Is Agoda Scam or True?

Agoda Scam Or True Travel Company?. I think anyone in the whole of the world know about Agoda Travel, a big online travel company. is an Online Travel Agency that specializes in hotels, especially those in Asia. It is headquartered in Singapore, with major operations in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong and ... Wikipedia
But is this agoda scam or legit travel company? Well I can't answer that, but you could read many comments or reports about this travel agent company.

Here are some of the reviews about agoda from some people:

Kenn share his bad experience with Agoda:
"Yes, you heard me correctly, it is my own experience and I had a headache with them for over 2 weeks now. Try to to contact but no luck. Perhaps their customer support must be fixed"

Here is another the Agoda complaint:

"Anyone who books on Agoda, be careful! They quote the $ x + per night but when you click PAY, they add up to $ 30 extra in taxes per night, which means that they cost the same price as other travel bookers, even if you log in to your agoda rewards account and book, they add at least another $ 6 a night on the level of taxation to cover the points you earn by booking thhrough them, one way around this is to order without log in to your agoda account, then you contact agoda with your booking details and tell to add your agoda reward points to your account, they could email you back and say that they have done it, but there is not any way to essentially check whether they have or not as points get added six weeks to check out .. .Totally SCAM"
But there is a neutral opinion from other agoda customer:

"I think that Agoda is not a scam, but I agree that there is room about pricing policy is not as clear as it can be. But when the outcome of a price / availability checking come up, apparently argued at the base of the pricing panel "All rates are exclusive of hotel tax and service charges" as it is before the start of the booking process and laid down again and includes expenses that appears before you do a commitment to book. It may be better and more in line with most booking sites to show prices inclusive from the beginning."

If you know that Agoda scam or true, just share your good or bad experience relate to Agoda with us here. And for, just drop the comment here to clarify.

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