University of Phoenix Reviews

University of phoenix reviews -,The University of Phoenix has its headquarters in Arizona and is the largest private institution of this kind in North America. It is offering education programs through nationwide campuses and online classes. Keep reading to more from some of the University of Phoenix reviews and complaints.

This university is an accredited institute of higher learning with a tuition cost that includes textbooks and a generous variety of degree programs online. Students who want to learn in a more traditional environment can choose from 170 land-based campuses and education centers. The institution focuses on working adult students, but it still has a very diverse population. They have an extensive network which includes about 600,000 graduates, 480,000 existing students, in addition to over 30,000 faculty members. There is an online community available for persons who never visit a campus. The community includes chat rooms, different social websites and classroom with team assignments.

University of Phoenix Reviews

When it comes to degree programs, the University of Phoenix ( provides a large variety online including doctoral, masters and bachelors in several fields. A student can earn a degree from ten different areas such as business, administration, criminal justice, health care, education, information systems and technology, marketing, management, psychology and nursing.

University of Phoenix Reviews and Complaints

In the reviews, many believe that a degree from this university is not worthwhile in the real world. They believe that employees know this and will throw away your resume or file it at the bottom of their pile.
For many, the problems with the university start long before the classes. As an example, anyone who applies for information about the institution is placed on a telephone list. There are hundreds of complaints filed against them, because they are notorious for pursuing phone leads aggressively.

One of the other common University of Phoenix complaints concerns the enrolling and dropping out of online classes. You can find many infuriating and shocking stories online about the experiences that persons have with enrollment. There is one instance where a student is seeking financial aid and is qualified for a loan that is still not affordable so the school was contacted in order to drop out of the classes. When this was done, the school informed the student that loan was already dispersed. This means that the student was liable to pay back funds that were never agreed to. The university also informed that the student that dropping from classes will attract substantial fees.

When all is said and done, the University of Phoenix is offering a great deal to students for online education, including many fully accredited degree programs in different fields, flexible scheduling, tuition cost that includes textbooks and a concerted learning environment. However, it seems like a risky option for persons who are looking for an online degree program, because of the many complaints against them. The best recommendation is for persons to do their research before making financial commitments.

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