Is Nutribullet Scam or True?


What to Consider on Knowing the Fact whether Nutribullet Scam or Not

There are so many people who are interested in being healthy without any worries, such like by consuming the healthy and right foods. We can get it right, such like by consuming the fresh juice of vegetables and fruits. We also can consume the protein shakes in order to meet the needs of our diet. Surely, we will need the right blender to meet the needs at home. There are various choices of the blender that can be chosen, of course from the various brands too. That is including the product from nutribullet. That offers the diet program product of blender which is portable and claimed to be safe to use with the quick and efficient way on blending and smashing what we blend with that.

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That sounds interesting but many of people who are interested in that product often feel doubtful on buying the nutribullet since there is issue on nutribullet scam which makes them feel doubtful on using and purchasing it. So, is that the scam issue right? For all kinds of products there will always be the pros and cons, including this nutribullet product. This product is said to be the safe blender to be used since it is said that it is BPA free. It is true that this product is BPA free but it is not the only reason that this is completely save and non toxic. Some people say that nutribullet is not really free from toxic.

One buyer send his/her complaint to, here what he/she said:
I bought the Nutri Bullet because I loved my old Magic Bullet. The PRODUCT is great but their sales promotion is a TOTAL RIP OFF!!! I Ordered my Nutribullet August 5 & it arrived 10 days later--along with the Boost Supplement. I was billed for the next payment of $19.99 plus the Boost on Sept. 5--the day the order was placed--not the date of delivery. I kept trying to call Nutribullet & got nothing but busy signals & didn't want to return the Boost until I cleared up the mess. You never reach a person--just a recording saying they'll call you back. I eventually connected with a person who had called me back only to discover that they had taken ANOTHER $61.97 out of my account for more Boost and another payment !!! So besides my original $19.99 they've taken $111.95 out of my account within 30 days of receiving the Nutribullet !!! STAY WASY FROM NURTIBULLET !!!
In the other hand, some users also give feedback on satisfaction which they get from the product because of this performance on blending the foods or beverages in simple way. Another Nutribullet reviews says that the quality of the products is not worth the price since it was damaged in a quick time or nit more than one month. The disappointment review also says that the representatives of the brand just disappointing. Now, from the facts come from the users’ reviews each of us can conclude whether the nutribullet scams or not. 

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  1. This company put two separate unauthorized charges on my credit card. I'd never even heard of them. I found out online that they've done this to many others in the past. Everything else I find about this company is that their product is shoddy.

  2. I almost purchased one when a customer on the Nutribullet facebook page noted that he had brown liquid in his smoothie; turned out to be rust after running a test. Another customer had the same problem, and when I advised her to buy a rust test kit, Nutribullet decided to block me, quite obviously to conceal the truth. They are just a bunch of money hungry scammers who are only interested in making $$$$, rather than care if its customers are drinking rust.