Beware! Spammers are Targeting Tumblr Users

Tumblr is one of the famous website from day to day , particularly among young Internet users , it has attracted the attention of spammers. A scenario has also been prepared to trap potential victims .

Symantec Security Response discovered that there are spam campaigns that take advantage of features in - like comments that you may see in the blogs or other social networking sites. Tumblr called this feature with "Ask", with this feature, your followers can ask a question on your Tumblr blog.

This "ASK" feature is disabled by default, but it can be enabled in the account settings even it could allow anonymous comments. Spammers try to take advantage of this feature to promote their products or services.
tumblr spammers

Here is one sample of the spam message: "Wow, I just lose weight using Tumblr OFFICIAL DIET !! Are you using it too? Take a look at"

According to Symantec, it is clear that there is no official Tumblr diet as described in the message. In contrast, the existing URL in spam messages directing users to a website that mimics the popular health magazine, which promotes the benefits of a new diet p1ll.

This spam page from tumblr spammers is full of information about the 'magic p1ll' as well as testimonials and offer a link to a site where users can get the diet p1ll.

If the user visit the link, they are redirected to the ordering page. Although the site looks as though it has a limited supply. Inventory is set to always run at the same time the user visits the page .

Symantec is not sure whether the site will actually send real or fake diet p1lls, or if this is another type of online scam, but it is recommended for Internet users to not try to buy goods from offers like this.

Tumblr itself has implemented feature 'Ignore', where users can block account, IP and / or the computer that sent the message to them.

Overall, this spam should be treated the same way as spam related to "Ask" or other comments. So do not answer that post, do not visit the given URL, and do not provide any personal information on that site which is less convincing!

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