Is Cbe group scam or True?

Is Cbe group scam or True? If you asking that question to me then I only could answer that question from the all complaints or reports from various sources.

Here is an old cbe group complaint report:

There was a man who was in Waterloo, Iowa and there are many customers do not seem to be happy with the services of this CBE Group company. There are many complaints against them, some of which have been shared by guests and members of the public DebtCC. Take a quick look at the topics listed below to understand about the main complaint against the CBE Group.

The cause buyers to feel disappointed and submit their negative reviews on CBE group because many people who have dealt with the company before, they filled a complaint against the CBE. Please read some of the most common complaints listed below to learn what kinds of questions that customers have faced with this company.

"I called CBE group customer service, and I only to get an automatic reply then a human came on the line without identifying himself. After asking what company he is employed for he discussed CBE group."

"I asked what CBE Group is and he was aggressive! I ultimately got an answer from him on who he the call was for which was not for me! I asked that he remove my number from their list. If I see the same number on my cell I'd like to know what or who agency to call to report hectoring calls from this company!"

cbe group scam or not reported that there were 262 closed CBE Group complaints were successfully up to the month of April, 2013, within 3 years (98 closed CBE Group complaints in twelve months) and give an A + rating for this CBE Group company.  During the first 3 months in 2013, the Group CBE has been appointed as the defendant in a federal lawsuit that a dozen alleged violations of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

That is a good rating from BBB, so CBE group already did a great work to handle all customer complaints, that indicate that CBE group is not scam company. I hope this Cbe group review post could remove your doubt and could answer your question is CBE group scam or not?

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