Is a Scam or True? Read this Quibids Review First

Is a Scam or True?. is the biggest penny auction web site now operating in the U. S. . Penny auctions have been about for awhile, but have only in the near past gotten plenty of attention from folks outside the penny auction community. Penny auction sites attract folks to them by promising pricey, high price items at incredibly decent prices for instance, Quibids shows a new iPad, which sells at $499 for the most elementary model, selling for $22.54. But this winning bid of $22.54 is inaccurate, So is Quibids Scam or legit? Well, please continue to read this Quibids review...

This is not the truth of how much it costs to win that iPad on this Quibids site. The way penny auctions work is that you're only able to bid a single penny at any point in the auction. But at, you have to purchase each one cent bid for sixty cents. So an apple iPad that sells for $599 but was won for the grand total of 3,254 one cent bids (or $32.54 ) which essentially cost sixty cents each implies that the iPad just sold for $1452.40. Though the person that wins the apple ipad item sometimes has paid less than retail price of the ipad for what they have received, quoting $32.54 as the winning bid is highly deceiving. scam or legit

So is a Scam? All penny auctions, without regard for reputation, are a very bad idea and may be evaded.

Firstly, and other penny auction websites need folk to pay for the choice to bid, but do not permit them to bid in increments of their selecting. This implies that Quibids is causing the price up and profiting all of the while, might be that's why customer said that Quibids scam. On eBay, the vendor and consumer have the sale monitored by the internet site, which is the reliable 3rd party. On, there isn't any trusted 3rd party. is the vendor and the auctioneer. It works in their favour and their favour only to drive the price up in these little one or two cent increments. Quibids attempts to redeem themselves by offering to give you the "By It Now" option, which is when you can take the whole amount of your failed bids and apply that toward the store price of the item you were bidding on. Say you bid $80 total on an iPod Nano that cost $150. For the leftover $70, Quibids will sell you a Nano. Well, $70 and tax, charges, and delivery and handling. And if you aren't content to part with that additional $70 ( there had been a reason after all that you did not need to pay full retail price for that item ), then you are simply out your $80 with zip to show for it. It's miles better to paste to legitimate auction internet sites like eBay, rather than spending a lot of annoying effort and time on penny auction internet sites like

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