer to them to help particular parties who are in need, such like for the wounded warriors who also need the help. But then, many of us also could not easily trust the organizations since not all of them are trusted, such like we also can hear the issue about the wounded warrior project scam. We could not say anything since we even have no reference to that, but we can see on some facts and reviews which can be the considerations for us.

Wounded Warrior Project Scam or Legit
He writes for Western Journalism.com and he has summed up what the Wounded Warriors Project really is - See more at: http://govtslaves.info/wounded-warriors-project-fraud-making-millions-disabled-veterans/#sthash.ynJRCAI4.dpuf
He writes for Western Journalism.com and he has summed up what the Wounded Warriors Project really is - See more at: http://govtslaves.info/wounded-warriors-project-fraud-making-millions-disabled-veterans/#sthash.ynJRCAI4.dpuf

Dean Graham
Dean Graham, a fellow Iraq War veteran and journalist, writes for Western Journalism.com and Dean Graham has summed up what the Wounded Warriors Project really is, here is what he says:

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) pays millions of dollars for commercials showing injured service members. Many were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (why?). I have talked to many Veterans who were promised many things from WWP and did not receive anything in return for the use of their likeness in commercials and print ads.

The commercials do not mention anything WWP does to help the injured service members. Listen closely to the commercials as they parade an injured veteran around like an injured animal. They pay famous actors and musicians to pull on the nation’s heart strings. Fox News takes millions in commercial revenue from WWP, along with A&E and other T.V. networks. I have written to Fox and others begging them to investigate for themselves. I imagine they too are blocked by a non-disclosure agreement.

WWP has many paid board members; this is not legal, according to their own company bylaws. WWP claims that only one board member is compensated. In addition, they have multiple board members and employees who are former Veterans Administration employees, including the former head of the Veterans Administration. This allows the WWP to tap into federal grants that may not otherwise be available. WWP has made sure to hire board members from high places to give credence to their claims. I beg to differ and believe most people will too.

WWP has twelve or more offices in seven states employing thousands of civilian employees and very few former veterans. These employees should be volunteers. Yet every dime they collect for their paycheck is on the back of an actual injured veteran who needs assistance. I called and talked with six different paid civilian employees, and all stated that WWP does not award any type of financial assistance. Injured Veterans do not want to go on trips very often; however, they do need financial assistance while going through their recovery.

WWP uses other non-profits and organizations to provide trips and special events. Why are they not using their own donations? I believe they have so many employees working on collecting donations and soliciting help from other organizations that the actual help to veterans is minimal in comparison to donations.

WWP uses Non-Disclosure agreements with actors and employees to keep them from telling the truth about where the money actually goes. One pilot who used to do Air Shows with them shared this information with me; he said the WWP wanted them to exit the room with donors so they could be in complete control of donations. He refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement because they were taking all the credit for the air shows he and others were performing.

WWP is a for profit business, working under the umbrella of a non-profit. I believe they should be exposed for what they really are; many caring people are duped into donating to WWP, believing their donations will really help injured veterans. No financial donations, no homes built, no material donations; and according to their own website and commercials, it is not clear exactly what they do. I know they help a handful of veterans by showing up at hospitals, throwing their logo on a veteran’s chest, and snapping a picture to look like they are helping wounded warriors.

WWP is a fraud created by former military members and former Veterans Administration employees that needs to be investigated immediately. They will not go quietly and have an army of lawyers on staff to punish all those who try to expose them. I leave it up to every American to investigate on your own; do not take my word for it. Tell your friends and relatives not to donate to WWP; just help a veteran directly.

Article Appeared First on Free Patriot

As the donor, surely, people want to give the best which can be useful for others, especially who are in need. We need to avoid the wounded warrior project scam which is possible to be done by anyone, including the fake organization or organization that is scam. What about the wounded warrior project? Is that a scam? Many people are talking about that, especially on online media. The issue might come because there are a lot of people who say that they do not donate the fund to the people in need. In addition, there is also the witness of the people who say that the organization pays so much money for people who are there on their campaign, but we also could not easily accept the statement.
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  1. The Wounded Warrior Haunted House that is being publicized on Facebook to be open October 1, 2014 located at 903 Florida Avenue, in Mt. Lebanon, PA is a complete scam and is being run by an off balance woman who resides at that residence and her more than strange boyfriend.

  2. I have to agree WWP is just another organization thrown together by anothet scam artist with an idea, shame on him.He claims to be a wounded veteran that understands being wounded in combat and wants to help other veterans.My son was wounded in Iraq and now is 100 percent disabled.We had a plumber issue in the house and can't afford the repair.I contacted the VA regional office, who suggested contacting wounded warrior, wounded warrior stated they only help by referring you to Operation Home Front an organization they work with.I called Operation Home Front who was surprised that Wounded Warrior referred me and stated their very behind in emergency assistance and don' t know when my claim would be reviewed.I than called Veteran Services who referred me to United Way.United way referred me to Red Cross and on and on it goes.The bottom line just like the Veteran care system was taken advantage of our brave that believed in our frredom so are these non profit organizations.

  3. If this is a scam throw all those scumbags who run it in jail and give the money directly to the wounded vets who need it As a non wounded vet myself it makes me mad as hell anyone would scam vets out of the money they need. These people and the actors who promote them are nothing but criminals.

  4. WWP appears to be a for profit organization that raises funds for veterans by donating a very small percentage of those funds to established organizations such as Salvation Army, Red Cross,etc. They have created a large organization which is paying the directors and employees large salaries. Do not donate to them, your money is best used by local agencies providing services to veterans. Opinion based on research on the internet, journals, veterans. Vietnam Veteran.

  5. How sad, and yes now have even had stupid phone calls by old man trying to solicit money for himself but wont give you any information to find him. Geez the scum out there should be punished for sure. Help the ones we know, I am sure we can find some real veterans who deserve more then we can possibly give but lets try.

  6. I read in another article that the author, Dean Graham, was a scam. Where do we go for the truth. Every site states they are the final answer yet contradict each other.. Where is the truth. As a non-injured Vet, these scammers should be lined up and shot.

  7. Don't believe it. Talk to those who have been helped. Last week I met a retired AF officer who thanks god for them for all the help and inspiration they have given his son. His is not the only experience I have witnessed. Disparage it all you want, I will continue to support. Talk to those helped.

  8. Why are Cory Remsburg wounded warrior commercials showing a fake wife and kids? There are no mentions of his so called kids that read to him, etc.

  9. WWP= Fake as hell and haven't helped anyone or me.

  10. It seems to me that in the years since I served in Vietnam during the Tet offensive 1966-1967 that the moral compass of the people living in the USA that I fought for has been superseded by a whole generation of people driven solely by greed. Lying has become a national pass time and fund raising an occupation viewed by most people leading many of these organizations as legitimate no matter how illegitimate the methodology they use is...I the Veterans Administration sets the tone for this kind of stupidity why do real veteran hero's no rise up and demand dissolution of these scams. I would give my life for the old USA but I would be hard pressed to want to die for Thieves, Liars and Cheaters. Pete US Navy Veteran, Patriot and proud citizen of the Old America

    1. Tet Offensive started Jan 30th 1968. I was there! Very skeptical of WWP though.