Is Deal Dash Scam or Real Penny Auction Site?

Is Deal Dash Scam or Real Penny Auction Site? Well, to answer this big question, we have we have written a small review about and we have compiled some deal dash complaints report from reputed scam reports website.

There are so many kinds of products and services which people can easily find. By the existence of a great technology nowadays, provide a great simplicity of fulfilling anything which we really need. That is including when we are looking for the extra bonuses for increasing our income, or getting goods in a completely cheap price through an auction. The internet becomes the media which gives us the simplicity. One of the common things is related to the penny auction activity which becomes really usual in the online media. One of the companies which provide such the facility on the penny auction activity is Dealdash. That is a company which works on ecommerce. However, the issue regarding to the question on is dealdash scam or not becomes the interesting things to be answered especially by people who are interested in penny auction activities.

dealdash scam or not

Here, we will discuss about that issue but it is better to see the facts and truth that commonly experienced by the users who have tried enjoying the penny auction at That is because we could not easily decide that dealdash is scam or not only by hearing a review only.  However, there are still some pros and cons regarding to this company. Many people think and say that it is a scam since they have lost a lot of money to join in this kind of penny auction for any goods which they want in a very low price but get nothing for that since they have tried it so many times.

However, some of the people who try the penny auction at Dealdash or similar site like Quibids also get the satisfaction since they have ever experienced getting the good they want in the bidding. So, they feel it is a good deal purchasing for the bids some cents for one bid to win the auction. Of course, now it depends on your thought Dealdash only gives scam or not. You can decide and determine it by your own consideration.

List of Deal Dash Complaints

Here are some complaints to from,, and few other resources:

Here is a complaint from Janice, She lost about $93:

Deal Dash scam

And here is another Deal Dash scam report from Ed, he lost about $100: Scam

Here is an analysis from Winmin about this DealDash Penny Auction site:
"yup imagine if their auction increased only 0.01 per bid, each bit cost the bidder 60 cents.. and their 32 GB ipad air goes about 150$ if you do the math.. the site is selling that ipad air 32 GB for 9000$ 150/0.01 = 15000 then multiply 15000 * (0.6) = 9000$... so ya i can even come up with another site selling bid chip for 10 cents each and still can sell the same ipad for 150 and i can still make about 1 grand after buying a brand new ipad air 32GB"

Eington share his opinion about this site:
"It's a joke. An item that is "won" for $5.00 has $300.00 of actual money bid on it. That's right... you PAY 60 cents to "buy" one cent to bid, so it's NOT "bidding" or an "auction". This is not an auction. It's a game where everyone loses, except the clowns who own the site. It's a scam and a joke, like most if not all of these penny "auction" scam sites. They should not be allowed to use the words "auction" or "bid"."

KoolBreeze said that DealDash scam and not real penny auction site, here is what he says: "I knew this when the first penny auction came out to bid a penny it actually costs you .60 cents so they have always been a scam. Personally ebay is the only auction site I have ever used but you have to use it smartly as well.The thing to remember on ebay is an item your looking for try and search the item with free shipping now sometimes the item with free shipping is 10 or 15 dollars more well that's fine becasue the other guy is going to charge you shipping and most likely be more"

James C give another opinion here: "Sorta... They give you the money back by offering the option to buy the item at full price. If you buy the item, they give you the money you spent on bids back. But let's say you're bidding on an iPad mini, and you lose, you now either lose your money, or have to pay the full $399 probably plus tax, to buy the item. If the whole reason you were on the site was to get great deals, then who wants to buy the item outright? Especially at full price! Amazon has much better deals"

Please share your experience here if you have any info about Scam or DealDash Complaints.

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