Best Tips on How to Report Identity Theft

How to report identity theft is not easy, but it does not mean that you can solve the crime. There are some tips to identify the crime, but the prevention is the main key. Many people do not know how to report identity theft, whereas Identity theft is one of internet fraud which is dangerous. Its suspect not only steals your identity, but also uses your identity to do crime. The victims are usually your own friends that consider the suspect is you. Police and other law enforcement officers must work harder than usual to identify and catch the suspect.

However, the suspect is usually very cunning to do the crime and it is not easy to find the suspect in internet fraud such as identity theft. Therefore, identity theft develops largely. Moreover, a society, especially the victim does not report scam and the crime. It is usually caused by two factors; the first is they really do not report the crime; the second is they do not know how to report identity theft.

For the first factor, why they do not report the crime is usually caused by they consider that it is difficult to catch the suspect. Besides that, they are lazy because it needs long time and it needs much money more. Therefore, perforce they let their money loses than they report the crime and it must need more budget. The second factor is they do not know how to report identity theft. It is caused by lack of information about this from the police and the law enforcement officers. So, the society does not understand where they should report the internet fraud; identity theft.

How to Report Identity Theft

Here, this article will give some suggestions how to report identity theft. But, before giving tips reporting identity theft, it is better to you to know the preventive action in order to avoid the crime. The first thing is you should protect your computer with internet security antivirus because many cybercrimes use virus to steal your identity. Then, you should use password and do not tell your password to anyone. Then, use security quest. However, all your data relate to e-mail, so you should security quest to your e-mail. But, you should be smart, between question and answer should not relate each other. You can also secondary e-mail.

Then, use original applications. It is important because people usually download applications in any kind of website, whereas, the application may have virus to steal your identity. Then, use keyboard which is on-screen. It can save your identity. A hacker usually uses key logger to record your activity so that your identity can be stolen. Actually, the key logger is useful to parents in monitoring their children when using computer, but the key logger can be dangerous if it is used by bad hacker that can steal your password and broke your identity. If your identity has been stolen, you have to report it. But, you perhaps do not know how to report identity theft, here the explanation. 

You could create an identity theft report online here. and You could call to FTC using the number below:

1-866-653-4261 (TTY)

The first is you can report a suspicious message to Gmail. It will block the sender of the suspicious message and of course, the sender cannot do crime anymore. Then, you have to know and check all accounts which relate to your account. Besides that, you can also restore your account with verification that is served in your account. In addition, you should ask to the experts and the last, make sure you have reported to police and other law enforcement officers. Hopefully, this article, how to report identity theft can be useful to you.

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