is Scam or True?

Advertisements is Scam or True online dating site? Do you have an intention to join Do you want to find out the legality of this dating site? This is your way to find the fact about Start the review here. Well let we review this in the following article, please read from the start to the end, and please tell me what you thing about this big player in online dating.

Do you have an intention to join Do you want to find out the legality of this dating site? This is your way to find the fact about Start the review here. online dating scam or not

Here is an information about online dating site: is an extremely popular dating site with thousands of members. Sometimes, you cannot believe how many people trust their love in this dating site. Even though some people just play around with this site, a big question comes to surface. Is it a scam or really trustworthy? Well, we will never be able to judge without knowing the fact of this dating site. You better read this whole article to figure out whether or not is reliable. If you want to share your experience with, we look forward for it. For now, just enjoy the review. review deserves the epithet of pioneer in dating site. It was launched in 1995 and since then, it is able to make thousands of singles found their love. Nowadays, has thousands of members and operates in more than 200 countries. facilitates the singles to find their love with nicest and easiest way. By creating an email account, you are allowed to have unlimited access to this dating site. It facilitates you to have friends worldwide. Finding your love can be as easy as making a click. It is not surprising to know how many people join this site.

What makes is considered as a scam site? Some people come to question the legality of this dating site. It is triggered by the cost charged for the member. Yes, the members have to pay some money to get full access of the site. Unfortunately, the pricing structure is not clear. This fact leads people to doubt the legality of The site will make you pay monthly by automatically charge your credit card. Moreover, some unique features such as MindFindBind with Dr. Phil charges extra money before you access this feature. What do you think about this term?

I just visited scambook, and I found that there are 193 complaints are not resolved yet, and about $1,332,207.21 Unresolved Reported Damage, you could check this information here. complaints

And there are about 786 Complaints and Reviews about which you could read all of them on ConsumerAffairs here.

Here is one example of the complaint: charged my credit card 2 times and didn't fulfill the six month guarantee of six free extra months. I don't recommend and would be cautious about! made false promises and found loopholes to cover themselves. submitted by Boca Raton, FL on Oct, 31 2013
And beware online dating buyers about this kind of scam:

online dating scams

The other fact leads into a questionable site. Do you believe when I say that does not have instant messaging or chatting features? Yes, you have to believe it as it is true. does not work with such chatting features as the other dating site. They use email to communicate one another. It makes a big question. How can those inefficient way of dating is able to bring you true love? We never know the way. All things that we know is that has thousands of members and has successfully make them meet their meaningful love.

In short, is a dating site that needs money to sustain their business. Charging fee for membership is legal, but it will be much better when they use clear billing for the member. Unique features can also be charged with extra money, but with transparent pricing. Therefore, there will be no doubt to sign up this dating site. Are you interested to join this site? If you want to sign up for certain dating site and that charges you money, you better be careful and learn more about it. So what do you think? is Scam or True? Now, this is your turn to determine the legality of

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