Is Just Energy Scam or Legit? How to Cancel?

Important Information You Should Know About Just Energy Scams -,These days, scams are rampant all across the world. From money scams, to dating scams and etc., they are now more common than you might think. Sadly, these scams have also extended to scams about important things like electricity and natural gas. One example of this is the Just Energy scams. What is Just Energy in the first place? And what are some of the scam reports regarding it? To know more about this, please read on and keep yourselves informed.

What is Just Energy?

Its full company name is Just Energy Group, Incorporated. In the past, it was known as Just Energy Income Fund and before that, it was known as Energy Savings Income Fund. So what exactly is this company about? The Just Energy Group, Inc. is an electricity and natural gas retailer that has operating markets all throughout North America.

Operations of Just Energy

The operation of Just Energy involves selling electricity supply and natural gas to commercial and residential customers. They offer their services under fixed prices that have already been in place for a long time. These prices are also variable priced or price-protected contracts and they are also offering products for green energy. Just Energy offers their services to the following locations in the United States: Indiana, New York, Texas, Illinois, Delaware, Massachusetts, Ohio, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Georgia, and New Jersey. Outside of the US they offer their services to various places in Canada like Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Their services are also available in the United Kingdom.

Just Energy Scam

Although it might seem like a dependable and trustworthy company, there have been a lot of Just Energy complaints regarding just energy scams. Authorities and first-hand customers have given very bad reviews regarding the company. In order to learn more about these controversies, read on and find out.

Just Energy Scam

•    Just Energy receives an F rating.This F rating is a failing grade and the Better Business Bureau gave this grade to Just Energy. According to the Better Business Bureau, they gave Just Energy this bad rating due to the many complaints they have received from very unhappy, unsatisfied Just Energy costumers. According to the reports they received, the customers of Just Energy state that Just Energy door-to-door sales people are misleading them into using their services. These Just Energy door-to-door sales people are apparently providing incorrect information and they often use sales tactics that are meant to put the customers in a high-pressure situation.Also, even though the Just Energy Group, Inc. has been notified of these complaints, they have neglected to correct the situation.
•    Subsidiaries are also charged with fraud. Ontario Energy Savings Corp., and Direct Energy, two subsidiary companies of Just Energy have also been charged with fraud. This charge was brought about because agents of these subsidiary companies forged energy contracts.
•    Fraudulent contracts.Just a couple years ago, three Just Energy salespeople were also charged with fraud due to securing fraudulent contracts.

And if you asking is just energy scam how to cancel it?, then you should see this proof below that its hard to cancel it:

just energy scams how to cancel

These are just some of the just energy scams that have been happening over the past few years. Basically, agents either fake contracts, promise questionable discounts and etc. So if ever a Just Energy salesperson goes to your door, be careful!

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