Is Cash Advance America Scam Company or Legit? Read Complaints and Reviews Here

Is Cash Advance America Scams Company or Legit? Well, to answer that question, I have checked from some popular scam reports and ripoff website like,, and, and we found that there are many complaints submitted to this cash advance america company, you could take a look at the company website here:

Cash Advance America Scam or not?

Most of people submitted their complaints to cash advance of america in, there are total 365 american cash advance complaints, about 349 Complaints Unresolved and Unresolved Reported Damage $797,093.32, wow thats a really big money. Here is one of the most updated report by user in
I applied for a loan on 9/27/13 for the amount of $1,000 and american cash advance said I have to buy a green dot card from Wal-Mart then apply $100 to verify that it was me, so i did that and they told me to get the Loan amount i would have to pay 300 so i changed my mind and they won't give back my $100 on the green dot card he said they would charge a fee of $250 now they will not answer my phone calls. This complaint submitted on 26 september 2013, check here.

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Cash Advance America reviews
Cash Advance America Scam

You could read most updated cash advance america complaints, postitive or negative reviews here
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Here is what said about this America Cash Advance business:

america cash advance bbb review

If you feel got scammed and you want to submit your complaint for cash advance of america, you could send your complaint to above sources, or you could leave your comment using a comment form below.  We hope that this info on america cash advance scam or legit is useful for you.

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  1. I just received a phone all from a man calling himself Eric and that he was calling from Cash Advance America. I told him I have never received a loan from that loan company and he explained that they had 79 loan companies that they are affiliated with. He had read me my social security number, date of birth, email address and of course my cell phone number. He told me that I was past due $402 and that the money was trying to be taken out of my account but was denied due to insufficient funds. Because of this the loan company was suing me for fraud and that I had to pay $3000 or serve prison time. I asked how past due I was and he said 2 payments. I told him that didn't make sense to be past due for 2 payments and the loan company not calling me to let me know they haven't been receiving my payments. I then asked exactly what loan company was filing fraud against me and he said Cash Advance America. I then told him I needed the exact loan company I had gotten a loan from so I could call them and find out what was going on. Then he got upset with me and told me that he couldn't give me that information because they have the 79 loan companies they deal with. He then said he could talk with his supervisor and see what they can do to help me resolve this situation. As he was about to do this I called the loan company I've been making payments to and they had told me they have been receiving my payments and had no problems receiving it. When I heard this I told Eric that I was going to call the police and give him their number and that I didn't believe a word he was telling me. He just said I am doing my job and hung up.