Total Creation is a Scam or Not?

Total creation is a Scam or Not? If you want to know the answer of that question, then I have compiled some reports and complaints related to Total creation.

total creation scam or not

Update 29 September 2013: Got another Total Creation complaint sent to our email come from MICHELLE L, here is what she say:

"Hi I have also been scammed bt total creations, i purchased the e commerce website 7th Aug and to date 29th Sept i have received nothing but a pink back ground i email constantly but lucky to receive a 2 word reply, i have taken advice and currently suing, keep away from total creations complete scam"
We hope that Total Creation read this complaint and could fix this complaint. 

Here is a complaint from total creation customer:

Kyle Douglas said: "I wish I had have read this review a couple of months ago. I am having exactly the same issue with their service. I purchased the CMS at the beginning of June and it’s now the end of August and I am not much closer to a finished website. They never respond to emails and this is the only way to communicate with them. Once I lose the rag and send a complaining one, they get back to me with 2 line and still don’t make the updates that I asked. I am pleading with them to just finish it so that I can take over the management of the site, but they just ignore me!! So frustrating and a complete waste of money as I have lost huge amounts of business using them.
If you considering a cheap website company, go for something local that you have a contact number for and not the cheapest.

 "The worst company I have ever dealt with. They randomly shut down and you can only contact them by phone. I hate these guys with a passion, shoddy, childish work!!!"

from James from
Total Creation - this is a complete rip off website design company!! The logos created by them look like designed by a child! Total Creation gave me some templates which were awful. You could't phone them, you only could contact the, via email.Don't order from them, absolute scammers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! scammers!!

Please kindly report here if you know about total creation scam or not, or if you the owner of this company you could explain here.

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  1. Hi I experienced the same problem during christmas time . I want googlemto stop advertise them and stop these scammers . I read their contract very well and they said you ll get 20% refund if you change your mind. And they change the policy saying it says you ll get 35% ! They don t care about their customers once they get their money ! This is out of order and their phone doesn t work it is always busy how strange !!! Who are these people ? Then I decided not to sign their contract cos it did
    not reflect my package it says the web designer has the right to increase price

    meanwhile the package I took was totally the opposite. They replied to me and
    change again the policy this time with a different policy and send an email like what is the issue as if you re daim crazy !!! This case has affected my business and my ability to trust online deals! BE VERY CAREFUL OF TOTAL CREATION THEY ARE SCAMMERS AND THEIR MISSION STATEMENT IS TO CON PEOPLE ONLINE because they know this is an open prison where they ll get away and will be hardly catch . I spent 98£ and end with no services and rip my money ?

  2. I am currently trying for a refund from Total creation, before Christmas I ordered a web design service from them and was promised a draft within 12 days but nothing came for ages and they very rarely answer emails unless you get shirty with them, eventually almost 12 weeks after my purchase I was sent a page with our business name and a picture! very poor and something I could have knocked together myself in 5 mins, they are refusing to refund me and when I said I would go in to their office for a chat they want to charge me £70 an hour for a meeting LOL this company is a joke! PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM TOTAL CREATION THEY ARE A SCAM AND A RIP OFF.

  3. I am yet another who has been ripped off. Nothing has happened as advertised. I ordered a CMS website in September 2013. They eventually came up with a front page template which I was not 100% happy with but it is unchanged. They promised they would upload the front page and contacts page from information I sent in word format (as they demanded) in November and then I could do the rest from here. Absolutely nothing has happened since then despite several chasing emails from me. It is Now FEb 2014 and I am no closer to gettting a website. Beware this cost me nearly £100 and it is a total lie. Thye need closing down but I suspect it is operated from a back street garage or bedroom. Everyhting above reflects my experiences of them so BEWARE guys. Don't trust them

  4. I purchased a website from them last October. It's now April and all I got was a landing page where nothing works. Ive had to employ a new web company to start again. No response from total creation when I complain, you can't call them, and they don't answer many emails. Total scam, avoid them like the plague!