Is Cutco Scam or True? Read Our Cutco Review Here

Is Cutco scam or true? That question may be your first concern before you join Cutco business. For your information, Cutco is a worldwide business which has been reaching many countries around the world. To know more about this cutco company, whether it is a scam or not, you may need to read the cutco knives review below.

According to the official website of Cutco (, this company is a famous company running cutlery business. Cutco provides various types of knife and kitchen utensils everyone around the world can use. As a matter of fact, Cutco Company sells kitchen knives, table knives and flatware, cookware, kitchen sets, woodblocks and trays, and many more. Those products are well guaranteed. Aside from various speculations whether Cutco scam or true, many customers claim that Cutco knives and kitchen utensils are awesome. The products are high quality and durable. The materials used to make the products are also adorable.

cutco scam or true?

Cutco Company does not only provide high quality cutlery and kitchen utensils, but this company also provides excellent business opportunity for everyone who wants to earn money from it. Cutco /vector  is actually a home-based business in which the members can run their own business at home, or without going to the office every day. The job description of the member is also easy to follow. The members are only required to sell the products to the consumers. The members are the sales representatives who offer the Cutco products person to person. Is Cutco scam or true? Well, it is quite difficult to define whether this business is scam or true, but you need to know that this business is a good opportunity to make easy money.

To give you further information, Cutco / vector works with their business partners, or sales representatives, by giving them great chance to develop and run their own business with their own management. Cutco here plays as the main providers for the sales representatives. The sales representatives will also get dynamic commission-based payment. Even, they can get daily payment as long as they can accomplish the requirements. The basic commission given by Cutco to the sales representatives is about 10% of what they have sold. The sales representatives will receive what is called by commission check. The commission check is the percentage of the products the members have sold or the amount of money the members will receive after they have sold the products to the customers. Moreover, Cutco will also give the members or the sales representatives amount of merchandise as long as they can sell the products worth $1000 at the minimum. For your information, each product from Cutco generally costs starting from $50 up to $100. Is Cutco scam or true seems not really matter if everyone can run this business easily.

Aside from the general information about Cutco, their products, and how the members get their commission-based payment, you also need to know what other people think about this kind of business. Some people may call Cutco a scam due to the vector marketing working system. The members are required to sell some products in order to get commission check. Besides, Cutco vector marketing is also considered a multilevel marketing (MLM) company which works with pyramid scheme. Instead of being required to sell particular amount of products to the customers, the members or sales representatives are also required to recruit new members as their down-lines. Additionally, we find on some online discussion forum that the business-plan designed by Cutco is quite difficult to occupy. Further, the top representatives are also unknown, which they consider as fake representatives. Regarding those public thoughts, reviews, and complaints for Cutco, the idea whether Cutco scam or true is now getting clearer. It is certainly a scam.

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