Is Fluidity Bar ( a scam or Not? Read Customer Complaints and Reviews Here

Is a Fluidity Bar is a scam or Not? If you just found or read about the Fluidity Bar, Fluidity Exercise Equipment and you interested to join or buy their products, but you're doubt whether this company is a legit company or a scam, then you need to read these some samples of experience from other people who already used or bought their products. These are some complaints for Fluidity Exercise Equipment which are already published on: This is from Daisyowl on 15 Jan 2013:
Deceptive infomercial - poor product! I have bought the fluidity bar in Australia- end of 2012. Must say im very happy with the product and customer service at the tv shop was excellent. I use my Bar 3 x a week and it has improved my flexibility and is a nice alternative workout from yoga and pilates which i also love. I do think it was expensive but as i use it and enjoy it, im not disappointed...
This is one of another fluidity bar complaints who come from Susan Marshall

fluidity bar complaints, scams and reviews

I am very sorry that I bought the Fluidity Bar. I feel they are very deceptive in their infomercial. tell you that you originally would pay 6 payments of $39.95. Then they say that if you order the bar, they will take off one payment of $39.95 and you only have to pay 5. Next, they say that the machine comes fully assembled so you don't have to worry about it. When I called in my order, they told me that I have to pay another $39.95 because they put the machine together for you. So you are back to the original 6 payments. Plus, they don't pay you back the extra $39.95 when you send it back. They also take another $4.00 towards the S&H that you pay for. As for the DVD, they are not clear on the beginners tape. The instructor is showing you the intermediate stage. The girl for the beginners, is behind her and they barely show her even though there is a separate tape for beginners,intermediate and advanced. It cost me $74.00 to send it back!
This is another one from Joyce on 17th February 2013:
I too was intrigued by the infomercial of Fluidity bar on TV. From being a former owner of a fitness center for women and leading group modified aerobics and or stretch and tone classes to music and got use to being an exercise buff,  I was surprised to hear the cost in conjunction with what was offered and it is construction. I don't feel nor believe it is worth close to $ matter how sound the concept appears!!! Plus, I got the run around and double talk from a sales rep. by the name of Jessica. I am close to 72 years of age; been around the fluidity block a few times, & still have my faculties in tact. I am GRATEFUL for this site & comments. While exercise of any degree has it is worth, I do not feel the quality of the product & other supplemental frills they are offering is worth close to $500!!!Especially in today's world & times. YES...second hand or pre-owned is a good thing to check out!!! THANKS ALL!!! Joyce
And what is customer service Said about those complaints? Here is my conversations with their specialist, Jennifer:

Jennifer: Hi, I’m a live Fluidity specialist. What questions can I answer for Me?
Me: is a scam or not?
Me: I just read this report:
Me: there are many complaints to Fluidity Bar there
Jennifer: If there are any complaints You can make them with customer service. Please call 1-800-840-7108 between the hours 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday and a customer service team member will be able to assist You with that.
Jennifer: Please note that anyone who does keep motivated on any gym equipment would write a compliant on a product such as the fluidity bar.
Jennifer: If there are any complaints You can make them with customer service
Jennifer: You can either do 1 payment of $399.50 -Or- You can take advantage of our interest free payment plan which is $14.95 for Your 30 day in home trial and then 7 interest free monthly payments of $57.07. You only need a credit or debit card with a Master, Visa, American Express, or Discover logo on it that can hold a charge of $14.95 to take advantage of the interest free payment plan!
Jennifer: Most of our customers prefer the convenience of on simple payment to their card, and if You choose to take care of today’s order in one payment, we will waive the trial amount of $14.95 and give You the SEAT and THIGH DVD, a $24.95 value FREE. And, of course, You still get to try the Fluidity Bar in Your home Risk-Free for 30 days.
Jennifer: Are You looking to lose weight, build strength, tone up or all of the above?
Jennifer: Are You still with me?
Jennifer: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

You could watch this Fluidity Bar Review video below:

Please if you have any complaints to then you could share with us here, or if you have a good experience and believe that their products are work to you, you could share here too. And let all visitors here decide if a scam or Not? and decide to buy or not from Fluidity Exercise Equipment

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