Tips to Avoid Mortgage Modification Scams

This article will discuss tips on how to Avoid mortgages modification scams. However, homeowners, including you maybe, must beware in making payments to your mortgages and also other debts. There are illegal plan in making money modification con artist that usually promise to eliminate your debts and save your house. They may propose to “avert” foreclosures or “help” hopeless homeowners from confiscation through advertising, phone calls, e-mail, and in person. The homeowners can keep away foreclosure scams by cooperating with housing approved counselors by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Assistance of HUD is free, so homeowners can call them in the number, 1-888-995-HOPE (4673) and you can also visit
Avoid Mortgage Modification Scams

Before this article explains on avoiding mortgages modification scams, you should know the types of mortgages modification scams. However, the types have many kinds. This article will give two types only. The first type is foreclosure rescue, refinance fraud at once. Scam artists propose to act being negotiator between homeowners and creditor to negotiate refund plans or advance modifications. They can “guarantee” saving your house from foreclosure. They ask you to pay mortgage payments directly by promising it will be paid to the creditor, but in fact they will steal your money without continue to the creditor.

The second is fake government program. the con artist make fake website which is similar to federal website and use a similar name of business using government agencies. This trick is arranged to deceive you so that you consider the program and the website are legal. Then, here will give tips to avoid mortgages modification scams.

The first tip to avoid mortgages modification scams is contact your creditor mortgage servicer. Talk with the agent in department about mortgage modification options and ask other alternatives to seizure. The second is asking a legal housing or counselor finance for help. Assistance of HUD is open at 1-888-995-HOPE (4673) or Assistance of HUD is really free.

The next tip on how to save you from mortgages modification scams is make your mortgage payments exactly to your creditor or mortgage server. Do not believe anyone to handle your mortgage payments. Then, you must know the document well. Do not sign what you do not know. Do not trust what they speak only. Understand the whole of contents document. Do not sign a blank document because it makes you to pay some money without your agreement.

the next tip to save your money from mortgages modification scams is make sure all promises are written in the document. Do not be easy to accept promises and deals which relate to your house because they are usually illegal. Ask to them to sign in every written agreement to protect all your rights. Besides that, you should have all copies of your contract with them.  Do not ever sign except you understand about it? Then, you should report any activity which is suspicious to legal federal agencies, your state, and your local protection agencies because it will help other people to become victims. Hopefully, mortgage modification scams can be avoided by you.

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