Flexible Hose Scam and complaints

Flexible Hose Scam and complaints. Here are some collections of flexible Hose scam and flexible hose complaints or reviews collected from various source of scam report sites.

"I want to order one product from flexible hose as seen on tv. Then I went to the web and spent too much of my time to listen about the flexible hose product. Decided on the length..have to complete credit card info place the order. After follow the purchasing order, then I get an info about shipping, and it show $51.94 for the shipping. Well for a very light weight product, this shipping cost was too expensive. And I could not get my order canceled. Then I got an email contain my order number, still do not know how to cancel it. And I found that its very difficult to cancel my order. That is my bad experience when ordering Flexible Hose"

"I purchased a 50' flex hose (Buy one and Get one Free).These are nothing less than a piece of garbage.The free guns leak,the hose never did stretch as advertised.I wrote the company about three weeks ago,guess what (NO REPLY).If you read the conditions on your purchase as published on their web site, you will quickly notice that they have no liability at all on a third party purchase.So we are all out of luck.Consumer protection in government should step in and close down these shotty operations. "
"I got bad experience too when ordering product from Flexible Hose on my mobile phone. They only told me the total after it had already ordered the product. I am going to call them and notify my bank about this problem. This is a total scam. My mom  says he can buy one down the street from his house for $20."
"I,too,purchased a fifty foot flexible hose at Frys Electronics Store in San Diego because I felt it would be easy for me to handle since I am a 71 year old woman. The second time I turned it on it blew apart at the nozzel. It is really a piece of junk and I would not recommend it to anyone. "
"Ordered hose in jan. received it in apr used it one week, developed a leak , next day the connector at the nozzle blew off . Called customer service and got someone that could not speak English so that I could understand him. Will take my loss and hope no one else orders this piece of crap. The government should shut this scam company down. Believe me this is the worst scam that has been perpetuated on the public.
Wish I had read and heeded all the reviews. "
Another flexible hose complaint:

"Bought a 50 foot hose at WalMart. This 50 foot hose was leaking at the connection to the hand sprayer (my regular hose with brass fittings not!). Took it back and got a replacement. 50 foot hose not only leaked at the connection also leaked through its own shutoff valve. Took his foot hose back for a refund. The store said they should have a lot of them returned for all sorts of reasons. Walmart was great about the initial payment and then return my money."
Do you have any other complaint about Flexible Hose? then please share your experience with us here, so we all know if Flexible Hose is scam or not.

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