Facebook Scam : A Woman scammed in Facebook by her Friend

Facebook Scam : A Woman scammed in Facebook by her Friend. Well before we go to the real story, I need to clarify here that this article do not tell you that faceboook.com is scam, but people scam another people using the most popular social networking right now, Facebook.

Actually this facebook scam story was happened a long time ago, I share with you here to remind you to be careful when you're using social networking like facebook,twitter, etc.

A 51 year old woman turned over $15000 to a man who she considered as her boyfriend, though they had only spoken via Phone and Facebook.com

Her sister found out about this big transactions and contacted the Marion County Sheriff’s Office to get help to investigate this.
The man using this name:Martin Kahl met this 51 YO woman via the Facebook.com site in June. Martin Kahl told the woman he work on a construction project in Nigeria. Then about 3 or 4 weeks later, Martin Kahl told to the woman that the construction project in Nigeria had fallen through and he need fresh money, so he began to ask the woman to send him some money.
A check of phone numbers used by Martin Kahl were traced to overseas numbers and the name “Martin Kahl” was tied to similar scams.

I believe this kind of facebook scam is still happen nowadays, so you need to be very careful when you meet someone online via facebook or phone. A chance you'll get scammed by them are really big. I hope this little story could keep remind you that there are many bad people around us from around the world.

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