Is Express Employment Professionals scam or true?

Is Express Employment Professionals scam or true? if you need to know about Express Employment Professional, you've come to the right place, because we have compiled some information about this company, there are bad and good stories from people, and you nee to make the final decision.

Before you judge this Express employment professionals scam or not, read complaints and reviews from both side below:

Who said Express employment professionals is a scam?:

Express Employment Professionals scam, complaints and reviews

Trinity W Said: "I had an interview with Express Employment professionals for a job that was supposed to be immediate. They set up my interview though for 5 days later!!! I was already registered in the system, worked for them years earlier and had my resume sent to them. I arrived for my interview on time and was the only waiting. I was told that the recruiter recently went out to lunch! After waiting 20 minutes, he arrived, ignored me and went to his desk. After 1/2 hour and the receptionist not telling me when he would get around to me, I left. They are completely unprofessional and rude."

It Said that Express Employment Professionals  is not scam but True company:

Express Employment Professionals reviews

Tj Said: "I work for Express HQ in OKC. This is the best company I have ever worked for, they are ABSOLUTELY family friendly, we work at this company -like a family. We all support each other here, and especially the Franchise offices. We have PTO time, which means we can use that time for whatever we need and they don’t ask what you are taking off for, that’s YOUR time off. We have excellent benefits, and do every single thing we can do (sometimes over what is expected of us) to make sure the Franchise offices have what they need, and I can tell you that we sure do get recognition and praise for doing more than expected. I’m sorry this person had such a bad experience, but for them to be fired there must have been other factors she did not disclose."

More from Tj: "I looked again to see that she said she was doing assignment work for Express. That actually means that the client who hired her through Express told the Franchise office in PA that they didn’t need her anymore, and because of this and any other problems the Franchise office may have had with her before, they let her go."

And how about your side? Is Express employment professionals scam or true?

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  1. I've been using Express for temp work while looking for a full time job. They're fairly new to this area, and seem like they're trying to help. My issue is with the fact that most of the companies around here don't want to pay the extra money for 90 days to hire you outright, and that any company that they send you to can't hire you for 6, yes SIX month from the last day you work there. In Laramie, WY that cuts your chances of having regular employment SIGNIFICANTLY! I'm hoping something full time comes through soon, because if they start bouncing me around from job to job, I'll have to quit so that I don't end up working for less/hour than a regular job, and so that there will be opportunities with companies in town.