Is Amy Pearce from SB Millers ( a Scam or Not?

Is Amy Pearce from SB Millers ( a Scam or Not?. Have you ever got an email sent by Amy Pearce? Some of you who live in the United Kingdom might be familiar with the mentioned name. Yes, it once became a hot topic to talk about Amy Pearce and her “mysterious” email. Many people alleged that they have received an email sent by Amy Pearce, who admitted as a consultant of SB Millers. Surprisingly, the email contains the same notification. Amy Pearce claims that she is a recruitment consultant working at SB Millers Company and notifies that the target is well-suited and passed the selection process held by SB Millers.

Through the email, the target is invited to work with the company and is waited for the interview process. There is a phone number provided for further information. Unfortunately, most of the target calls the phone number soon. What happen then? Many people alleged that the connection has charged their phone bills up to £3.50 per minute. This fact leads people to believe that the email is a scam and that the company is fakes. Hence, is listed as a scam company and many people have shared their experience through the internet about the fraud done by the website.
I just checked the domain name, and now this domain name is already expired. And If it is not scam company, why they forgot to renew the domain name? is scam or not

Is it true that Amy Pearce and the company are scams? Well, if you expect a straight judgment to this case, I am so sorry to disappoint you. Before knowing the truth, we should not judge whether or not the website and Amy Pearce are scam. Considering the fact that the connection has charged much bills of the caller, it may be caused by the premium rate charged to the connection. As it charges premium rate, it costs much money. It can be the factor of people’s disappointment and judge that both Amy Pearce and the company website are fakes.

Well, we are led into a fact that how easy fraud can happen to us. The fraud cannot happen if the target does not call the phone number, right? So, you can easily ignore the email and do not make any call to prevent the big bill of your phone. You have to think twice to believe such email. Did you apply any job vacancies lately? If you do not apply, you can easily identify that the notification email is a scam. If you applied some job vacancies lately, you can check the contact number provided on the job vacancies.

So far, we cannot judge whether or not Amy Pearce, her email address and the company websites are scam. Related to the big bill charged for the call, we can consider that premium rate is charged to the connection. This 0703080243 and 07030808244 charge premium rate to the caller. Premium rate is common for company call and other commercial connection. Apart from the fact that the email is a scam, we should be careful in receiving some notification emails, especially from someone whom we do not really know. Protect yourself from fraud and any other deception by improving your awareness.

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